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Re: Director Of Chaos

I might be the only one that thought Jesse and Festus could have been a good tag team even with the lame gimmick, if they had done any of it right at all.. Gallows is pretty incredible actually. He's young, but has an older look that makes him incredibly intimidating when put in the right light, and he can wrestle his ass off. I don't recall him getting much chance to do anything on the mic in WWE but he played the horrible character they gave him the best he could, a couple times. The ballpin hammer thing was really good, haven't seen anything that convincing in quite a while. WWE pissed away their opportunity with big guy who is skilled and willing to do whatever. TNA's win really.

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Re: Director Of Chaos

How is a Director when he isn't patched in yet?
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Re: Director Of Chaos

Originally Posted by Roncaglione View Post
How is a Director when he isn't patched in yet?
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Gallows is a prospect, the aces/eights see potential in him to reach the next level in the gang. I believe after the sting incident he's a full patched member.

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Re: Director Of Chaos

Of course. That was his way of proving his worth. They set up that assault perfectly. Something big had to be done on impact and it was.

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Re: Director Of Chaos

Doc is one bad ass mother fucker. I haven't seen such a epic moment in wrestling like that in a long time. nicely done & very needed to give this storyline a huge boost. I just hope he goes with the Isaiah Cash name.

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Re: Director Of Chaos

played his role brilliantly in filled the part very well. the beatdown was especially good. his name sucks though.
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Re: Director Of Chaos

I like how the commentators totally acted as if "DOCTOR OF CHAOS" was a household name, and picked it up. I think Aces and Eights should have formally introduced him, so that it wasn't so awkward.

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What he did with the hammer looked fucking crazy. This is the sort of thing that should be happening with the Aces and Eights
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Re: Director Of Chaos

Its a really backwards way of unmasking them. Surely it makes more sense to unmask themselves once they have proved themselves. In real life once you get patched in you can be at one with the main members and can tell people you are a member of the biker gang. Imagine the impact if Gallows would have beaten the fuck out of Sting and took his own mask off. That would have been a fine way to debut him. It seems odd that the leader doesn't want them to unmask, but once they do he wants them to prove themselves so he can continue to hang around unmasked.

Ignoring that though, the Sting and Gallows segment was the great. Established him as a threat which is exactly what this storyline needs. He looked good during the match as well. He's lost so much weight, its hard to believe this was Festus.

Don't see him using the Isaiah Cash name again. Isaiah Cash is an Indian name that Ring Ka King gave him for the Indian market.
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Re: Director Of Chaos

I wouldnt mind if they had a combination

D.O.C Cash
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