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let's see...

- Garrett Bischoff
- SHIT booking. Sorry everyone, but Bruce is a lousy booker.
-- Dragging the AJ-KazDan feud forever
--- Claire
-- Not going Roode-Storm for the title at BFG
-- Probably the worst built ME in a BFG or a WM for at least a decade... maybe ever.
-- As&8s storyline going absolutely nowhere and stagnating
-- X Div becoming an afterthought
-- And the tag div
-- And maybe the TV title and KOs too
- Ho Hogan

Originally Posted by R.Scorpio View Post
I know this will sound funny but I hope Hardy out pops Aries at BFG, because if he doesn't, Jeff in the mainevent will seem so unjustified.
At BFG last year, D.Lo Brown was out-popping him and Jarrett.
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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

ok then....

Garrett Bischoff. If TNA give him a push and put a title on him then I will never watch the show again.

Gut Check. Was half interesting to start with but all it is good for now is taking up time that could be used to push the X division.

Clair Lynch storyline. should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

Eric Bishoff. The guy is pushing his talentless son and is going to turn the best storyline of the year into a joke by making himself the leader of AA's. Dixie should never have let him anywhere near TNA.
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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Garrett Bischoff and Claire Lynch were really bad decisions IMO.

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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Losing the Guns is pretty high up there.

I'd also say Hardy winning the BFG series. Personally this was just disappointing to me, it's not a bad booking decision as he's one of the most over faces on the roster. It's not a bad decision by any means.

Am I the only person who didn't hate the Claire Lynch storyline? Sure, Claire Lynch was a garbage actor and the whole storyline didn't really make much sense, but it always had Kaz and Daniels popping up and rescuing a segment from falling into a deep pit of horribleness and bad mic skills of which there's almost no return.

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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Lol @ the Aries title reign hate. Option C was a genius idea that adds prestige to Destination X and he was over as hell. There was no reason not to put the strap on Aries in an underdog win over the mega heel in Roode.

Unless they had absolutely nothing planned for him to do after winning the belt.

I enjoyed Aries winning the title, I never expected it. Looking back I still think it was the right decision at the time because of how over he was and the fact Storm/Roode can carry itself. Would I have done it? Probably not, but at the same time it might not have given option C the same legitimacy.

It's more the booking of Aries as champion which annoys me. He's never seemed THAT important, or as entertaining as his X title run. The Roode/Aries stuff was brilliant, but then No Surrender was boring and the build with Jeff is poor. The only thing he guarantees is a quality match whenever he appears on PPV, moreso now he has main event time to work with. But if Jeff gets the belt at BFG I'd consider Aries' first run to be a poor one. There's still time to fix it though, maybe I was just expecting too much after the brilliance that was Roode's title reign. I'd be infinitely more interested in Hardy/Aries if one was heel, maybe heel Jeff. Aries is probably one of few in the company with the potential to outpop Jeff.

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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Pushing Garrett Bischoff

Hardy beating Ray at BFG

Getting rid of all the tag teams and pairing random wrestlers together

Letting the Abyss/Joseph Parks-Ray feud fizzle out

Claire Lynch storyline

Not using Anthony Nese

Not pushing Sarita and not using Rosita

Gail Kim's title reign going on way too long

Not having a 2nd match on Xplosion, (please get rid of Impact Rewind)

Not using Xplosion to give the mid/lower carders more airtime and putting BFG matches on there

Having Magnus, SoCal Val, Daniels and Eric Young on almost every single edition of Spin Cycle

Not having a heel commentator on Impact

Won't cross until

[X] TNA's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch WWE

[] WWE's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch TNA

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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Originally Posted by Thekweewee View Post
Not using Xplosion to give the mid/lower carders more airtime and putting BFG matches on there
How was putting BFGS matches on Xplosion a bad thing ? If they don't air them on Xplosion then they go to the house shows. They could have forced some of them onto Impact but that would result in more 4 minute matches.

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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

- Bully Ray not winning the BFGS
- Claire Lynch
- LAX 3.0 in the Tag Titles match at BFG
- the X Division is on life support
- letting DEVON, Shelley, Velvet and Angelina Love leave
- Garrett is PPV semi main events
- killing Gunner's push
- letting Morgan go
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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

Wow, letting devon go was a bad decision?

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

bischoff-he sucks royal ROYAL cock
ryan-pretty sure it is a work but yeah they should've said yes
lynch-sweet geezus man
and not pushing the right ko's, yeah i like tessmacher, love dat ass of hers and shes improved tenfold, but sarita should be ko champ not sitting at home...

thats pretty much it really....

I am in LOVE...
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