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Re: It's officially six sides

I wanted 6 sides at first but when Aries complained about it I changed my mind. I thought Dixie at least ran it by the wrestlers and made sure they were cool before she went along with the vote but I guess I gave her too much credit.
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Re: It's officially six sides

Now they have to promote this and try to get those that will come back and watch to stay... For me the ring was never the damn issue >.<.
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Re: It's officially six sides

Originally Posted by TNA is Here View Post
I don't mind six sides but it doesn't mean bringing back THE SAME RING as before. Why not use a bigger, larger ring? I've seen larger rings with six sides and it looked great.
Dixie tweeted that the "NEW ring" would debut in NYC-- they will surely have a larger ring (especially when the talent is openly critical about the hardness of the old ring which was due to its size (not shape)).

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Re: It's officially six sides

TNA really cannot win can they? When they took away the 6 sided ring, a ton of people cried boo hoo because their precious six sides were gone. They moved to the 4 sided ring (which in my opinion is just as good) and people complained that they looked too much like everybody else.

I've heard a ton of people over the past 4 and half years since they switched say that they needed to go back to being unique and having a different look than WWE/ROH/etc. Now, they finally do switch back to WHAT THEIR FANS WANT, and now I see all over the place "Switching back is going to help nothing." "Way to potentially harm the well being of your wrestlers!" And a bunch of different stuff like that. Which is it? Do you genuinely like the idea of TNA going back to a six sided ring, or do you want them to be in a four sided ring?

Here's my take on it: Six sides made them look unique. When I started watching TNA, the first major thing I noticed was the ring looked different. It was a pretty cool change from what I was used to watching with WWE/WCW/ECW. And it definitely looked a lot bigger. With that being said, I've heard from a lot of different people that the ring is much less giving than a four sided ring. I read AJ Styles say that once he bumped in the four sided ring, it was like Heaven.

So it basically comes down to this: What do you do? Give the fans what they want? Or stick with a traditional and possibly safer ring? It's not a call I would want to make. I think asking the fans is an important option, but that's all it should be AN OPTION. The fans should not have the final decision as to what TNA should do when it pertains to the well being of the wrestlers. Taking polls from fans AND the wrestlers should have been what they did here.
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Re: It's officially six sides

They did quote new 6 sided ring.lets hope those words mean a bigger one.why would they say new.when they wiuld just say 6- side's is returning

Question is will it be 16x or 18x. 18x would be best for the over all product and the long run.but 16 could work.16 is to small for 4 sides but ok in 6

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Re: It's officially six sides

Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth View Post
No, I don't. And you don't care about that either. Otherwise, go create a "WWE needs to change their schedule, it's tough for the wrestlers" or "NJPW/PWG/ROH need to change their in-ring style, it's dangerous" thread.

This is just another lame and retarded attempt to create fuckery in the TNA section.
Brutal honesty, but I'm glad someone said it.

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Re: It's officially six sides

Originally Posted by SpecialFNK View Post
even though I hate this, this is probably better for TNA going forward. this could maybe bring back the fans who stopped watching in 2010.

do people think there will be any noticeable difference in the beginning from wrestlers inside the 6 sided ring?
how are people going to react if the wrestling quality is noticeably worse because the wrestlers were so used to the 4 sided ring?
I doubt there's gonna be much difference in the wrestling,but there's gonna be alot more wrestlers pissing blood...
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Re: It's officially six sides

A step in the right direction. One step, out of probably 10,000 needed to right the ship.

Though, seriously, TNA needed a fan poll to make this decision? Can anyone see any other fed (not just the WWE) using fan polls to make decisions like this? Of course not! It shows how third-rate the leadership is in TNA.
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Re: It's officially six sides

That poll couldn't have been more obviously fixed. lol Of course they weren't going to hype up the possibility of bringing back the six sided ring and then not do it. They probably had this planned for a while now.

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Re: It's officially six sides

When will the first episode of the NYC tapings air on TV?

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