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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Yeah I use that site quite often, but majority of renders there are Wrestling based, and these pics I might need rendered are not.
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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Does anyone know where to get free photoshop? Ever since I got a new laptop, I have not been able to find one.
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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Welcome, I will link you guys to a organized PSD for a photo manipulation poster.


This PSD will run you through requirements for:

-Adding explosions and flames to a poster and blending it.
-Finishing touches for a poster.

Settings for a few things:

High Pass:
First, apply your image.
Then, go to Filter > Other > High Pass, make sure the setting is around 0-20.
Afterwards, go to Edit > High Pass > 50%. Set the blending mode to Hard light at whatever you seem fit. You can use other blending options as well.

Reduce Noise:
Always put the Strength at 10 or 5. Put everything else at 0.

What you need to know:
-You need to know basic lighting such as grabbing a light brush and colouring over an object, with colour dodge, screen, etc.
-You need around 6-12 months experience on Photoshop at the least.
-Basic adjustments.


PSD Zip:
Note: It has all resources needed already, no need to download files above.


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Photoshop - Help

Not sure if i can ask this in here.

In photoshop i have an image i want to paste into say a "pacman" shape within a square canvas, i want the new layer to be in the same shape rather than be behind and movable, as it normally paste.

can you transform and layer the new image? or do i have to transform manually?

I was using magic wand to select the "pacman" and paste the image into it, but not sure how i can get the edges to align to each other..

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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

I think this is what you mean, just use your shape instead of a text layer.


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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Nice to have this site. You can see the interesting news
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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

I am trying to learn how to merge images into a gif that I made. I have photoshop CS5. Is there other ways to do this?

Credit to CJ for the signature.

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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Originally Posted by BtheVampireSlayer View Post
I am trying to learn how to merge images into a gif that I made. I have photoshop CS5. Is there other ways to do this?
Yes but you need to be more specific in regards to what it is that you're trying to do. Add to an existing gif?

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Anyone here qualified enough to be a graphic designer for TNA?

We all know how bad TNA's graphics are for their PPV posters and DVD covers. Seems like TNA is trying to change that by hiring new people for their graphics team.

Does anyone here have the qualifications to apply for the position of graphic designer/photographer for TNA? Maybe you could get paid creating concept arts than just doing it for free here. No idea about the pay though.

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Re: **GFX Help and Resource Thread**

Whats the best PSD site?


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