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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Impact July 6 2006

Sonjay Dutt vs Homicide 4/10
Monty Brown vs Kenny King 1/10
Christian Cage and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner 8/10 A very good main event i liked it a lot
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Angle/Jarrett Genesis '09 - **** 1/4

Amazing brutality and intensity in this match. The Angle Slam off the stage was freakin awesome. The climax was awesome aswell. The ending was kind of sucky but this match overall was a classic.

not changing until:

The wwe takes off the pg rating.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Impact July 13 2006

Abyss vs Norman Smiley 1/10
Senshi vs Jerrelle Clark 2/10
AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine 4/10
Team 3D, Rhino, and Jay Lethal vs Team Canada 5/10 So this is the end of Team Canada as a group a sad day in TNA imo.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Ok I just finished watching most of Destination so here is my review for what I saw.

Destination X 2009

1.Matt Morgan vs Abyss(10,000 thumbtacks match)
This kinds of matches always suck. THe last one with Abyss and Spike Dudley and this one have proven that. I personally liked their last match way more than this one. Bassically the match starts and they both hit their basic stuff and spend alot of time just trying to get the thumbtacks down. The spot at the end where Morgan hits abyss with that big boot of the stage and Abyss goes flying through a table filled with thousands of thumbtacks.

Overall a decent match. I just know these two guys can put on way better matches and I really hope they deliever at Lockdown.
my match rating:*3/4

2.Awesome Kong vs Bolt
This was just a squash match and it was one of the worst Knockout title matches I have ever seen. I mean this match actually made me apreciate Kong vs Christy Hemme match from final resolution. This was just a squash match with a nice finish.

The end comes when Kong stops a hurricanrana and turns it into an awesome bomb.
my match rating:1/2*

3.Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner
Holy shit Samoa Joe looked fatter than ever, and I hated everything about him in this match. His new haircut, his new pants that really need to go. this was a 2 minute squash match. I think everyone expected that so nobody will reall mind it. It was just used to continue the story.

Anyways Samoa Joe dq's himself and continues to beat on Steiner, later in the night I missed this part but I gues that he killed him or some shit like that.
my match rating:1/4*

4.AJ Styles vs Booker T
This was the first great match of the night and Booker proved alot of people wrong including me with his performance in this match. It looked like he was reall motivated to have a great match with AJ.

Ok so onto the match. It was fucking awesome. There were alot of nice moves pulled of in this match and it was really fast paced. Booker always has amazing chemistry with AJ. check out their BFG match to see what im talking about.

Booker should be prud of himself in this match. He wasnt really carried by AJ alot so good job Booker.
my match rating:***

5.Team 3D vs Beer Money
This was another good match that really helped this ppv out after that ODB shit which made me hate TNA for a second there. There was alot of fast paced action and alot of near falls where it really looked like both teams could lose. What I also loved was that there were alot of tag team moves.

The only thing that I hated about this match was the 2 stupid endings. Beer money gets DQed and the match gets restarted as a hardcore match. Well here I thought the match was gona turn into a classic. Well I was wrong. The match ends a second later when Beer Money just walks out. anyways this was a very good match up until the ending point.
my match rating:***

6.Ultimate X match
This was a fucking classic match up. I honestly loved it. this was the best ultimate match since No Surrended 06. Yes I liked this match more than BFG 07 ultimate x match. Every man in this match deserves huge credit and I loved how the crowd was into Suicide.

The match started of and there was a million AMAZING moves done in this match. I could not believe some of the crazy shit that they did in this match, and some of the stuff of the ultimate x ropes that were amazing like the sick powerbomb and the amazing jump to the center.

words can not describe this match and it kind of reminded me of the Victory Road 2008 x division match up. A pure classic match that everyone should seriously watch.
my match rating:****

7.Sting vs Kurt Angle
I loved this match. It was not nearly as good as their Bound For Glory 07 match but it was still amazing. Here is one thing that I loved. The match had alot of close nearfalls especially when Folley accidentally hit Sting with a steel chair. Everyone said Folley was gona turn heel here and he didnt, so I dont get why people are saying at Lockdown it will be Foley vs Sting.

anyways this match was awesome with alot of near falls and a really big match feel to it. The build up was amazing to this match and it continued the story of Angle and Jarrett really nicelly. Sting is one of my favorite wrestlers so I loed that he retained. This also ment that we wouldnt see Angle/Jarrett for the belt at Lockdown.

