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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^Good for you, would you like a cookie?

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Jon Power View Post
TNA Lockdown 2005

Sonny Siaki and Apolo vs. Lance Hoyt and Chris Candido - ** 1/2
Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Roode (Prince of Darkness match) - ** 3/4
Matt Bentley vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin vs. Shocker (Xscape match) - *** 1/2
Jeff Hardy vs. Raven (Tables match) - *** 3/4
AMW (c) vs. Team Canada (Tag Title match) - ****
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Elix Skipper (X-Division Title match) - *** 3/4
Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, Kip James vs. DDP, Sean Waltman and BG James (Lethal Lockdown - *** 1/2
AJ Styles vs. Abyss (Number 1 contenders match) - *****
, that LL match sucked fairly the worst LL match in TNA history.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by stinger-splash View Post
Finally finished Lockdown 2010

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm (Lethal Lockdown Advantage Match) ***
Very good opener. RVD had some good offense and the crowd was into it. I expected someone to interfere and cost Team Hogan the advantage, but it ended up being a clean win for the babyface. Nothing wrong with that.

Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Shelley vs. Chris Sabin (#1 Contender Match) **1/2
Tons of cool spots in only five minutes. Fun action, just way too short and Homicide as a #1 contender makes little sense, especially after all those squashes on impact.

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young - *
Still wondering what Kevin Nash is doing in the ring on a PPV. He can't wrestle anymore and he doesn't put Eric over. That's a money-losing situation. Really bad.

Angelina Love & Tara vs. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne (TNA Knockout & Tag Team Titles) *3/4
It's not like I don't lik Madison, not at all. She's a good wrestler, but since when has she any credebility? Has she ever won a singles match? I guess they ran out of ideas to build the Angelina/Tara feud, where Tara will be the heel apparentely. Oh well the KO just suck lately.

Kazarian vs. Homicide vs. Shannon Moore (X-Division title) ***
Williams stripped off the title because there was a volcano explosion? Are you kidding me? I wish Williams was there because they had a good program and this match was well done. Homicide did a good job, trying to play Williams' role. Very good action with a fast pace. I'm glad Kaz took the title, but hopefully Williams gets his 'rematch'.

Team 3D vs Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (St. Louis Street Fight – Fall Count Anywhere) **3/4
Without the amazing crowd response, this match would have been boring as hell. Now it was entertaining as hell. The Band got a good, short asskicking and hopefully they're all gone soon. Let's just hope.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson - ****1/4-****1/2
These tho have had a very intense program with great promos and some solid matches. Tonight the entire story come to a conclusion in an epic match. Everything was involved to make this a MOTYC. Angle's moonsault on top of the cage looked even sicker on that special camera angle from above. I love how Angle refused to step out until Anderson was completely death. The ending told the entire story. Great post-match promo as well. Amazing match.

Abyss vs AJ Styles (TNA World Title) ***1/2
Like expected these two had some good chemistry. Nice back and forth with som cool spots and nearfalls. Too bad it was pretty short for a world title match and the finish was disappointing as well. Gotta admit AJ looked very good as a heel champ tonight.

Team Hogan (Abyss, RVD, Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe) (Lethal Lockdown) DUD (**3/4 without the booking)
What a clusterfuck. The beginning was a big mess. I hate the new Abyss character and I can barely see him in action. It's embarassing that no-one in TNA realises this character just sucks. Near the end there were a few cool spots, but then it all went wrong. Sting who had barely taken any punishement got smashed into the tacks by Abyss... Then Eric comes out and they tease a swerve. I was praying he'd chose Flair's side, but too bad he joined Hogan and Abyss took random pinfall over Wolfe.
Can someone tell what kind of purpose the entire Eric/Foley and Eric/JJ feud served? If this 'swerve' was the goal all along, then I feel betrayed. TNA you stole my time and the entire Hogan/Bischoff/Abyss/Flair thing is going NOWHERE. It just horrible booking and makes no sense AT ALL.

Overall: 7/10
The action was probably the best of the Hogan Era, but some of the booking made no sense at all. I refer to the X-division title situation, the KO match and the Lethal Lockdown. The lethal lockdown left a very bad taste in my mouth. Otherwise Angle/Anderson was incredible and Pope/AJ proved TNA has the best talent in the world. BUT also the worst booking.
Dont you remember LL 2007 and LL 2009 when they also teased swerves?

