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WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

I Just found an old article showing
WrestleMania 1
Hogan vs Piper. It was going to be a one on one match at the first ever WrestleMania. Apparently it got changed to a tag match, Hogan and Mr T vs Piper and Paul Orndorff.

WrestleMania 4
The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase was supposed to win the WWE Title in a tournament. Infact it was because (one of the worst ic champs of all time)The Honky Tonk Man refused to job the IC title to The Macho Man. So in the end it worked out better for Savage because Savage ended up winning the tournament and the title. So poor Ted Dibiase got nothing and ended up as a runner up in the tournament, all because of the Honky Tonk Man. I can't believe Vince would let the Honky tonk Man determine what he was going to do with the world title.

What i have to say about this is that i like Savage and Dibiase. I like Macho Man more so im glad he won the belt, but again you have to feel sorry for Dibiase.

WrestleMania 6
There's two stories about WM 6. One says that Mr. Perfect was supposed to face Hogan. Then there's the Zeus story. Supposedly Zeus was so atrocious in the ring (understandbly so since he was an actor not a wrestler) that those plans were scrapped. Interesting to note too was that there initially were plans for a No Holds Barred sequel but that was scrapped for obvious reasons.

Prefect vs Hogan one at WM6 is one i heard of but apparently Hogan refused to face him or so the story goes..hence the match between Prefect and Beefcake

Hogan didnt want to drop the belt to Perfect. So instead Hogan just jobbed to his manager the Genius by countout sometime before WMania 6. As Hogan had nothing to lose here as The Genius wasnt any danger to him Hogan jobbed. Perfect was getting big and he was undefeated at that time.

So as Hogan didnt wanna job, instead Hogan jobbed to the Warrior. Im glad they went with that as im a Warrior fan but i do feel sorry for Mr Perfect as he also ruled. So instead Perfect jobbed and lost his undefeated streak to Hogans best buddy Brutus Beefcake at Mania 6.

So in return Perfect got the Intercontinental title, which he won in a tournament.

Regarding Perfect, he actually got the Intercontinental Title for most of 1990-1 because of his treatment by Hogan, who refused to let Perfect win the Rumble 1990 and then had his buddy Beefcake go over Perfect in high-profile manner at Wrestlemania 6.

WrestleMania 7
I heard it was going to be Hogan/Warrior 2, but im glad they went ahead with the Career Ending match, which is one of my fave WrestleMania matches ever.

WrestleMania 8
It was going to be the biggest wrestling match of all time but unfortunately it got changed. Hogan vs. Flair should have happened at WrestleMania. It's a real shame it didn't. It would have been huge. The year of 92 was awesome, and Flair/Hogan was a dream match at that time. I still enjoyed the Savage/Flair match but Hogan/Flair would have been big.

WrestleMania 9
Instead of providing commentary at WrestleMania 9, Macho Man was supposed to win the royal rumble, and go on to face Bret at Mania 9.

This would have been a classic, Savage instead was a runner up in the royal rumble 93. Many fans dislike WMania 9, i dont but Savage/Bret would have been awesome. At least Mania 9 would have then had a awesome match on the card. I cant believe the WWE didnt go ahead with this.

So it turned out to be Bret Hart vs Yokozuna(who won the rumble), and we all know what horrible moment happened at WMania 9 involving the WWE Title.

WMania 10

This one is long. This is very confusing but im glad it went the way as it originally went with Yoko going over Luger, and Bret over Yoko.

There are 2 stories about WMania 10. One was that Luger was gonna win the title, and the other was the he was supposed to face Ludwig Borga.

Luger vs Borga- WrestleMania main event? Thank God that didn't happen. Can anyone imagine the buyrate for Ludvig v. Luger? lol however It was WrestleMania, they had to go with Owen/Bret anyway at that point, and along with Razor/HBK Ladder these 2 matches would have been enough to sell the PPV.

Borga v. Luger was the original plan. The only reason it didn't happen was because Borga had the career ending ankle injury BEFORE the Royal Rumble. Borga was going to get pushed huge and the start of his big push was that he ended Tatankas undefeated streak. (I hate that moment) Then he was gonna face Tatanka in a rematch at The Rumble(borga got injured and bam bam replaced him)

If Borga didnt get injured, Luger was supposed to win the rumble and this is what i dont understand. Who beats Yokozuna for the belt to set up a Luger/Borga title match?

Its strange and confusing because Luger wasnt allowed to get a title shot against Yoko ever again, but as he won the rumble he could get the title shot. Also at that time, who ever won the rumble would face the champ at WMania, not before. If WM10 was supposed to be Borga v Luger, at what point was Luger/Borga going to take the title from Yokozuna?

