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These young guys being afraid of Sting

Ok why in the hell is every damn heel scared to death of Sting? Ethan Carter is bigger and younger and he's scared of him, he tried his best to avoid facing him. Bobby Roode tonight was acting as if he was going against Brock Lesnar or someone when he heard he was facing Sting "WHHAAAATTTT!!! NOOOO!! NOOOO!". Lol how is it realistic that these 2 young muscular wrestlers are afraid of this old broken down fat legend? I mean Roode's fine with facing Angle but he's scared of Sting? ok....

This company books Sting as if he's still a wrestler in his prime, i think they need to take a step back and realize he's an old out of shape legend and it makes these young guys look like total pussy's being afraid of him. They're booking him like Undertaker back in 2006 "You're going 1 on 1....with da Undertaka!" as Teddy Long would say. Only difference is Undertaker was someone to be afraid of, Sting on the other hand just looks pathetic, he's fat and can barely work a match anymore. Wrestlers shouldn't be fearing him like they do, he's no Undertaker ffs.

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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Sting has god on his side.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Sting's basically being booked as Batman right now. Taking down nine other men all at once, his name being spoken in hushed tones by his enemies. Goodness.

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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Sting is Batman and Superman rolled into one... and so he should be... kayfabe, he's been no selling big shots for years and "Sting-ing up" with his roar and his beating of his chest. Hell, Joker-Sting withstood an attack from Abyss before wrapping barbed wire around his fist and beat him half to death. Sting in TNA is the Angel of Death really. He has been booked that way ever since he walked in the door. Get over yourselves people.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Wow, im really gonna like it here: i thought i was the only one who thought that! 100% spot on, tc. I'll admit to being a mark for shadowy-silent rafters sting, but the guy working under that name now is a straight-up fucking joke. He should be a gm, or nothing. I mean, for crying out loud, even if he could work a match like he used to, he's wearing a t shirt over his singlet and tights over his boots...what the hell is that about? If youre that ashamed of your working physique you probably shouldnt be commanding what you do to perfrom.

He looks ridiculous coming to the ring and the company looks ridiculous when he gets to hold his own against guys who look like they could kick his ass on accident. Yeah, hes a legend and on and on, but if youre gonna play the part, the least you could do is try your best to look the part, ya know?

I'm embarrassed for him and his, and dixies, inability to let reality be what it is.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Are you guys new to pro wrestling? Dusty Rhodes was always fat and out of shape, yet he still was booked to whip younger talent even in ECW. Ric Flair was old and saggy when he was booked to win the WWE tag titles. Since the dawn of time, the legendary wrestlers have been booked as larger than life stars who can still kick butt when needed. Wrestling 101.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Most of these guys were a bunch of bitches anyway. Only Magnus and Roode were not and Magnus tried everything to not involve himself physically and Roode came in only at the end.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

He's no undertaker Both are old as fuck, it's pro wrestling. But Sting still ate the pin for Roode.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

Exactly - this is how you book veterans.

The whole point of having them on the roster (apart from pulling people in through the doors through name recognition value) is that they put the younger guys over.

Yes, it seems ridiculous at times but by making Sting out to be an unstoppable wrestling force, it just makes the newer guys look tougher when they eventually beat him.

True, doesn't seem to have worked much in TNA and Sting going out there in a T Shirt doesn't help (why he doesn't wear a padded muscle singlet like he did back in WCW, I don't know) but that's the idea behind it. Not much sense in paying Sting a fortune just to book him as, "Now you have to get over a semi-immobile guy in his 50s! Woooo!"
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Re: These young guys being afraid of Sting

I dont think its that we're not used to it, in some form, as wrestling fans, i think it's more that we're used to seeing it presented in a certain way that tna isnt implementing.

Im really hoping my memory isnt failing me here, as it very well could be as ive not accessed the tombs of wrestling knowledge in my brain for years, but rhodes worked best in ecw as a surprise run in guy for whomever he happened to be aligned with. When it came time for his single matches, the few that he had, he had the allure of being a credible threat because of who he was affiliated with or, in failing that, the weapons he had at his disposal to function as equalizers. Pretty much the same thing goes for flair, and funk, too, if i remember correctly.

Neither guy was booked as 'the unstoppable man that can beat the entjre locker room with their bare hands, even if its a surprise attack with a suped up tractor that shoots vending machines' like sting is at the end of their careers. The reason, provided im right and not making a complete ass of myself, is because it makes no psychological booking sense to put someone on the downside of their career that far over talent thats got no credibility to lose.

Granted, we're talking about tna here, but still. If youre paying sting all this money because you think hes a draw, the best way to use him would be to have him make cheaper, more pliable talent with a future, look better: no one, aside from sting, gets anything out of sting being the top babyface that the rest of the roster fears because he can destroy them at will.

roode, and by extension kurt angle, wouldve looked a million times better if roode just laughed at sting being a threat and just happily took the match.
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