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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

Originally Posted by obby View Post
CM Punk worked for TNA?
Yeah back in 2003, 2004. Was part of a tag team, and was a member of Raven's "Gathering"
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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

Authority figure

Kevin Sullivan


Father James Mitchell

Tag Team

America's Most Wanted (Storm and Harris)
Disciples Of The New Church (Slash and Brian Lee)
Team 3D (Bubba and Devon)
Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)
Three Live Krew (James, Killings, Konnan)
XXX (Sonjay, Daniels, and Skipper)


Velvet Sky
Angelina Love
Madison Rayne
Gail Kim
Awesome Kong
Bruce (he was Miss TNA remember)
Traci Brooks

Main Roster

AJ Styles
Kurt Angle
Christian Cage
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Monty Brown
Bobby Roode
Desmond Wolfe
CM Punk

X-Division (include XXX)
Alex Shelly
Chris Sabin
Kidd Kash
Petey Williams
Amazing Red
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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

Authority Figure:
Ric Flair w/case of ICE at all times.

Main Roster:

1) Rellik
2) Black Reign
3) Suicide
4) "Stone Cold" Shark Boy
5) Travis Tomko
6) Puppet the Psycho Dwarf
7) Joseph Park
8) "A-1" Alastair Ralphs
9) X
10) D-Ray 3000
11) Mikey Batts
12) Trytan
13) Lex Lovett
14) Buck Quartermain
15) Rob Terry
16) Orlando Jordan
17) Brian Lawler
18) Joe E. Legend
19) Slim J
20) Vampire Warrior
21) Ron Harris
22) Don Harris
23) Big Tilly
24) Bruno Sassi
25) Cody Deaner
26) Shiek Abdul Bashir
27) Apolo
28) Konnan
29) Monty Brown
30) Super Eric
31) Matt Morgan
32) Big Fat Oily Guy
33) Murphy
34) Anarquia
35) Shane Sewell

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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

You forgot "The future of wrestling" Jackson James.
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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

Authority figure:
1. Hulk Hogan

Male wrestlers:
1. AJ Styles
2. Kurt Angle
3. Samoa Joe
4. Chris Harris (AMW)
5. James Storm (AMW)
6. Chris Sabin
7. Alex Shelley
8. Austin Aries
9. Bully Ray
10. Christopher Daniels
11. Kazarian
12. Low-Ki
13. Petey Williams
14. Christian Cage
15. Sonjay Dutt
16. Desmond Wolfe
17. Abyss/Joseph Park
18. Jeff Jarrett (I don't care that IWC hates him)
19. Matt Morgan (yes, indeed, he convinced me lately)
20. Mr. Anderson (just needs to do his 2010 character again)
21. Max Buck
22. Jeremy Buck
23. Sting
24. Magnus
25. CM Punk
26. Monty Brown
27. Kid Kash
28. Bobby Roode
29. D'Angelo Dinero
30. Jeff Hardy
31. Jay Briscoe
32. Mark Briscoe
33. Rob Van Dam
34. Homicide
35. Hernandez (only because of Homicide)

Knockouts or valets:
1. Gail Kim
2. Mickie James
3. Awesome Kong
4. ODB
5. Hamada
6. Velvet Sky
7. Angelina Love
8. Madison Rayne
9. Daffney
10. Sarita

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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

35 guys is too many, i picked 30 and divided them in 3 divisions. 8 x-Division guys, 5 tagteams and 12 heavyweights. To make certain this roster doesnt get stale i would use occasional jobbers from OVW (or elsewhere) to add some variation to the show. I would also replace 2 wrestlers in each division on yearly basis, just to keep things fresh.

Authority Figure:
- Preferably none, but if there has to be one, then i pick Jeff Jarrett.

Heavyweight Division:
- Joseph Park/Abyss (preferably as Manager only)
- AJ Styles
- Austin Aries
- Bobby Roode
- Bully Ray
- Mike Knox
- James Bradley
- Kurt Angle
- Magnus
- Samoa Joe
- Sting
- Uhaa Nation

Tagteam Division:
- Daniels & Kazarian
- Briscoes
- James Storm & Gunner (i dont care for Storm as singles wrestler, and Gunner needs a comlete makeover)
- Devon & Scorpio Sky

- Eric Young
- Jesse Sorensen
- Joey Ryan
- Zema Ion
- Kenny King
- Adam Cole
- Chris Sabin
- Zack Sabre Jr

Knockouts Division:
- Gail Kim
- Mickie James
- Sarita
- Awesome Kong
- Alissa Flash
- Daffney
- Athena
- Jessie McKay
- Nicole Matthews
- Portia Perez

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Re: Compose your perfect TNA roster (plz read OP)

Male Roster :

Authority Figure : Tazz

1-Kurt Angle
2-Samoa Joe
3-AJ Styles
4-Austin Aries
5-Bobby Roode
6-James Storm
7-Bully Ray
10-Joey Ryan
11-Zema Ion
12-Kid Kash
13-Brian Kendrick
14-Robbie E
15-Sonjay Dutt
16-Scorpio Sky
17-Low Ki
18-Christian Cage
19-Eric Young
20-Kenny King
21-Doug Williams
22-Anthony Nese
23-CM Punk
24-Matt Morgan

26/27-Daniels & Kazarian
28/29-Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
30/31-Mike Knox/Luke Gallows
32/33-Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe
34/35-Max Buck/Jeremy Buck

(Kid Kash/Gunner & Sky/King as additional tag teams)

KO's :

Authority Figure : Madison Rayne

1-Gail Kim
2-Mickie James
3-Awesome Kong
9-Cheerleader Melissa
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