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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

I disagree. These three guys are perfect, Ambrose is the best of the trio.

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

I get what you guys are saying about Ambrose's mic skills helping get the Shield over and elevating the group from good to special...but really again my whole issue is the Shield doesn't ask very much from him. What storylines, feuds, promos have they been involved in that require someone of Ambrose's character caliber?

Sure yeah his personality shows through (and I like and respect the wild card argument, that's the most compelling to me), but for the most part, the Shield have done random beat-downs, pretty good (not amazing) promos, and a bunch of good matches. Ohno could do all that stuff.

Maybe not as well as Ambrose (except the actual wrestling) but basically my argument is, the Shield would be at least 80% as cool with Ohno over Ambrose, while Ambrose would be 1000% cooler than whoever he would displace if they put him in feuds and storylines as a singles wrestler with his full on wildman character. I just think the Shield limits Ambrose, and meanwhile it would have been a good role for Ohno to fill as well.

I know we all like Ambrose in the Shield but if you guys like his madman act why not see it in full?

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

No. What the Shield needs is Ambrose to cutting promos more often.


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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

LOL no, the only reason he should have been in it is to cover up his flabby ass with their ring gear.

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

Everyone has to start off somewhere. Regardless of how good your gimmicks were in previous companies you worked for, once you go to the WWE you have to start over so the millions of people that didn't know about you before see your character develop and stuff because to them, this may as well be Ambrose's first year wrestling.

Even if Ambrose had been introduced outside of The Shield, I don't think they'd let him just go full throttle and push that to the moon. Things usually end up bad that way.
Plus suggesting that a bland person represent The Shield just because they are looking bland and kind of like jobbers atm isn't productive. I'd rather see them rise up and go beyond limitations that the WWE would like to impose upon them. It's dumb to not want more out of The Shield. What happens when they suddenly become a huge part of a good story? They just fail at it because the person leading them isn't fit and conditioned to take on that big of a role?

idk, I can't sum this up to anything else other than an Ohno mark thread. The logic makes no sense to me.

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
The Shield should have been Ryback, Connor O'Brien, and Langston with Heyman as the mouthpiece.

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I'm at least rational enough to see it. Uber crazyman psycho doesn't work in a PG setting, nor does it even work in a PC setting (which I guess we are trying to keep solidly intact). Casuals won't give many cares about it either.

Guys who get lippy usually end up getting crushed. Makes for good TV. Like, beat up that mouthy punkass because he's fun to see get smacked around.



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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

I agree with both sides of this, actually.

Yes, the Shield would be great for Ohno, he'd get to hide his weaknesses and I think he'd shine in the matches because there'd be a reason to care before he made them fans for life with his wrestling talent. And yeah, the flack jackets would be great to cover up his less than impressive look.

BUT...Ohno's promos really aren't threatening enough to work for the Shield. Kassius is not...macho really. He's soft spoken and cerebral. He's charismatic, but he's not the type of charisma WWE loves and Dean has in spades.

Ambrose didn't carry the Shield (I think each member contributes near equally). And while his role (the mouthpiece) could have been played by someone else...I don't know who that someone else could've been. And it certainly isn't Ohno.

Could Dean have done better as a solo guy? I really don't think so. He needed an intro, a hook, to make him matter, otherwise he's another Sandow (whom I love...but is not doing super well). Hell, even the debuting heels with a bunch of pomp and circumstance (Wyatt, ADR) is not/did not take off immediately. I feel that WWE would not have had the patience to wait for the Dean experiment to work. He would've cut a couple creepy promos, then had a competent if underwhelming match and he'd be shunted off to Smackdown to feud with Kofi Kingston.

I think that the Shield has been done almost perfectly, they've taken three talented if flawed performers and made them mean something. Could Ohno have worked in Ambrose's role and Dean been a huge star as a solo guy? Maybe...it's always possible. But I really don't think so.

Interesting idea though.

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

I'm a huge Ambrose fan, and I think he needs the Shield right now. It doesn't matter how talented a wrestler is, unless he looks like Lesnar/Goldberg/Batista, it takes a LOT of time to build up credibility with fans and be a dominant force. Ambrose, like Rock/Cena/Punk/Orton/HHH/Austin looks average and generic UNTIL he develops his character and sells people on it. By putting Ambrose in the Shield, Ambrose's psychotic words and acts have meaning. He backs up his statements with beatdowns, which he absolutely would not be doing if he debuted as a solo character, because no one would buy into the 'average,' 'ugly,' 'scrawny' Ambrose doing this (I know he's not any of those things). If you're not credible as a dominant wrestler, the next best thing is an extremely relevant character, and that's what Ambrose is.

I do agree that Shield is holding Ambrose back in that he's not doing enough solo promos, or having meaningful solo feuds. He's not gonna develop unless he actually has his promos and feuds, and the writing staff isn't gonna figure out what works and doesn't work without testing it all out. But Ambrose definitely needs the Shield, he's a generic blob without them RIGHT NOW.

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Re: Kassius Ohno should have been in the Shield instead of Ambrose

Problem is, Kassius Ohno is so fat, they tried to teach him the Boston Crabs but he just kept drooling and murmering "Mmm, crabs."

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