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Gandhi 01-29-2013 08:52 PM

A flag design representing Earth
Ok so this is a pretty simple request.

I would like to see designs of a flag representing Earth.However I want nothing fancy,I want something simple yet nothing cliche like the simple "3 colors" or the 3 colors with something in the middle so try to avoid anything similar to known flags of countries worldwide but if something is good do try it out I wanna see your best designs.Remember though,Symbolism is VERY important.

This will not be my signature nor avatar so I want it big,Big to the point where when you post it you post it as a spoiler "but not too big though".You see I'm going to use this image in a youtube video I am working on,If I pick your flag I will thank you in the info of the video with your name and even tell people to follow you on twitter or like you on facebook or whatever.

Anyway because everyone else is doing it...

Subject: Flag Of Earth
Size: Big,Post in a spoiler
Link to last request: This is my first request
Colors for banner: Surprise me,However just a reminder that this is a flag of earth so it might be a good idea if you used the colors blue and green then again I said surprise me so if you don't want blue nor green you can try something else if you know it'll look good.
Link some pictures for the artists to use: Its a damn flag.

That is all.

A$AP 01-29-2013 09:57 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth

Gandhi 01-30-2013 08:08 AM

Re: A flag design representing Earth

Originally Posted by A$AP (Post 13336897)

I seriously don't understand whats so "hilarious".

Don't reply back,If you won't make one then get off this thread.

Shoo now.

MusculosoBarbaro 01-30-2013 02:58 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth
A rough idea.

The three horizontal lines represent the tropic Capricorn, cancer and the equator which circle the globe. The circle in the center as well as the star both symbolize equality and solidarity. The blue base obviously symbolizes the fact that the Earth is mostly covered in water. It could obviously be added to, but I don't feel like doing anything else with it...


CruzControl 01-30-2013 06:03 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth

Here you go I worked so hard on it man at least 3 days hope you like it rate comment subscribe

A$AP 01-30-2013 06:45 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth
I worked double the amount of time that Cruz worked on his.


Fid 01-30-2013 08:14 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth

JM 01-30-2013 10:25 PM

Re: A flag design representing Earth
Anyone else that wants to be an idiot in this thread will be banned from the section.

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