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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TNA Lockdown 2010 Review:

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm: ***1/4

Xscape match:
Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin: **1/4

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young: *1/4

3-Way match for the vacant TNA X Division Championship:
Homicide vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore: **3/4

Falls Count Anywhere St. Louis Street Fight:
Team 3D vs. The Band: **1/2

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle: ****1/4+

TNA World Heavyweight Championship match:
AJ Styles(c) vs. D'Angelo Dinero: ***

Lethal Lockdown match:
Team Hogan (Abyss, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett, and Jeff Hardy) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, and Beer Money Inc.): **3/4

Great opener, I really love the matches between these two. I miss this RVD that actually cared The X-Scape was ood and had a little story but man this was painfully short. Why the fuck Young lost in a squash to Kevin Nash?????????? match wasn't god awful but the result and the booking in general ruined everything for me. What the fuck, seriously. Young should've won here in the first big win of his carrer and start feud with Anderson or whatever. Wasn't a big fan of the 3-Way, should've been in much faster pace, at least it was fine for it was and had it's moments. Kaz winning yet doesn't have the belt was hilarious. 3D vs The Band was enjoyable thanks to the crowd. This match is a pefrect example of how an awesome crowd can make shit match to a good one. Thankfully they played the crowd too, did their famous spots and kept this short.

Anderson vs Angle what a fucking awesome match, MOTN and TNA 2010 MOTY. Styles vs Pope became really good towrads the end but then it ended with a pen. Yay. Not sure about my opinion on the Lethal Lockdown. It wasn't very good and the first half was boring, but when Hardy came out things started to pick up and DAT HARDY SPOT was amazing but after this there was the Bischoff & Hogan BS. It was fun to watch but overall not a good Main Event.

Overall: 7/10, the show was good, had good matches here and there and Anderson vs Angle made it better, the crowd was on fire which is a plus too.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Cody you got a link to those two 2007 Roode matches? Memory is hazy, think i recall the Kaz one but not sure.

Cal's list is solid. I like the best of 5 though and he's a moody bastard so ignore his opinion on that

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Dammit. Can't find any. That's frustrating. I can find Samoa Joe vs Booker T's shitfest from Victory Road 2008, but the only Roode matches on streaming sites are from 2012? ugh.

Cal dissing MCMG doesn't sit well with me.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post

favourite ROODE matches?

AMW v Team Canada - FR 2005. Look up. Forgotten Classic.

AJ v Roode - Impact Title match. One of the best matches in free TV.

usual goodness with Storm, Aries, MCMG. Never liked any of his matches with Hardy though.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Big Z View Post

Fav Roode matches:

AJ Impact
Sting Impact (I know, right!)
Storm Lockdown
Aries DX & HJ

And I literally can't remember anything pre his title run . Which is a shame because no doubt there are some awesome tag matches (not with MCMG though).
How can you not like the 5 series?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Not for everyone per usual.

I do think a lot of fans overrate the final match though. It's really good, but I even struggled to put it in the 4 star range. I still have to downloaded. I'll consolidate a final analysis somewhere down the line.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

They were all just stupid MOVES~! matches which disappointed the fuck out of me. On paper they looked like modern day Brainbusters Vs Rockers matches. Instead they thought "fuck it" and went 100 miles an hour and did moves. Then all the gimmicks were retarded as well. Best match was the street fight and I gave that about **1/4. Here are my reviews:

Spoiler for crap matches:

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - Victory Road 11/07/2010

Been a LONG time since I watched any Beer Money matches, which is kind of a shame for me because I used to love them. Always had that Old School Tag Team vibe. Can't say I'm too much of a fan of MCMG since they seem to be your typical Indy spotmonkey wrestlers from what I have seen of them over the years.

On paper, the match reminds me of the Brainbusters/Rockers matches, with the two smaller, quicker opponents against the 2 bigger guys who can wrestle. Of course neither team matches up to those two legendary teams, but hey, who can?

WTF at the whole referee/tag shit around the 5 minute mark? Storm is the legal man, Roode attacks Shelly to gain control for his team while Storm has the ref distracted, then when Sabin tries to tell the ref what's going on, Storm and Roode try for the basic "come in and switch partners without actually tagging" shit... but the ref sees this whole thing and makes the non legal man tag in the actual legal man, and this whole thing seems to take forever and kills the heat Beer Money got from illegally gaining the advantage.

