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WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Ok, the Team Hell No thread here inspired me to write this and get some thoughts from you guys, everyone knows that the Tag Team Division in WWE today is pretty weak, sure it's improved slightly the past year or so (I'm liking The Prime Time Players right now) .... but the problem with WWE and Tag Teams now is they seem very lazy, instead of creating NEW teams and introducing wrestlers to us AS a Tag Team .... they just seem to continue to throw together singles wrestlers for a while, make a team and give them a pretty lame name most of the time to go with .... it's pretty sad really that they take this route most of the time in the Tag Team division, The Uso's maybe an exception (probably cause they're so alike) ... but on a whole, they don't really give us much of an impact with the Tag Teams anymore, and it's a shame really.

They need to start bringing in tag teams and introducing tag teams to us, in the way they used to, instead of throwing together a couple of singles wrestlers for a team for a while, I'd rather see a team, come in with the impact say like Legion Of Doom did ... and be like 'Wooah, who are these guys' ... cause let's say for example, if you never had a clue who LOD were right now .... and all of a sudden they entered in on Raw to spice up the Tag Teams Division ... you KNOW that it would be good and the competition would increase massively, but they tend to not do that anymore, and that's where the Tag Team Division seriously lacks.

THIS is what a Tag Team should look like .... and have that impact! If these came in on Raw right now, unknown to everyone you would be talking about these big time the next day!

I understand that often teams like LOD are a rare breed, and you don't find them that often ... however think about the other teams that would be introduced to us as Tag Teams, rather than a singles wrestler we already knew being thrown together with another ... Nasty Boys, Beverly Brothers, Bushwackers, The Rockers, Hart Foundation, Demolition, .. the list is endless, we don't really see teams enter the ranks like this anymore and this is one of the things I feel is lacking in the Tag Teams Division.

What are your thoughts in regards to this? I'd be interested to hear?

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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

You made some very good points, and that's something I'd like to see more of, but I don't think it's mandatory to debut as a team in order to get over. I think the problem is complacency. Teams are constantly exchanging victories and not doing much else. The whole undercard has been fucked for years now. Tag teams just don't play a big role anymore. When they crown new number one contenders, it just seems so arbitrary. It's usually a team that wasn't doing much before they won the opportunity. Then the tag title match gets no build up and no story line to build interest. Do you remember that segment on Raw when the Acolytes and the New Age Outlaws had a brawl in a bar? We'd never get that today, despite the fact that they have more time now than they did back then (3 hours). I think you have great ideas though, and I certainly think there's room for teams to debut as a cohesive unit and make an impact. I think if it makes enough sense and the two guys have great chemistry, a team with two guys paired together can be very successful for about 2-3 years.

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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

My one thought is that, although this would definitely be the way to go, the fans may not appreciate it - they seem to like the random pairings of solo stars - just consider how much more popular Team Hell No were than any other team.

I'm also partly basing this on the poll at NOC for the greatest tag team in WWE history, which included great teams like the Hart Foundation, Road Warriors, British Bulldogs, (and left out even more - Dudleys, Hardys?) yet somehow Shawn and Hunter won by a large margin. I'm sure it's already been pointed out that they weren't even the greatest tag team in DX.
(obviously those polls were dumb, but it definitely seems like the current generation of fans just don't *get* tag teams)

I think between the Real Americans, Uzos, PTP, Shield, plus los Matadores (and, say, a returning Hart Dynasty), WWE does have the basis of a cool group of tag teams with personality right now. The only thing missing is a storyline or two. Maybe there could be a reality show. Total Tag Teams.
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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Throw the Wyatt family into the list of new tag teams as well.

I think the E dropped the ball with the Hart Dynasty. I have watched a few Harry Smith matches in Japan on you tube lately and the kid can work. We all know Tyson Kidd is a work horse. I'd love to see them come back.

Agreed that gimmick tag teams instead of just 2 guys thrown together (Kofi and R Truth....woohoo) are much more entertaining.


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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

The Usos are an example of a tagteam that's not singles being put together. That's one example i could think of.
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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Totally agree with this thread! I miss the days when a power tag team was introduced together to WWE universe. Not this put 2 random roster guys together to get them on the t.v. screen.
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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Like The Usos, The Shield, Los Matadores.

I accept rep.

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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Shield and Wyatts debuted as teams so at least they're turning it around.

The Road Warriors came to WWE after being huge stars in the territories for years. With the way the current wrestling landscape is, it's simply impossible to debut a team in WWE that already has a big reputation.
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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

You have to admit that they've gotten better about this in the last 18 months. We've got another team on the way (Los Matadores), and I'd even argue that the teams made up of former singles guys, especially Tons of Funk and the Prime Time Players, really work and "fit" together as teams. The Real Americans are the one team that feel really thrown together.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: WWE introducing Tag Teams to us AS Tag Teams (not singles thrown together)

Usos, Shield, Los Matadores, PTP, andddd? That's pretty much it as far as teams that were introduced as teams. Throw in the Real Americans even though they were introduced separately, and that's all the players in the Tag Team division right now, wish they would build the division up some more. Shield is so far ahead of everyone else as to almost be comical, no one is even close to their level..they have no credible competition.

Would LOVE to see Shield and Real Americans feud, doubtful we will ever get it unless one turns face which is sad. You give those teams 15 minutes at a PPV and they will blow you away, guarunteed.

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