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Idea for BFG series

Right guys, this is my first post on this forum.

Here is my idea that could become a major story line involving the whole roster. Does not have to be involved in the BFG series but i see it as a perfect situation for it. I don't think it has done before but correct me if i am wrong, i don't keep up with indys or mexico/japan.

Anyway my idea is basically Bobby Roode wins the BFG series and then inbetween winning and Bound For Glory we find out that he paid some (but not all, maybe even only 2) of his opponents to 'do the job'. Say it was Robbie E and/or The Pope they could then run a Betting Scandal story which then threatens TNA to lose sponsors and get thrown of the air by SpikeTV.

Don't be hating I know its very rough around the edges and I can't quite think of the big conclusion but I think the idea has potential and plays on the Kayfabe factor. It isn't limited to these wrestlers or even BFG series.

Has a betting fix angle been done before? Whether you think its crap or good let me know what you think?
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Re: Idea for BFG series

its an alright idea but i think it would lead no where,like just say roode won the series, theres one month until bound for glory after,then you would what just strip him of his world title shot and give it to someone else,maybe kayfabe fire him aswell as the guys involved in the scandal, and they maybe create a stable i dont know, its a hard one to make i guess
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Re: Idea for BFG series

or you can maybe have him talk about the scandal maybe after winning the title, and heaps of guys wanting to fued him, aswell as tna authority being pissed off at him, lol i dont know i suck at being creative
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Re: Idea for BFG series

The pay off angle has been done before. Ted Debiase paid Andre The Giant for the belt back in like 1988, which led to the title being striped and put up in the WM 4 Tournament.

In terms of a bribing scandal, I don't recall it ever happening and I think it would be hard to do something like that, but it could be done.

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