Now onto Luger winning the wwe title lol!!!

Apparently Luger was supposed to beat Yoko, then lose to Bret in the same night. The story about Luger getting drunk and telling a reporter he was going to win was what I always heard........ Either he was gonna beat Yoko for the belt, and then lose the belt to Bret(by repeating a Mania 9 moment), or he was gonna win the belt of Yoko, and then beat Bret making Bret lose 2 matches at Mania 10.

Lex Lugar was supposed to win the title at WrestleMania 10 instead of Bret, but Luger got plastered and told a bunch of fans who then told others and soon, word had spread and Vince changed plans. Luger was talking about how he was going to win the title in a bar, with a reporter present. A news story was published and Vince was extremely pissed, so Luger jobbed to Yoko. Well that was awesome lol.

Also, they did a little test at the Royal Rumble that Bret and Luger co-won. They had 2 referees each side with a different guy. As they'd raise the arm of their respective wrestler the crowd would react. Unfortunately for Luger, the crowd's reaction for Bret blew his away.

Now the title change story doesn't hold up anyways, with Luger then to Hart at WM 10 because the WWF wouldn't have hot-shotted the belt, blowing a face v. face match, without turning one of them and making money off of it. Too much money for them to make for them to just squander it.

Overall im glad with the outcome of Mania 10- Owen over Bret, Yoko over Luger, Razor over Michaels and Bret over Yoko for the WWE Title.

WMania 13

Main event for WrestleMania 13 was supposed to be Bret vs Shawn rematch. They even had the two of them next to Taker and Sid on the cover of a WWF Magazine with WrestleMania 13 under the faces. It soon changed to Austin vs Bret instead. which worked out better for Austin and the WWE's future.

As for WM13. thats why HBk "lost his smile" cos he didn't wanna job to Bret. So Michaels comes out to just provide commentary for the main event.

I wanted to see Bret/Michaels again but im glad they went ahead with Bret/Austin. If Michaels didnt want to job to Bret, and he forfeited his title, why couldnt he drop the belt to The Undertaker. Taker ended up winning the belt at Mania 13 so i dont see why Michaels couldnt job in a face vs face match. WM13 is considered a horrible WMania with the exception of the Bret/Austin Classic. If Michaels faced Taker, the double main event would have been huge, probably could have went down as the best double main event in WMania history. Also WMania 13 would have been better.

If Michaels jobbed to Taker at Mania 13, then accidently hits Taker with a chair at SummerSlam 97. He could say what he did was accidental but Taker defeated him at WMania. Michaels goes heel, and starts of his feud with Taker like it originally was.

WrestleMania 14
Well it was originally planned as Bret/Austin, but we all know what happened at Survivor Series 97. From there the WWE was leading to a HBK/Austin match.
Another thing I've read was that Shawn Michaels didn't wanna face Stone Cold at WM14. When he was forced to, he didn't wanna job, and only did so because of Undertaker's Persuasion lol!!!

I dont understand why HBK does this, he lost his so called smile and refused to job the title to Bret at Mania 13, refused to job to Vader at SummerSlam 96, refused to job to Mankind at Mindgames 96, but drops to his good friend Sid. Not that i have a problem with Sid winning the belt as he is one of my favourites. Overall it was a good thing that Austin won the belt, it was a great move and good for Austin and the WWE as he was their new star.

WrestleMania 15

Rock vs Austin vs Mankind

Oh, here's another one straight from Mick Foley's book, "Foley is Good."

Foley mentions it was supposed to be Rock vs. Austin vs. Foley at WrestleMania 15 for the title, but Shawn Michaels (wow, a common theme. Go figure) convinced Vince that the WrestleMania main event HAD to be a one on one match, so as not to ruin tradition. Somehow this got through and Mick was left with the Big Show at WrestleMania.

The interesting thing is that apparently HBK wasn't lobbying for Foley to be left out of the main event, but The Rock. HBK wanted Foley vs. Austin at WM 15, but he didn't get his way and Rock vs. Austin became history.

Well im glad it was Rock/Austin, but a triple threat would have been good because Foley was in the wwe title hunt around that time.

The other interesting thing about this is that just the next year Mania 16, the main event was a Fatal Four-way Match, therefore breaking the all important "tradition" HBK insisted was needed.

And to make matters even more interesting, who do you think it was who convinced managment that WrestleMania XX NEEDED to be a triple threat for the belt? I mean, there was really no reason for Michaels to be in that match, especially if he felt so strongly about WrestleMania tradition.

