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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Some ratings:

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim
Turning Point: ***3/4
Final Resolution: ****
Impact: ***1/2 and the last one ***

Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim vs ODB (Des X) ***3/4

Kong/Saaed vs Gail/ODB (LD) ***

X-Division KOTM (Impact): ***1/2 - ***3/4

Puroresu FTW!

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Hey here's a quick question for you all.

Does anybody have the Best of 3LK DVD? Its not something I would want, but I just want to know what the hell is on it?!?! I mean they sucked! What matches could possibly on there?


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^That's a really good question lol. After seeing alot of this 05 stuff they just completely sucked in every which way. Usually they had the worst match of the card. I know they were terrible in 07 and I've only never seen their 06 work but I can take a guess that it wasn't very good as well...

No Surrender (2005)

1.) Bentley/Shelley vs. AMW - ***
Very good opening tag match. Got the crowd into it. The battle of the superkicks between Bentley and Storm was a nice addition to the match.

2.) Super X Cup Qualifier: Shark Boy vs. Skipper vs. Batts vs. Dutt - **3/4
Pretty good X-division stuff, Skipper botched a few moves here and there but overall a fun contest.

3.) Diamond/Young vs. Apollo/Siaki - **
Surprisingly not a horrible match a little too short though. Some impressive stuff from Apollo.

4.) Joe vs. Sabin - ****1/4
This is where this ppv just becomes EPIC. Incredible stuff, the stunning thing is, is that it's only about 14 minutes long. A little more time and this would be MUCH higher. This was really TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION. Great stuff.

5.) Hoyt/The Naturals vs. Team Canada - ***1/4
Really good 6 way tag here. There was never a dull moment as each guy pulled out all the stops. Some great high flying by Chase stevens. My god HOYTAMANIA was running wild back then.

6.) No DQ - The 3LK vs.Brown/James - *3/4
Bah leave it to 3LK crew to stink up the joint yet again. Pretty tame for a NO-Dq match but it wasn't overly terrible.

7.) Lynn special ref: Styles vs. Waltman - ****

Another great X-division match. There was a Senton to Aj on the outside by Waltman that busted his mouth and I think his nose as well. Both guys hit all their signature moves and kicked out of each others finishers. Lynn became a factor towards the end as to be expected every time there's a special ref but it didn't hurt the match at all. Quality wrestling throughout.

8.) X-division title - Daniels vs. Williams - ***3/4
More awesomeness from this ppv. Not that many high flying movies in this but they made up for it with some excellent mat wrestling. Daniels though did hit a sick powerbomb onto the ring apron, I thought Petey was dead! Team Canada tried to pull a quick one on Daniels but he came prepared. Nice finish.

9.) Dog Collar Match for the NWA Title: Abyss vs. Raven - ***3/4
Holy shit did this match surprise me. Incredibly brutal hardcore brawl. They used to staple gun in this and just to prove to people that it was loaded, Raven stapled a dollar bill onto Abyss's forehead! I'm pretty sure it stayed on the entire match as well lol. This had everything you want from a hardcore match. Tables, tacks, staple guns, chairs, blood, and pure emotion from these two. Loved every minute of it. The end with Rhino coming out was sweet too. GORE GORE GORE!!!!

Overall, what can I say, one of the best TNA ppvs I've ever seen. It's pretty close between this one and Sacrifice 05 slight nod to this one maybe, and I also haven't seen the full Unbreakable ppv which I'm sure will be a contender too but it'll be tough to beat NS.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rafael122 View Post
Global Impact is now at Best Buy for $15. Picked up my copy. Thank God. I didn't order it from TNA b/c their shipping is like $20.
Thanks for letting us know. I will definitely check out my Best Buy.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^^^ Honestly. As bad as thie sounds, the 3LK guys were at their best in 2005. Sad isn't it?

NS2005 is definately one of the most underrated TNA PPVs, but I think that's because of TNA losing their TV deal with FSN and broadcasting their shows over the net. I don't care what anybody says, there is no possibly way to feel good about a product if the only way to watch it is on their damn website.

However, as far as pure wrestling goes, this was a very good show with some really good matches and a really great ending. I think this was definately TNA's best overall PPV during the period where they weren't on TV.

- AMW vs. Bentley/Shelley was a really good opener. I remember watching this PPV and when this match came on I was like "Who gives a shit?" No disrespect to AMW. They are my all time favorite TNA tag team. And no disrespect to Bentley or Shelley either, but once again WHO CARES?!?! But much to my surprise, these two teams meshed very well and the Storm/Bentley Superkick war added a nice dynamic to the match that made it interesting.

- Shark Boy vs. Mikey Batts vs. Elix Skipper vs. Sonjay Dutt - I've said this a few times. If you've seen one four way X Match you've seen (almost) all of them. These kind of matches are just pure filler, but always fun and good action packed filler, so no complaints here.

- Diamonds in the Rough vs. Apolo/Siaki - God I hated Apolo & Siaki in 2005. They made me sick, but this was a decent tag match. I liked the Diamonds in the Rough, and I wish they had done more with that gimmick, but oh well.

- Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin - Great match. It was Samoa Joe's first really impressive showing in TNA, and it was a perfect match for him to have on his way to the title as Sabin had been a well used member of the X Division, but always the next step down from AJ & Daniels, so it seemed like a great stepping stone for Joe. Also as a match, you won't see many non title X Division matches that are better.

