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Zassou Damashi
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Re: TNA will put the title back on Jeff

Before I get to this:
Noticed how Bound For Glory has regular WWE fans coming in to watch the PPV. Pretty much the equivalent to former wrestling fans watching WrestleMania.

On this, the match is a coin flip. There on benefits to either man winning and I'm not choosing a side. But they made it seem Aries is gonna cheat to win at Bound For Glory. I hoped that if Aries is winning, he wins clean. No cheap shots. No Aces and 8s(for either result for that matter). Aries beating Hardy. But likely, I can see Hardy passing out to the Last Chancery. That way, Hardy doesn't lose credibility and Aries goes over.
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Re: TNA will put the title back on Jeff

Originally Posted by Kelly Kelly fan View Post
TNA will put the title back on Jeff considering hes the reason why TNA is still going hes was a top star in WWE and now hes the top star in TNA which brings in the fans its good business sense. So at bound for glory on Sunday Aries is losing the title. Jeff Hardy as TNA champion era continues
Well gees, thanks for that Kelly Kelly Meltzer. I guess that settles it.

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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

LOL at people getting mad as Maverick's opinion and going straight to mark wars. This section will never change.
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Re: TNA will put the title back on Jeff

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA will put the title back on Jeff

I thought you meant Jeff Jarrett
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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

So any news on if Bfg gonna be a sell out??

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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

I'm very disappointed with how the BFG card has been built up as of late and how it has actually turned out and that's coming from a TNA fan. I'll explain why;

Tara vs. Tessmacher - Tessmacher sucks, it's the ex-partners turned enemies schtick which has been done to fucking death. I'm only interested to see Tara's boyfriend. If not for that, this match is not interesting whatsoever and will be an absolute snoozefest, which is a crime considering the talent that's in the KO division (Mickie, Gail, Tara, Sarita.)

Zema Ion vs. RVD - So RVD wasn't scheduled for a match so all of a sudden he can just demand an X-Division title shot and receive it? Okay then. Where has Zema Ion been and when was he last relevant? Destination X? One of the most irrelevant X-Division title reigns in a long time, topped off by one of the most irrelevant matches for the title ever topped off with one of the most irrelevant and least-entertaining challengers ever in RVD. I would have thought that the X-Division might have meant something seeing as every year the holder of the X-Division title can earn a World Tile shot. That should have been RVD's motivation, not because he isn't booked on the card and because he feels like it. X-Division is pointless and worthless at this point. RVD also has had only one good match in TNA, adn that was with Jerry Lynn, so I didn't expect any less. The guy is worthless.

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow - The build up has been alright I guess. They've spent time building and developing Joey's character but it has been very forgettable. They've had 1 segment over the past month to build up the match? When I write down the card, it generally is the last match I remember simply because of how forgettable the feud is. Plus, Al Snow wasn't even good back in 99 when he was in his prime, so this match is probably going to be shite as well.

Angle/AJ vs. WTTCOTW vs. LAX 3.0 - When will they fucking learn that nobody gives a shit about an AJ and Daniels being in the same feud anymore? Plus, Chavo and Hernandez are horrible as a team. Yes it will be entertaining, but it's so mediocre it's crazy. They've just slung 6 men together who weren't really doing much, teamed them up and put them in a match. I couldn't give any less of a fuck about this match or the outcome, even if it will be entertaining to watch.

Joe vs. Magnus - What did Magnus do to earn the title shot? Ex friend storyline AGAIN. Joe only won the title two weeks ago and hasn't established himself as a credible champion yet and Magnus has been irrelevant in singles competition since... Forever. The match may be decent, I don't doubt that, but once again, the build is shocking and I couldn't care less who wins.

A+8S vs. Sting and Bully Ray - There best be a reveal at the PPV otherwise this storyline is going to fall flat on it's face. In essence, it's a ridiculous storyline anyway. I understand you have to suspend your belief when it comes o wrestling but - Why is the Aces and Eights leader speaking with a child's Darth Vader-esque voice changing mask on? It's not cool, he just sounds and looks like a bellend. How can they kidnap someone on LIVE television and the law/police not give a shit? Thats just the beginning, the amount of cracks in the storyline it's self are remarkable and it's hard for me to really sink my teeth in to. It will be a fun match in the sense that it will be a chaotic, overbooked clusterfuck... But still, I can't get in to it.

Storm vs. Roode - This match lost it's edge as soon as Storm took his sole focus off Roode and put it on the BFG series. All along, he should have fought to win the BFG Series to get his hands on Bobby Roode and as soon as Roode lost the title, Storm should have thrown the BFG Series to one side and should have put his whole, entire, undivided attention on Roode. But no, they had Storm take part in the illogical and tbqh, boring, Aces and Eights feud and once again took his focus off of Roode. I fully expect it to be MOTN, but damn this match could have, and should have, been built up and booked so much better. Oh yeah, and it's an ex-friend feud. Shock. See the pattern here? Three matches in ONE NIGHT, where it's an ex-friend/ex-partner turning on the other. Tbh it shouldn't be done more than once a year, never mind three times in one night, and chances are Angle or AJ will turn on each other to start a feud between them and Bully will probably turn on Sting.

Aries vs. Hardy - You take your hottest face, in Aries, and you turn him heel, just for the sole reason that you want to put an unreliable and completely unentertaining bore in Jeff Hardy in your Main Event for the reason that he sells t-shirts. Yes, that makes so much sense. the feud has nothing to it, if the match is going to be any good it's probably going to be an Aries carry job and at the end of the night, chances are the lesser-talented man will walk out the champion, thus leaving what was your hottest commodity within the depths or irrelevancy shadowed by his shockingly booked title reign. Yay.

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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Expecting a great PPV, that is 6th in the row this year,since Sacrifice. I have no doubt TNA will deliver, despite who wins the main event.

Potential MOTYC's are there, so I'm pumped for the show. And I'll fucking LOL when it's all said and done to those like sXe and similar who believe everything is too obvious about Aces and 8's and stuff like that about TNA.

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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

I am kinda looking forward to the show even with the lack of buildup.

I'm not sure whether turning Aries heel was a great idea, but he has lost steam and he does his best work as a heel. I really ope junkie hardy doesn't win. He doesn't deserve to be in the main event. Fucking prick.

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Re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Just for the record Austin Aries wasn't their hottest baby face. He has always been a tweener.
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