Hmmmm, interesting stuff. Very interesting. Rock/Michaels could have taken place at Mania 20. Overall i was happy with the Mania 20 triple threat but HBK gets his way, well mostly gets his way.

WrestleMania 16 (2000)

It was going to be Austin vs HHH. However Austin was out with an injury for over a year. Then it was going to be HHH vs Rock in some sort of gimmick match. For some reason then the traditional one on one wwe title match was changed this year, and it was made a triple threat match, with Big Show being involved. Then Foley was added so it was a 4 way.Foley also never intended to be in the main event for WM2000. He was retired at NWO 2000, but as he never main evented at WMania he was back for this match.

WrestleMania 18

I also heard that the Mania 18 Jericho/HHH main event wasnt originally planned. HHH was gonna main event, but i heard it was gonna be HHH/Angle main event. Im not really sure about this WMania because the nwo arrived a month before this ppv. At that time i also heard it was gonna be Jericho/Angle?

Im confused about this one.

WrestleMania 19

Angle/Lesnar was originally planned, it was set in stone for Mania 19 ever since Lesnar became champ at SummerSlam 2002.

Now at least 2 weeks before WrestleMania Angle was very unlikely not to compete in the match against Lesnar due to a neck injury. So it was highly rumoured that Chris Benoit was gonna take his place. Or there were rumours going around that it would be John Cena who would face Lesnar. Angle would forfeit his title, and the title would be vacant.

I heard a different rumor for WrestleMania 19. Angle was going to drop the title to BENOIT, not Brock on Smackdown, and then they were going to go ahead with a Lesnar/Benoit main event and have Brock win.

At Wrestlemania 19, if Angle's neck was in to bad of shape, he was gonna drop the title to Brock on Smackdown. The Brock would defend his title vs. Benoit. Who would mostly turn heel.

Whatever the outcome was if Angle could not compete, it would have been Brock in the main event against Benoit or Cena.

However, Angle managed to compete, and wrestled the match against Lesnar, and the main event was on.

Also at Wrestlemania 19 the plan was to have Booker T win. It's a real shame about Booker T not winning the belt. From what I read, Booker was supposed to win the belt at WM19, but HHH convinced them the day of WM that he should retain, and away history went. I've heard it from a few places, so I'm not sure of the legitamacy, but really should've happened.

WrestleMania 20

HHH vs Benoit till Michaels came along. And to make matters even more interesting, who do you think it was who convinced managment that WrestleMania XX NEEDED to be a triple threat for the belt? I mean, there was really no reason for Michaels to be in that match, especially if he felt so strongly about WrestleMania tradition.

And that Shawn Michaels was put in the main event for WM20 to add more star power and to draw more, fearing Benoit vs. HHH wouldn't get as many buys
Michaels didn't have a real reason to be there, but he played his roll in a fantastic match.

WrestleMania 21

Orton vs. HHH was supposed to be the main event, but since Orton wasn't really catching on as a face, they went with Batista, who was getting monster pops then. It ended up for the better since Orton needed shoulder surgery right after WM and couldn't be a proper champion anyways.

There were plans for an Undertaker vs. Angle match at Wrestlemania 21 for the WWE title at one point. That would have been great, at least much much much better than the original Mania 21 title match between jbl and cena. However Michaels/Angle would have never happened if Taker/Angle took place. Orton/Taker would have never happened.

So im glad that Michaels/Angle and Orton/Taker took place at Mania 21.

WrestleMania 22 Eddie Guerrero Vs Shawn Michaels Inter promotion match.Scrapped due to Eddie's Death RIP 1968-2005.

WrestleMania 23 Shane Mcmahon Vs Hulk Hogan scrapped no reason.

WrestleMania XXIV ?

WrestleMania XXV Triple H Vs Undertaker changed to Michaels best friend.

WrestleMania XXVI CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio Mask Vs Hair scrapped and put into a normal match
WrestleMania XXVII Sheamus Vs Undertaker Championship Unification scrapped for no reason.

WrestleMania XXVIII The Rock Vs John Cena WWE Championship Changed due to title change.

WrestleMania XXIX Stone Cold Vs CM Punk Scrapped due to Steve Austin's Neck.

WrestleMania XXX Stone Cold Vs Triple H Scrapped for no reason.

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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

goes to show you how big wrestler's egos are.
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I believe it was Kevin Nash who killed the Luger rumors. Said the plan was for Bret to win the Title at Mania X for months, after Lugermania failed.

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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

The Lex story isn't true.

I've posted this before, but here it goes.

No, Cornette said that that rumor wasn't true.

