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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

Don't we all?

I don't know if it is in their budget to do that, but a change of setting would greatly freshen up the product.


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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

TNA doesn't have low ratings because it's staying in the IZ, it gets low ratings because it's a wrestling show. Same with WWE in general. Major audiences don't want to watch a show about wrestling. Travelling would lower audiences, money, all that stuff.

Besides don't quite a few of the roster stay with TNA because it's less hassle at TNA who don't travel that much.

For what little it's worth I've only been watching TNA a month and I don't give a damn about the fact they host most events in one place. The crowd clearly care and our lively and the wrestling and story-lines are good.

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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

They also need to understand that they can't grow that much with only 3 PPV on the road and house show. The TV contracts can't extend that much either. At one point they will have to take a risk and be a full on the road company.
Maybe they are waiting for the IZ contract to expire or the gut to do it. But this will never be 100% risk free.
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

I must admit i've always felt that TNA will always be perceived as weak while they seem to film from nothing more than a glorified shed. I really do want TNA to succeed and i think it's a shame that it has taken so long for a motion that could clearly elevate the product to come around. If i think back to what i would consider some of TNA's best days (which many would disagree with) was coming off the back of the main event mafia and the Jarrett/Foley power struggle. The company had a golden opportunity to expand and really challenge their own limits and moving out of the impact zone would have been a good start. Sadly they chose the route of the Hogan which has brought about some success that has been impeded by some silly mistakes along the way of course. I'm not a complete Hogan hater by any means but i'm a realist who thinks that a lot of future talent got wiped out since he came in at the expense of far more costly talent that haven't brought the numbers.

I hope this is the start of something big for TNA and doesn't just fizzle out like most things they try.
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

It's not so much that TNA must go on the road. All they really need to do is move to a new city for their primary taping spot. I have suggested here in Dallas as I personally would be there every week, and so would many in this part that have been starved for wrestling since Fritz von Erich went out of business in the 1990s. Other cities would also do much better than Orlando for TNA Impact.

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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

The priority should be all PPVs out of the Impact Zone before they reconsider taking the TV show on the road.
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

Regardless of whether the fans like it or not, having Impact live on Monday nights, just might get them some ratings, especially with so maks WWE getting so fed up with the filler bullshit product, the snobby WWE marks might check out Impact, it didnt work last time but TNA's product is a million times better nowadays. Dixie needs to grow some balls and convince Panda to give them some money. My idea would be simple, and could give wrestling that boost it needs for the viewership it needs to have

- Get Dixie to beg Panda for a big ass loan
- Take Impact on the road and live Monday nights (even give out free tickets like bischoff used to do to get WCW's arenas full)
- get a proper Impact set designed that looks up to WWE standard, get a 20x20 ring and copy their guardrails aswell
- Opening the first live Impact on monday an hour after Raw starts with Dixie telling Vince she's gunning for him

I know its the furthest away from possible but to make money you sometimes need to lose it, and sparking another proper monday night war could give wrestling another boom period
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

when I go to a live show there are maybe 1000 ppl and they keep coming back??????????????? this is why they dont go live brother
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

I could get more ppl to come to a czw event if I pitched it for a month leading up to the event and tickets were 20 bucks
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Re: Hogan wants TNA out of the IZ

Hogan should put his money where his mouth is and fund for the on-the-road shows. He's going to be richer by a few million anyway if he wins the sextape case.
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