- Lance Hoyt & The Naturals vs. Team Canada - This was a really good match and a nice follow up from the previous PPV. The Nats always seemed to work well whenever they were being pushed, and they did some pretty good things with Team Canada. I too am stunned at how over Hoyt was back then too.

- 3LK vs. Monty Brown/Kip James - Ugh. How did Monty go from working with Jeff Jarrett and Diamond Dallas Page to being in a feud with Billy Gunn as his tag partner and 3LK as his opponents. He must have pissed somebody off. Yeah this match sucked, but could have been worse too.

- AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman - This match was a great follow up from the King of the Mountain where Waltman cost AJ the title. Now I wasn't sure what kind of shape Waltman would be in as he seemed to be in a hit or miss mode at this point, but was definately on for this match. This match was AWESOME, and my personal pick for MOTN. Waltman played the heel very well and they came up with some great counters for each other. Very entertaining match, and surprisingly, Waltman would top it next month with his great match with Jerry Lynn.

- Christopher Daniels vs. Petey Williams: X Title - This was a pretty good match. I'm not a big fan of heel vs. heel matches, but Daniels kind of played the face by default and that worked out for the best. This was probably Daniels' best title defense during his first reign (except for the Unbreakable Triple Threat of course)

- Raven vs. Abyss: World Title Collar Match - This match was SICK!!! The Stapler spot was one of the sickest things I've ever seen in a wrestling match. Why in the hell would Abyss agree to do that? This wa a great hardcore match and of course Rhino's debut was a FANTASTIC way to close the show and great debut for The War Machine.

TNA should end more of their PPVs that way. Right now they are in a spot where they end all their PPVs with Joe holding up the gold, which is fine for now, but they need to start ending thier PPVs on cliffhangers to make people feel compelled to tune into Impact.

But No Surrender 2005 is a bit of a forgotten gem from the PPVs of 2005 for reasons I've already stated, but if you are looking for great X Division matches, and one of the most violent matches in TNA history, definately check this show out.

Match Rankings:
1) AJ vs. Waltman
2) Raven vs. Abyss
3) Joe vs. Sabin
4) Daniels vs. Williams
5) AMW vs. Bentley/Shelley
6) Nats/Hoyt vs. Team Canada
7) Shark vs. Sonjay vs. Skipper vs. Batts
8) Diamonds vs. Apolo/Siaki
9) 3LK vs. Monty/Kip


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Abyss is just one sick SOB. I'm guessing they took some heat from the earlier ppv where the staple gun shots were obviously faked and Abyss wasn't having any of that. I still can't believe it stayed on there for as long as it did, unbelievable.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

If any of y'all care for Meltzer's ratings, he gave a couple matches from the 6/12 Impact ***+.

Joe/Kaz - ***1/4
MCMG/Speed Muscle - ***1/2

Don't remember much about Joe/Kaz to give it a rating, but I have MCMG/Speed Muscle at ***3/4.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Do you guys know if Kurt Angle is getting a DVD anytime soon? And what matches would you like to see on it?

I want Angle/Joe 2, Angle/Sting BFG and I heard the Angle/Christian series is pretty great.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Yeah there was supposed to be an Angle DVD coming out at some point this year, I haven't heard anything about it yet tho.

And I've got at MCMG/Speed Muscle at ***3/4 as well, but ***1/2 is still fair and I agree with the Joe/Kaz rating.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

There's no word on an Angle DVD yet, but here are a the best Angle matches in TNA so far in chronological order.

vs Abyss (2-hour Impact special):***1/2
(His first match in TNA and it was a great one form the start. Abyss took him to the limit, but in the end Angle was standing tall. A forgotten, but very good match)
vs Joe I (Genesis 06): ****1/4 - ****1/2
vs Joe II (Turning Point 06): ****1/2 - ****3/4
vs Joe III (Final Resolution 07, 30 minutes Iron Man) ****1/2
vs Christian Cage I (AAO 07): ***1/2
(A forgotten match. Very solid action, but a bit too slow and too much outside interference)
vs Scott Steiner (Des X 07) ***
(A rather short, but sweet match. A bit slow near the end tho)
vs Sting vs Cristian Cage (Sacrifice 07): ***3/4
(A very underrated match. It only lasted around 10 minutes and the finish was kinda rushed, but it were 10 sweet minutes with fast-paced action.)
vs Joe vs Harris vs Cage vs AJ (KOTM IV) ****1/2
(Must see match for every Kurt Angle fan. He won the first ever TNA WH title in a classic match. Greatness.)
vs Joe IV (Hard Justice 07): ***1/2
(Too predictable and awfully booked. Still solid action)
vs Jay Lethal (No Surrender 07) ***3/4 - ****
(Great match. Great psychology and story-telling and a stunning finish)
vs Abyss (No Surrender 07): ***1/4
vs Sting (BFG 07): ****
vs Nagata (Wrestle Kingdom II): ****
vs Christian Cage II (Final Resolution): ****1/4
vs Christian Cage III (AAO) ****1/2
vs Christian Cage IV (Impact) ***3/4
vs Samoa Joe V (Lockdown 08) ****1/4 - ****1/2
vs Samoa Joe VI (Impact) ***3/4
vs AJ Styles (Slammi) **** - ****1/4

Pretty impressive if you'd ask me.

Puroresu FTW!

All Japan Famous Five

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