Also, just found this. Lex himself dismissed the rumor:
"No. To be honest with you, I knew maybe a few months before WrestleMania because my family had never been to an event. So I asked (The WWF) for tickets to WrestleMania and Vince was upset. He called me into his office, this is months and months before WrestleMania, and he goes, "Lex, you know, you're not going to be winning the belt at WrestleMania." And my ex-wife Peggy had some really good friends o ut of New York. Their family had kids the same age as my kids, so I wanted them there no matter what. So I said, "Vince, I just want them to go to the event with their friends. It doesn't matter. That doesn't have anything to do with me wanting tickets." So he let me know months out that I was not going to be World Champion at WrestleMania because he was worried about me flying my whole family in to celebrate me winning the title and he was courteous enough to tell me that I wasn't winning the belt. So I knew months out."

This flies in the face of one of wrestling's biggest urban legends. The story goes that Lex Luger was set to win the belt at the PPV until he was overheard bragging about it in a New York bar the night before. The story had no merit and Luger tells ClubWWI.com listeners why:

"And I've heard these crazy rumors. Someone saw something on Wikipedia one time - which is not an encyclopedia. You can type in and change whatever you want that I was in a bar, messed up, telling everyone I was going to win so they didn't do it. But I was actually, the night before, not in a bar in New York saying I was going to win the World Title. I was actually staying two hours away from New York for the site of Wrestlemania at my wife's friend's house in Connecticut. So I wasn't anywhere near a bar telling people I was going to win the World Title."

As for Hogan/Mr. Perfect, that doesn't surprise me. Perfect alluded to this in an audio interview that he did around 2000. He said at the time he didn't fully understand what was going on (as far as politics), when the interviewer asked him why he never faced off with Hogan at a big PPV. He also later made a reference to a guy in yellow not being fond of him getting so much praise.


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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

There is a story that goes along with each scenario, both kayfabe and truth.
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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

Shawn Michaels vs The Miz and Drew McIntyre vs The Undertaker were two matches that were also considered for WrestleMania 27 as said by HBK but were scrapped (thank fuck) due to Shawn wanting Taker to be his last opponent.

I'll also co-sign on Benoit facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship at WrestleMania 19 being originally planned if Angle wasn't able to wrestle. They were gonna have Brock win the WWE title from Angle on an episode of Smackdown but since Angle decided to wrestle, plans were changed and they went with an angle where Eric Angle switched places with Kurt with Kurt getting the pinfall on Lesnar (click this if you haven't seen it). I never heard of Cena being the other option though. I think he was always set to face Brock Lesnar at the Backlash PPV since Brock needed another challenger to defend his title against after WrestleMania.

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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

I've heard the Ted DiBiase/Savage/HTM story a few times, and as much as I loved the Million Dollar Man, can you imagine how much worse the reputation of Wrestlemania 4 would be had he won it? Were people not visibly nodding off in the crowd towards the end of that tournament? At least Savage provided a bit of a feel-good ending.

And Savage versus Hart would have been unspeakably good
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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

Rock/Austin/HHH was supposed to happen at WM 17.

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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

lol @ Lesnar vs Cena main eventing WM19. Really wish they had gone through with Lesnar/Benoit and let Angle heal his injury if that was ever planned.
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Re: WrestleMania Main Events Scrapped

Regarding Perfect, he actually got the Intercontinental Title for most of 1990-1 because of his treatment by Hogan, who refused to let Perfect win the Rumble 1990 and then had his buddy Beefcake go over Perfect in high-profile manner at Wrestlemania 6.
Forgot to comment on this. This always irritated me, even as a kid who wasn't hip to the business. It reeked of bullshit when Hogan won that Rumble (and I think that when I saw that, that's when I started questioning wrestling's validity). As you mentioned, Perfect had that great winning streak, and was the hottest thing going. It came down to just him and Hogan at the end, so it does make sense that Perfect was meant to win. Hogan didn't need that win. He already had won everything ever, and had already won the previous Royal Rumble (maybe even the last two...I don't remember). He's a superhero, so ok, fine. Have him eliminated dirty or something. But why did he need to win?!

In my mind, it was probably a tradeoff, since Warrior was gonna win the belt. Hogan probably needed to have something.

The biggest load of bullshit was when Hogan kicked out of the Perfectplex like it was nothing during that. Why shit on the hot, upcomer's, new deadly move, for no reason at all? It wasn't a singles match.

Looking back now, and reading this and thinking of Perfect's comments, it all makes sense now. It seems like there was a lot of deliberate sabotaging going on at that time. Don't let the newbie get TOO hot, or else you'll end up with another threat, a la Warrior.

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