Speaking of killing heat... the hot tag is about as hot as Awesome Kong in a playboy shoot. They do try to build to it, but then the Guns just completely ruin it by making it seem like they were back in control, and Shelly makes the tag like it was the easiest thing in the world.

From here they go into a massive finishing stretch which is completely unwarranted given the fact the match has only been going about 10 fucking minutes, IF THAT, with a short FIP segment and the worst attempt at a hot tag ever.

Oh, and we get a somewhat pointless ref "bump" when he gets beer spat in his eyes by mistake... and then he stays in the ring trying to get it out of his eyes while another ref is in there. Oh wait, it actually leads to something! Both refs make 3 counts at the same time, but one pin was Beer Money and the other was MCMG! How the fuck would the first ref even know who was legal or not? He was fucking blind for the last few minutes! And he KNEW there was another ref in there, so why did he even bother?

I thought that this would be how the best of 5 series all came about, ya know, with both teams not really winning or losing, so the titles are vacant until one team wins the best of 5... but nope. Match restarts and the Guns pick up the win. Making the ref shit/double win thing POINTLESS.

I went in with low expectations, and I STILL ended up being disappointed. How the hell did that happen?!?!! I was kinda expecting to like the match, but fucking hell, I'm actually getting pissed off the more I write about it!

Fuck this match.

Rating: *1/2

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - TNA Impact 15/07/2010

So... the FIRST match in this series is a ladder match. Why? Remember when gimmick matches would mean something, and a feud would BUILD to a gimmick match? Nope, me neither.

Match is... ok. Its a ladder match, and there is nothing special about it. We've seen just about everything before, and tbh it looked unspectacular here. The main good point of the match is that it was only around... 9 minutes or something. If it had 20 minutes, I could see myself hating it even more than their VR match lol.

Anyway, since it IS a ladder match, and a sub-10 minute one on TV at that, I'm fine with them going crazy with moves and shit. After all, the object of the match is to keep your opponents down long enough to climb the ladder and retrieve whatever the fuck is at the top.

It kept my interest for the full 9 minutes, and got pretty good towards the end... but fuck me another shitty ref thing. And its Brian and Earl Hebner AGAIN (same as at VR). Brian gets knocked out, Earl shows up to help him, and Beer Money steal the contract from the Guns thanks to a beer bottle, and Earl decides to finally look up and declare Beer Money the winners. Bah. They already did some shitty ref thing during the VR match which ended up being pointless, so why bring it back and stable it on to a fucking GIMMICK match too?

So yeah, match is definitely watchable and entertaining, but the shit ending doesn't help the match in any way.

Rating: **

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - TNA Impact 22/07/2010

MOAR GIMMICKS!!! At least a street fight can still be wrestled as a normal match for the most part, but I ain't expecting them to do anything more than brawl for the majority of the match or some shit.

In saying that though, brawling for the majority/entire match makes sense. Beer Money obviously chose the match so they can do whatever the hell they want to MCMG, and MCMG have been screwed in the ladder match so they want revenge. See, this is why I like to write about matches. If I'm writing, I'm thinking, and if I'm thinking, I can see things differently to how I might see them by simply looking at them, if you get what I mean.

Did Mike Tenay just call the Double A Spinebuster the Double R Spinebuster because Robert Roode did it? Yes, yes he did. Mike, if you do that again, I'll hunt you down and stab you in the eyes. Arn Anderson and his Spinebuster will not be disrespected!!!

Some really, really good action in this one, and while they probably went overboard with the weapons, I can't complain too much about what they are doing. However... is that ANOTHER FUCKING REF BUMP? Why? Are they building to a fucking Earl Hebner vs Brian Hebner match? Its a street fight. They can do whatever they want. They don't need the ref to get taken out to use the motherfucking beer bottle. ARRGHHH.

Aside from the lame arse ref shit being thrown in again, this was a decent match. Better than the rest of them anyway, which isn't saying too much.

Rating: **1/4

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - TNA Impact 29/07/2010

Oh look, Brian Hebner is the referee again, and his Dad Earl is on the outside guarding the door. I wonder how they will manage to include them in this match too.

Roode is busted open in the first minute. Not sure why he bothered blading, especially so soon. Surly having one of the Guns bleed would have been better, to help get more heat on the heels and more sympathy on the faces and make their eventual win even bigger because they did it with one of them being hurt and bleeding. Instead it might help give the heels an excuse as to why they didn't win, and you never want your heels to have a somewhat legit reason for not being as great as they claim. If nothing else, maybe he should have bladed towards the end so it would seem like the guns have managed to get some revenge over Beer Money while winning the match as well, and not winning by beating a team where one guy has been bleeding all match.