At the end Sting wins with a second Scorpion Death Drop to win this amazing match. I loved that main event mafia didnt interfere into the match at all because of a promo they did earlier in the night. another classic match up.
my match rating:***1/2

Overall another great ppv. THe second half of this ppv really saved it from being a total flop. I know I missed 2 matches but from what I saw it was actually a good ppv. I might buy this ppv on DVD when it comes out just because of the last 4 matches.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Destination X 2009
Styles/Booker - **3/4
3D/BM - **
Ulitmate X - ***1/4
Angle/Sting - ***1/2
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Rough DX Ratings

KO Tag-*1/2
3D/Beer Money-***
Ultimate X-****

Looked like it was gonna be the worst PPV in TNA history maybe for that 1st hour, but everything from AJ/Booker on was good-great.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

3D/Beer Money-***
Ultimate X-***3/4
Will give more thoughts later.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Destination X 2009 was one of the most bizarre PPVs I've ever watched.

The 1st half looked like a trainwreck in the making. Sojo vs. Kong was the worst KO Title match TNA has had so far. I really don't like Magnus. The match was solid, but I really don't care for the guy. I would have preferred LAX vs. No Limit or something like that tacked on. The Bashir promo was just a gigantic piece of nothing, and A Night With ODB....ok I said for the last few years that the worst thing I've ever seen on PPV was The Concrete Crypt Match from Great American Bash 2004....I think this might have topped it. It was just excruciatingly bad! Worse than I ever expected. I honest to God thought the PPV was dead in the water.

Then Joe went on a rampage. Alot of people seem to be bashing it, but I thought it was pretty cool.
AJ vs. Booker was VERY good. Booker really made a fool out of me right? Good job AJ!
BMI vs. 3D was great. Beer Money is the shit!
Ultimate X was fucking awesome! Guns rule. Lethal & Creed did great, and Suicide is just fucking cool!
And the main event was pretty good. Nothing special, but good enough, and had the set up for Sting/Foley & Lethal Lockdown.

How in the hell did the PPV go from Trainwreck to Awesome? It was just bizarre.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TBP vs. Roxxi/Taylor/Gov - **
Brutus vs. EY - *3/4
Abyss vs. Morgan - **1/2
Kong vs. SoJo - *
Joe vs. Steiner - N/A
Bookah vs. AJ - ***1/4
BMI vs. 3D - ***
Ult X - ***3/4
Sting/Angle - ***

Mixed bag would be an understatement for the ppv. It started off well with the best KO tag we've seen in a while but then slowed with the Brutus Magnus challenge and the unnecessary Bashir segment. Morgan/Abyss just seemed flat for some reason and then the ODB horror that was useless on every level almost killed the ppv. Kong/Bolt was bad because SoJo wasn't ready for this and it looks like Kong seems to struggle every time she's out there now. The Joe/Steiner match itself I agree with, but it's the post-match murder confession promo I hated. But Booker/AJ put on a good match which BMI/Team 3D followed up (minus the ending) leading into the obvious MOTN the Ultimate X before Sting/Angle closed the show with a solid if unspectacular match. Weird night all around but it could have been much worse.

Originally Posted by Eddie Kingston
....It's like watching Lost and getting angry at the end. "Fuck I've been watching this show for six years and it turned out to be the bullshit thing I thought it would be!"
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I realy think that the Sting/Angle match is under rated by alot of people on here. IT personally had me on the edge of my seat and there wee alot of near falls
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