LL 2008 had an anticlimatic ending.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Angle vs Abyss - Turning Point 2008


Great match here. As i watch more matches from Abyss he's becoming in my mind one of the best brawlers i've ever seen. One of his best matches and another classic from Angle.

not changing until:

The wwe takes off the pg rating.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

OK, here's the final part of my "Top Ten for each year" listings.

Year 7 = Post Slammy 08-Slammiversary 2009

Following TNA's 6th anniversary, a long running storyline began which pitted the old veterans against the young stars of TNA, which eventually resulted in the creating of the Main Event Mafia. This new faction would dominate TNA storylines all the way until Bound for Glory 2009, so its safe to say TNA got a lot of mileage out of this angle (whether or not that is good or bad, I'll leave up to you).

1) Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle: No Disqualifications (Genesis 2009) = Easily one of the most intense grudge matches in TNA history. It was a perfect blend of wrestling & good old fashioned brawling. I would go as far to say that its the best match in TNA for both men, and that's saying a lot.
2) Abyss vs. Kurt Angle: Falls Count Anywhere (Turning Point 2008) = This was one that kind of caught me by surprise, but ended up being one of my favorite matches of 2008 period. It was a perfectly booked hardcore match where both men came off looking stronger because of it.
3) Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin: X Division Championship Tournament Finals (Genesis 2009) = The X Division had experienced a bit of a lull going into this match, but The Machine Guns went out there and had a 1 on 1 match that seemed to remind people of how great the X Division can be.
4) AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle: Last Man Standing Match (Hard Justice 2008) = Up to this point, this was the best match AJ & Angle had with each other. It was a brutal affair with some of the hard falls they took, and it was just an exciting contest from bell to bell.
5) AJ Styles, Christian Cage, & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D: Full Metal Mayhem Match (Victory Road 2008) = And often overlooked match, this wild hardcore battle captured the best elements of all six men and featured some pretty awesome daredevil moves.
6) Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Bound for Glory 2008) = Jeff Jarrett's return to the ring was a successful one in this emotionally charged & action packed match up.
7) Samoa Joe (c) vs. Sting: TNA World Championship (Bound for Glory 2008) = The main event to TNA's biggest PPV was a wild affair that featured a great effort by both men in a match where they both pulled a few unexpected tricks out of their sleeves.
8) Team USA vs. Team Japan vs. Team Mexico vs. Team International: World X Cup Tag Team Elimination Match (Victory Road 2008) = The World X Cup was a big highlight of TNA for 2008, and the stars of the X Division truly shined in this awesome match up.
9) Alex Shelley (c) vs. Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed: X Division Championship Ultimate X Match (Destination X 2009) = You had to know the Ultimate X was going to make the list again. This time, this match seemed to serve as a vehicle to push the Suicide character, and for a short time, the gimmick seemed to work quite well in the usual excitement that the Ultimate X brings.
10) Mick Foley (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett: TNA World Championship King of the Mountain Match (Slammiversary 2009) = The shocking ending of Joe turning on the originals to put the belt back in the camp of The Mafia was shocking, this match was also a very unique mixing of all different kinds of talent and came across very well in a very entertaining way.

Year 8 = Post Slammy 09-Present

Its kind of tough making a Top Ten for Year 8 because technically, the year isn't over yet. I guess we'll call this "The Top Ten of Year 8, so far". Between Slammy 09 & Bound for Glory 09, we got the final stages of the Main Event Mafia storyline. AJ Styles became World Heavyweight Champion, a reign that would be the 2nd longest world title reign in company history until it was recently ended. This biggest stories of this year so far have been the additions of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bichoff, Jeff Hardy, current TNA World Champion Rob Van Dam & of course TNA's big move to Monday Nights.

1) AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels: TNA World Championship (Turning Point 2009) = Its always hard to top the original, but this 3 way match for the World Title came about as close as possible to matching the excellence of their original encounter from back in 2005. Truly an amazing match.
2) AJ Styles (c) vs. Kurt Angle: TNA World Championship (January 4th 2010 Monday Night Impact) = TNA's very first live Monday Night show was capped off with one fantastic match between what were being billed as the two greatest wrestlers in TNA. This was a phemomenal effort by both men.
3) Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson: Steel Cage Match (Lockdown 2010) = TNA's longest & most intense feud of 2010 featured these two, and it ended with what has to be considered one of the best cage matches in company history. It was an amazing & exciting match.
4) Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe (Turning Point 2009) = Coming to TNA as a newcomer, Desmond made an immediate splash by going after Kurt Angle. What resulted was one hell of a wrestling clinic that under normal circumstances would have been a showstealer had it not been for the strong main event that followed.
5) AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle (Super Impact 2009) = There was yet another strong TV match between these two. On the Impact before Bound for Glory (a 3 Hour event called Super Impact) AJ Styles & Kurt Angle tore the house down in an amazing match that was merely a preview for what would lead to months of build up for a rematch.
6) Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe: 3 Degrees of Pain Match (Final Resolution 2009) = This violent rivalry ended in what turned out to be the final Six Sides of Steel match in TNA history. The 2 Out of 3 Falls stipulation allowed for a variety of styles & strategy to come into play in this excellent encounter.
7) Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan (Bound for Glory 2009) = A proving ground for The Blueprint, this semi main event match showed off both men in a great way, resulting in one hell of a match up.
8) Amazing Red (c) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Suicide vs. Homicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin: X Division Championship Ultimate X Match (Bound for Glory 2009)
9) Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam vs. Beer Money Inc (Impact 2010) = On a live edition of Impact, these two teams closed out the show with definitely the best TNA tag match I've seen in 2010. Having Hardy & RVD involved made it feel big time, and letting Beer Money just do there thing let the match become tag team bliss.
10) Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me: Ultimate X Match (Destination X 2010) = On a PPV that was designed to showcase the X Division, it was these two teams that stole the show in an Ultimate X match that managed to be unique among the rest given its usage of exciting tag team wrestling along with the daredevil nature of the match.


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by perucho1990 View Post
Dont you remember LL 2007 and LL 2009 when they also teased swerves?

LL 2008 had an anticlimatic ending.
Yeah I know but this had months of build up leading to this moment. It feels like all those months were a waste of time. Anyway I'm done with the product. Been loyal for over years, so it's hard to turn your back on the product, but really it sucks. And it's not about the LL only, it's the horrible booking, the waste of talent and mismanagement. TNA are blind and I can't believe no-one in TNA has stepped up. Oh well.

Puroresu FTW!

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Lets go to the old mill anyway, get some cider!
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Top 5 TNA Matches of 2010 (so far)

1. Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson-Steel Cage Match-Lockdown-****1/2-****3/4
2. Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles-Impact 1/4-****1/4
3. Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles-Genesis-****-****1/4
4. MCMG vs Generation Me-Ultimate X-Destination X-****
5. AJ Styles vs The Pope-Steel Cage Match-Lockdown-****

AJ and Kurt both having great years so far.

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Taroostyles View Post
^Good for you, would you like a cookie?
Depends. Did you bake them?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Mick Foley vs. Jeff Jarrett-Loser gets Fired! iMPACT-22/03/10

Basically going in, both men had pissed off Bischoff so much that he made this match to show his power, and of course he made Beer Money the special ref's since they're his "boys". Mick got to make his normal entrance but Jeff didn't get any music or pyro, nothing. He got his pop though.

Both men showed respect for eachother but both knew what they had to do. Things start off slow with your basic lock-up stuff. Foley goes for the quick-pin approach at the beginning. Easy to see why as he's out of shape.

Foley has an answer for nearly everything Jarrett does and then some. There's a commericial break as Bischoff joins commentary. We return with both men fighting around the entrance area. Both guys are brawling on the stage with Jarrett having the upper hand now, he even uses the ropes showing how desperate he is to keep his job.

Jarrett tries to use the chair but Foley's able to hit his signature DDT, Jarrett showed his ring awareness by using the ropes. Foley applied the Maniable Claw while keeping Jeff grounded which was a smart move on Foley's part. Foley thinks he can finish it with the chair but Jeff kicks the chair in Foley's face and hits the Stroke. 3 count.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett (Foley is Fired!)

