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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

That's tough you see because...

I get into Heyman's character more than Heenan's...

But I think Heenan had more actual talent.

Either way, as close as that one is, I do think Heenan is one of the best commentators (if not THE best) in wrestling history. The same can't be said for Heyman. His voice would drive you crazy and he would then be worse than JBL (the worst commentator in wrestling history).

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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

Originally Posted by Validation Boy View Post
JBL seems to think Paul Heyman is better than Bobby Heenan.

I can see that.

I know its 2 different eras, and Heenan had a couple more years in than Heyman currently does, but Paul kills the Brain on promos and in crowd participation.

What will be the deciding factor on who is better, when its all said and done?
I don't know if Paul kills Heyman on promos. Bobby never had to give 5 minute promos
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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

Definitely Heenan. He could be both sarcastic to the point of infuriating you and have you rolling over in laughter a minute later.

Hell, I still roll in laughter when I hear Heenan's commentary during the Barber Shop episode when Shawn Michaels threw Jannetty through the window.

"Jannetty tried to dive through the window to escape. What an act of cowardice!"


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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

Originally Posted by OldSchoolsCool View Post
Now, although I don't overly agree with this post too much, I respect this one massively, your points are valid and have substance and has been said with knowledge, that it's just a matter of opinion really, there is a difference when people comment in regards to a matter of opinion with knowledge, or when they comment cause they don't know different so go with what they know, after seeing both and knowing both well, you can then, and only then ... put a perspective on these kinda things with an opinion, which I respect and that's why I like this post a lot!

But ... I do feel that you have slightly misjudged Heenan's skills to work a crowd, he knew how to do it at ringside so many times, or even while interfering with the wrestlers (including quite often his own talent, such as Andre or Perfect for example), not forgetting how he handled that whole Weasel Suit match against The Ultimate Warrior .... and the way he would deal (and take) the taunts too ... was very admirable, but again, I really do respect your post massively, though just wanted to mention this.
I understand where y'all coming from.

Heenan's presence and actions alone at ringside worked the crowd to a level Heyman isn't currently near. I was just referring to Heyman's promo ability in front of the live crowd that gives him a slight advantage in only that aspect. But, that's only because of the difference in promos today, compared to 25 years ago. I have no doubts that Bobby Heenan, with his same style, would be the top manager today.

But, the second paragraph in your post pretty much states why Heenan is a better manager and I agree with you.. He was at ringside and involved in angles for a reason. And, nothing against Heyman but Heenan was never placed in a situation where he got himself over more than the talent, something that Heyman doesn't have the luxury of doing, for whatever reason, with Curtis Axel.

Overall, considering what each man's purpose was, Heenan has to be the better one overall. He was more well rounded and served as more than an "agent" or motivational speaker. Just the little things like his mannerisms and cockiness when his charge was in control. And no matter what he did at ringside, he didn't take attention away from the action in the ring, he actually added to it.

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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

You mean Heyman, the WCW personality? Or the total package of booker, businessman, ECW owner, ect?

As a character, I missed Heenan's days with the WWF and I still think Heenan played better on TV.

If you are asking who's more important, Heyman was. Heyman is a great character too, but Heenan was an announcer and incredible at it.
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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

I can't really compare them. They were different managers/characters for very different times. Bobby was right for then, and Heyman is right for now.
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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

Who's better at what is debatable. Heyman has certainly had a bigger impact overall imo.

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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

Heyman is probably the modern Heenan.
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Re: Is Heyman greater than Heenan?

They are both excellent in what they do. In the present day, we have Heyman. In the past, Heenan. Tough to decide between the two.
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Nobody will ever be better than heenan

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