There really is just so much wrong with the damn blade job that I could go on about lol, because in all honestly I think it helped kill this match. Having one of the Guns (I forget which now) trying to fight back against Roode who is bleeding, to try and get the hot tag takes away the damn heat needed to make the hot tag work (what is it with these two teams together and killing heat and being unable to make hot tags?). Why should I be surprised that someone is able to fight back against someone who is cut and hurting? Why should I get behind him and WANT him to make the tag? I'm more surprised that he isn't controlling the match since he is the more healthy of the two.

Finish is good though, with the beer bottle finally coming back to bite Beer Money in the arse. Oh, and no ref shit! I guess all it took was a STEEL FUCKING CAGE to keep them apart and keep them from doing some pointless shit.

Yeah, this was BAD. It had some decent action to it, but the blade job killed the entire thing completely, and it wasn't looking to be EPICS without the blade job either.

Rating: 3/4*

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - TNA Impact 05/08/2010

Only 2 more matches to go... only 2 more matches to go...

Since the Guns go the win in the last match, they finally get to choose the stip for this match. So they go with Ultimate X. I'm 50/50 on this decision tbh. On the one hand, Ultimate X probably favours the Guns more than any of the other stips favoured Beer Money. However, since the Guns won the tag titles in a straight up WRESTLING match against Beer Money, I would have liked them to have gone with that as a "stip" since they would have gone into the match knowing that they could indeed win as they had done it before. But that would screw up TNA's obsession with GIMMICKS . And its not even a big deal anyway, I'm perfectly fine with it being Ultimate X, especially given the stip for the final match anyway.

Nice promo before the match with both teams making sure we all know how important the tag titles are to them. I like when companies go out of their way to make their titles seem important. I wonder when WWE will try it.

Roode bleeds again, but I'm guessing this match was taped the same night or whatever as the previous show, so its understandable lol. Plus they aren't tagging in and out and "trying" to work a STF so one of the heels bleeding doesn't really matter .

So, Storm's too drunk to climb up and try to get the X. But he's sober enough to wrestle. Ok. At they its kinda funny when they play on it and Storm has to try and pick Roode up who was taken out so he can climb the ropes for the team since Storm cleared the ring but still can't climb himself .

at the "this is awesome" chant. Its not awesome you stupid fucks.

Finish is ok for this type of match. Guns win. I disliked this match. Had one or two cool spots... and then about 8 minutes of filler for the rest of the match.

Rating: *

Beer Money Vs Motor City Machine Guns - TNA Impact 12/08/2010

Last match. Thank FUCK.

I'm glad this doesn't have some pointless gimmick stuck onto it, but rather a wrestling stipulation. However... anyone else think its a little dumb to have a 2/3 falls match as part of a "best of 5" series?

Tenay is putting this series of matches over as being the best tag series he has ever seen, and maybe even the best series in general ever. Its one thing to put over your product, but another thing to blatantly LIE and spew bullshit. HHH/Orton had a better series of fucking matches. And don't get me started on tag series...

First fall is pretty good. A short FIP segment, a somewhat decent hot tag (not enough time to build to it properly, but since they have to do 3 falls they had no choice but to cut it short), and a nice finishing stretch with Beer Money picking up the first win. Then from here we can go into a big FIP segment for the majority of the second fall which was obviously built at the end of the first fall with one of the Guns being beat down enough to be pinned... oh wait. No. Tag within seconds, Guns win within about a minute. Third fall.

Third fall is mostly a finishing stretch... so this match is pretty much VR with 2 extra pins in it. Which really made those 2 pins pointless. Should have just been a regular tag tbh.

Quality wise, its on par with VR, and not even close to be MOTY or MOTYC or even Tag MOTY/MOTYC like most TNA fans are claiming. A bad series overall imo. I blame Andy for it. Maybe if I didn't love the old STF so much, I might have liked these more. But instead, I DO love STF and none of these matches were able to give us that. They tried in a couple of them, and failed miserably, so they went for MOVES~! instead.

Rating: *1/2
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

At least we agree that the Victory Road match was weak. I went into that expecting a 4 star match like people claimed. When it was over I literally said "that's it?"

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Ultimate X was my favorite.

Oh, and Austin Aries' amazing 2012 run is all I'm thinking abour right now. I'm thoroughly impressed.
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