A good TV match considering time constraints and what Foley was capable of. A bit more emotion wouldn't have hurt conisdering both men's jobs were on the line. Foley still hasn't come back but he has a book coming out so he's keeping busy. Served it's purpose.

Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money-iMPACT-22/03/10

This match came about from Hardy and RVD saving Jarrett from Beer Money earlier in the night. Hardy and RVD are super over with the Orlando crowd. Match starts with Hardy and Storm. Storm brings it quick but Jeff is able to take out both members of Beer Money with ease. Hardy sets up a ladder between the apron and rail. Commercial Break.

After the commercial, Beer Money try to slow down Hardy and RVD but it's not as easy task, they end up suceeding though with dirty tactics behind the referee's back. They keep Hardy in their part of the ring as RVD gets frustrated. Beer Money keep tagging frequently and mock RVD. RVD did eventually get a tag but the referee didn't see it.

Hardy ends up mounting his comeback with a Whisper in the Wind. RVD gets the hot tag and takes out both members of Beer Money. RVD hits all the crowd favourites but Beer Money break things up. Beer Money his a really nice looking catapult-spike DDT.

Hardy is able to take control of things by taking out Roode with a Twist of Fate and smashing Storm with the ladder. Hardy and RVD hit a Swanton Bomb/Frog Splash combo. 3 count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy and RVD

Really nice tag match here, and still holds up well a month after it happened. The match got a good length and RVD/Hardy got to show just what they were capable of. Even though Beer Money didn't win, they got a nice rub by looking strong against two of wrestlings biggest stars. Loved this one.

Jeff Jarrett vs. A.J Styles-iMPACT-29/03/10

Match came from Hogan promising Jeff a title shot if he could beat A.J. AJ starts off cocky and schools Jeff by countering everything Jeff hits him with. Jeff gains the advantage after tripping up A.J. Jeff hits all the right moves and taunts Flair. It ends up costing him and A.J spots an opening and trys to take advantage.

Jarrett's having counters to most of A.J's moves so A.J targets Jarretts leg's and locks in the legendary Figure Four. Flair goes to assist A.J but the referee stops any of that. Jarrett locks in his own version of the Figure Four but when he gets to the ropes, Flair stops him. The referee saw this and sends Flair to the back.

A.J isn't too happy about this but Jarrett chases A.J and throws him back into the ring. Commercial break. When we return, A.J is back in control, we're shown that A.J got in the swing of things with a low blow and flying cross body. A.J has counters to anything Jarrett tries, and keeps JJ grounded with chinlocks.

Jeff has things back in his hands with a big back body drop. Jarrett hits all the right moves but A.J kicks out after a Pedigree. Jarrett takes a page out of A.J's book and goes to the top but A.J has him scouted and has no problem countering JJ. Jarrett then barely kicks out after a flying forearm.

Jarrett senses a Styles Clash attempt and countered it into an Alabama Slam but that took alot out of him. Flair returns to ringside and has the referee distracted, A.J shoves the referee to the floor. Jarrett nails a Stroke off the top rope but there's no referee. Bischoff comes to the ring with a guitar but Jarrett blocks it. While JJ is focused on Eric, A.J hits a low blow followed by a Styles Clash. 3 count.

Winner: "The Phenomenal" A.J Styles

Great match and got a really good amount of time. Both men had really nice control segments and there were plenty of counters. Jarrett showed he could still hang with the young guys and A.J was developing really nice as a heel. A.J got a nasty cut on his hand when low blowing Jeff but it didn't affect him too bad. These two always have good chemistry so check this one out for sure.

-Rob Van Damn vs. James Storm 05/04/10
-Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle 05/04/10
-Kaz vs. Shannon Moore 12/04/10
-Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode 12/04/10
-Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam 19/04/10
-Team Hogan vs. Team Flair 19/04/10
-Rob Van Dam vs. A.J Styles 19/04/10
-Sting/A.J Styles vs. Jarrett/Hardy 26/04/10
-Abyss vs. Ric Flair 26/04/10

Seems like TNA try to have at least two big matches every iMPACT so I wanna keep up to date reviewing them.
If there's any iMPACT matches within the last year or so that anybody wants a review on feel free to post.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

AJ Styles vs. D'Angelo Dinero (Lockdown 2010) - ***1/4
Really good back and forth singles match. Could have been great with a few more minutes.

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