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AJ Styles matches

Anyone want to recommend any matches from his career? Also, what matches from the TNA weekly ppvs would you suggest? I don't see any reviews for the weekly shows so I'm not really sure what's good and what's not.
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From the weekly ppvs off the top of my head the 4 way for the first x division title is a really good match.

AJ & Daniels vs LAX ultimate x match is awesome. Same for the final resolution ultimate x between aj petey Williams and Chris sabin. Samoa Joe vs AJ from turning point 05 is like my second favourite tna match too, probably like it more than the unbreakable three way (which is still awesome). Also had my current TNA moty w/ Bobby Roode on the 5/24 impact.

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Re: AJ Styles matches

with Kurt Angle are great. Tag Team or one on one, always great

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Re: AJ Styles matches

I don't want to sound like a dick and say all of them but yeah, pretty much all of them... I strongly recommend you find a 'Best of AJ Styles: The Phenomenal One' on DVD on eBay or somewhere. Totally worth it.

Notable matches in my opinion are;

Styles vs Daniels vs Joe (Unbreakable 2005)
AJ Styles vs Abyss (Lockdown 2005)
Styles & Daniels v LAX in Ultimate X.
Styles vs Joe (Turning Point 05, I think)

And there's so many more I could name; the list would go on for too long.

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Favourite Five

1. AJ Styles.
2. Austin Aries.
3. Christopher Daniels.
4. Bobby Roode.
5. Bully Ray.
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Re: AJ Styles matches

AJ v Joe v Daniels. AJ vs Kurt matches are almost always top notch. AJ vs Bully Ray last man standing is a good hardcore type rules match.

AJ/Kurt vs CD Kaz that happened recently (although you might have already seen it) and one of my personal favourite is Daniels vs AJ ironman match (dont rem the year or PPV)

Looking forward to AJ vs AA after BFG. That is going to be legen---wait for it--dary!! Legendary!


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Re: AJ Styles matches

Thanks for these recommendations - just watched them on Youtube.

Fantastic stuff!
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Re: AJ Styles matches

Funny enough, I was thinking about putting a list together of AJ Styles' best TNA matches. The ones that have been mentioned in this thread are great. I also recommend his match with Samoa Joe at Sacrifice 05 and Angle at Hard Justice 08.

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Re: AJ Styles matches

Too many to list

Anything from 2005 or anything against

Joe and/or Daniels
Doug Williams
Tagging with Daniels against AMW and LAX
Tagging with angle against Daniels and Kaz
Multimans with Lynn and Low Ki

Hell he even had a 4 star match with Xpac.

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: AJ Styles matches

Styles/Joe/Daniels - Turning Point 2009

Styles/London - Night of Grudges (ROH)

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Re: AJ Styles matches

I see it's already ben mentioned, but Styles vs. Abyss 2005 Lockdown match although isn't a better match than the Unbreakable match for example, but it was just really awesome. This match for me came off as Superman vs. Doomsday. Styles this high flyer taking on this evil monster inside a cage. Styles is jumping out of the crowd into ringside to attack Abyss! Flying through the cage door to open the match! Just amazing stuff!
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