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Re: If you would have a choice...

Originally Posted by MoxleyMoxx View Post
- How about someone who's already a star, but who needs that one big win to put him into the next level?

- Then make that person to be someone who is charismatic enough.

- Maybe for a while, but Cena won't be there forever. Or you could almost make "Streak Killer" the #1 heel and try to make him out to be as equal to Cena. Kinda like Tanahashi/Okada in NJPW.

- This I understand.
-I feel Cena's a better candidate than anyone else.As far as I am concerned,The Streak doesn't deserve to be broken by anyone or Cena himself if he doesn't turn heel.

No upcoming wrestler does such a huge push like breaking the Streak.I think there are many other opportunities to get someone over.Cena turning heel by breaking the Streak is something more.It has a chance to make the product better,which is something it desperately needs.

-You can't make someone charismatic.It has to come naturally.If someone like Ryback or Axel breaks the Streak,they are going to fade away eventually.

-John Cena is a huge star and he is just 36 years old.He has a solid 4-5 years ahead of him.That's good enough for me.

I think when Cena turns heel,there's a huge opportunity to plenty of stars.Anyone that opposes him would eventually become a star.

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Re: If you would have a choice...

B. Despite what people think, if there's someone who is worthy of breaking the streak and will then continue to benefit the WWE, it is John Cena. It goes without saying that the pin must not be clean.

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Re: If you would have a choice...

I'd have him cheat to break the streak. The heat would be insane.
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Re: If you would have a choice...

Originally Posted by Le Nature Garçon View Post
I'd have him cheat to break the streak. The heat would be insane.
Yeh, remember when he took the hand on Bryans shoulder after Bryan won at ss. Take that heat x100 for something like that.
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Re: If you would have a choice...

C) Cena beats Undertaker clean with an AA and Undertaker raises his hand in a show of respect.

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Re: If you would have a choice...

I would keep Cena face forever, but keep him the fuck outta the MAIN EVENT scene. That jabroni has been overpushed and overexposed for 8 long years already. Why give him the credit of breaking the Streak?

I am well aware that accomplishments in WWE don't matter in real world. But would you have liked watching Rocky Balboa job to Ivan Drago in Rocky IV? or would have liked Arnold jobbing to the shapeshifting T-1000 in T2: Judgment Day?

Just like Ivan Drago and T-1000, Cena has been made nearly invincible in the eyes of WWE Universe. He has had a stellar career resumé in WWE despite majority of fans hating it. Feeding the Streak to him will be a travesty. Few things in pro-wrestling are sacred. The Streak is one of them.

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Re: If you would have a choice...

^^^ This guy gets it.

Everyone moans about how overpushed cena is and how he's made to look better than everyone else, and now you's all want him to beat taker at wrestlemania something Shawn GOAT Michaels, HHH, punk, Orton, etc have failed to do, so all that would do would make cena look even better than all of those people including the undertaker, Cena turning heel......tbh I'd like to see him go back to the way he was in 2003-2004 but 1) That will never happen and 2) even tho it could make for some good promo's he still fucking sucks in the ring.

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Option B no question couldn't think of a better way

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Re: If you would have a choice...

No, just no. It's option A. Cena is a babyface for life. This isn't 1996 WCW, and he isn't Hulk Hogan. When Hogan turned it was for several reasons: A) His public image had been dragged through the mud for several years prior due to the WWF steroid scandal; B) He was isn't in his home territory and the WCW fans hated him from day one, and the Hogan loyalists that abandoned the WWF to follow their hero were not strong enough in number to drown out the WCW (re: Ric Flair) fanbase; C) WCW needed to do something shocking to take that final step in surpassing the WWF.

None of those scenarios apply to Cena today. Cena is also not quite the larger-than-life star Hogan was, so the shock factor wouldn't be as off the charts. I honestly don't see how any heel turn ever again is going to have that much impact. Do we honestly think people would be throwing garbage in the ring, ready to riot, if Cena turned? As another poster pointed out, what benefit to WWE business would it really be? Cena's not going to be a better heel than many of the heels already on the roster (Triple H, Orton, Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, and certainly not Punk when he was heel.) Cena turning is a bad idea and should never be attempted. It'd make about as much sense as when Goldberg was briefly turned heel. Some characters (Cena, Goldberg, Sting, Steamboat) are just babyfaces, period.

As for ending the Undertaker's streak, I actually thought this past year was the time to do it, with CM Punk. But, that ship has sailed, and I seriously doubt the streak ever gets broken now. And it probably never needs to be. If they want to use Undertaker to make somebody, they can do that at some other event beside Wrestlemania.

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Re: If you would have a choice...

Never turn heel.


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