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Where would tna be if it did everything flawlessly

If tna...

Started with a more universerally appealing name such as "The Professional Wrestling World championships" or something. If Jarrett only had one title reign(dont get me wrong, his wcw world title wins were bs but it seemed to fit in tna). If they gave the belt to Hall instead of Shamrock in 02 Jeff Hardy in 04 Monty Brown in 05 Joe in 06 Chris Harris 07. If the stigma'd "WWE GUYS" were glorified jobbers. If the Abyss storyline from 06/07 resulted in him demasking and becoming his own man. If Tomko broke off from Kurt and Christian and became his own man aswell. If they managed to hire Jack Evans Bryan Danielson Goldberg Giant Bernard Rey Mysterio Jericho Colt Cabana and so forthn If they kept Awesome Kong.If Raven or R Truth (2nd) title reigns were longer.m If they didn't have the 6 sided ring AT ALL If they had a farm promotion early on If they didnt pull the trigger too soon with Dinero If they ACTUALLY pulled the trigger with Hernandez Kaz Morgan and Tomko If they didn't hire any diva esque women and continued what they did in the same mold as Kim/Kong. Didn't hire Pacman Jones.

Or any other of things they shouldnt have or should have that i fail to mention?

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Re: Where would tna be if it did everything flawlessly

Probably in the same position, they've done brilliantly to achieve all they have in 10 years, even with all of their mistakes, i'd love them to be perfect but every audience wants different things, which is why the WWE demographic has changed so much...

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Re: Where would tna be if it did everything flawlessly

Whoa whoa whoa did you just say that Scott Hall should have been a World Champion? Are you kidding me! Since like 1999 that guy should have been kept away from the wrestling industry in an attempt to get his life in order and should not be anywhere near a position where he is the representative of a professional wrestling promotion and Hardy was a giant mess in 04 he was no-showing shows left and right and was high as a kite on a lot of shows he was on once again not someone you want as the representative of your promotion especially considering how young a company TNA was at that time and the whole concept of "flawless" is that its subjective and some of the things you've listed some other peopke wouldn't agree with and instead of thinking that TNA is accident prone and its a botch factory and its made so many mistakes but you guys take it for granted that they've lasted 10 years and I think we should be happy about that instead of thinking they did this wrong and they did that wrong.

And "the professional wrestling world championships" really! That's just a different way of saying WCW anybody with half a brain in their head would work that one out and WWE would have most likely sued them ,and when you're a young company the last thing you want is the WWE machine and their legal team who copyright and trademark everything after them, the company is still here and instead of nitpicking and putting TNA's "mistakes" under a microscope we should all just sit back and just enjoy the fact that the company is growing its in over 100 countries and is reaching their 10th anniversary in a couple of months

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