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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

Originally Posted by XxAttitudeEraxX View Post

Cena would of been heckled right out of the business back then.
Don't answer the question if you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Ziggler may as well have been Mr. Ass back than. He wasn't over. Just a tag team guy.

lol @ Cena.

"I hate to be the one to inform you, good Sir, but now nothing you ever say again will be seen as even slightly credible!"
With his Thuganmics gimmick he certainly could. He was far edgier then than his current gimmick. Hell, he was a lot edgier than he is now all the way up to the PG rating first came into effect.
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Lets imagine for a minute that some of the attitude era guys are wrestling today instead of back then, and we'll see what kind of things get said about them:

"Mankind surviving back in the AE? Are you kidding me? I mean the guy is willing to take a bump, I'll give him that much, but somebody like him would be lucky to get a spot on ECW's roster if they were wrestling back in the late nineties. No way would he have made it in the WWF."

"The New Age Outlaws are a decent enough tag team for todays WWE, but where would they have even fit in during the AE? You got one guy who's only special attraction is that he yells into a microphone on his way to the ring, and then you've got his partner whose nickname is.... Mr Ass. Can you imagine the Rock or Stone Cold in a promo with someone who called himself Mr Ass? They would have destroyed every bit of credibility he had in about 30 seconds or less."

"Kane is a decent enough special attraction for today's era, just because of how unique he is compared to everyone else, but considering in the AE we had someone named The Undertaker who basically had the exact same gimmick as he does except with a few tweaks here and there, he would have probably never even made it to television."

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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

Surprised no one has said Fandango. He's already basically the PG version of Val Venis and would've fit in nicely with the over the top gimmicks of the AE mid card.There obviously would've had to be some character tweaks, but nothing too dramatic. I could easily see him hanging in the mid card with gimmicky guys like The Godfather, Jeff Jarrett, New Age Outlaws etc.
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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

If I was a betting man I'd put it all on Cena. John Cena would not be pushed anything similar to what he is today. He also wouldn't get the Dr of Thuganomics gimmick either because that really doesn't happen without Eminem but the reason he is the most likely guy to succeed in the AE is simple. Looks. He's going to get high priority booking. Like with Rock if his first gimmick doesn't go so well they're still going to stick with him.

I can't tell you how he'd get over I can just tell you if Vince had to whore out his daughter for Cena to get over that's what he'd do. HHH got that gimmick instead but I can easily see Cena sliding in there.

I have a hard time believing Punk would get to Al Snow status. Talented cat but in the wrong era to showcase his skills. There's a reason why when roids go unchecked everyone does it. Good luck competing against them. Foley is the exception to the rule but all he had to do was compete in death matches to get over. SES would not get over in the AE. Years of PG crap makes that look good but in the AE that's RTC material.

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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

IMO, two different variations of Punk's character could probably make it in the Attitude era:

1) CM Punk leading up to WM 29 vs Taker (Heel): Carefree heel who loved to just straight up get underneath peoples' skin and would do flat out terrible shit: Like playing with Paul Bearer's urn and laughing about it. Just being a straight-up heat-seeking prick that fans just want to smack the shit out of. Sound familiar? The look he had during this time of a shaved head and wearing a hoodie was pretty awesome, too.

2) SES Punk: Pretty straight forward. Having Punk do the SES in the Attitude era is just asking for some crazy/hilarious shit going down. He also must have the look down, too. The long hair and thick beard. He looked exactly like the character he was playing: a charismatic cult leader. SES Punk would have gotten massive heat in the Attitude era. And unlike the current Vince, Vince probably would have loved it in the Attitude era. The possibilities with this character/stable would be endless.

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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

Sleeper pick would be Alberto Del Rio. Yeah I know he has bad mic skills but all you really needed in the AE was a cool gimmick and a few catch phrases.

I kind of think he'd be a little bit better fit in the AE because they'd use trash tv to hide some of his deficiencies.
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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

Punk would have had no chance. The only reason he is employed to WWE as of this minute is because Heyman saw something in the guy, thus why he came through on ECW and not RAW/SMACKDOWN. All Vince would see back in 98 or whenever, is an indie tattooed midget, the exact opposite of the 'Vince Superstar Formula' and this is during an era of big names, big guys, big egos and monsters such as Kane. Personally I think suggesting Punk would have made it is showing an ignorance of key factors.

John Cena may have had minor success at the bottom of the card if he debuted as 'Thuganomics Cena'. It would have been gimmicky and something different so possibly.

Now what guys would have stood a chance at the top or in the midcard? Well one name springs to mind instantly: Brock Lesnar. The only guy on the current roster, who wasn't in the Attitude Era but would have definitely had a shot at the upper midcard and possibly even flirtation with the title scene at the time. Even without his mouthpiece, well, just look at the guy. Actually impossible to deny someone like that. He certainly didn't need Paul Heyman in his match with Cena, yet the storytelling was still there.

I would argue a lot of the current cruiserweights would be better off in the Attitude Era than they are now simply because there was an actual title to compete for. Possibly the same could be said of some tag teams. The Hart Foundation may have thrived in the Attitude Era with the writing back then and with some great tag teams to compete against and carry them, they would have had more success than this era. Now Natayla and Kidd are jobbing and Hart-Smith is fired. The Shield could probably have coped in the AE with the correct booking and their big personas.

A lot of unorthodox unused current stars may well have been better suited for the Attitude Era also. Wade Barrett would be an interesting one with the Vince Russo booking just because of his look and brawler style. Sheamus is another. An Irish guy with a completely bizarre look would have got a good rub in the AE, and would have worked in the Intercontinental title scene. Heath Slater would have had a solid jobber position in the AE because he is simply made to be humiliated.

Apart from those names, no one else really stands out unless you want to name Vince's love creations like Khali, Swoggle and any Diva who happens to be smoking hot.
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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

I highly doubt Punk would make it in the attitude era

Top 5 in order
1. The Rock
2. Stone Cold
4. Randy Orton
4. New Age Outlaws
5. Undertaker/Eddie Guerrero

Currently marking for
Dolph Ziggler
My boy D-Bryan

Not removing until

Dolph Ziggler is world champion again WWE/World ( )

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE championship (X)

Kane becomes a real monster again circa 1998/99/03 ( )

John Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania ( )

Randy Orton Heel turn (X)

Brock Lesnar becomes World/WWE champion ( )

Black superstar besides The Rock becomes WWE/World champion ( )

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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

It might sound odd, but I'd love to see how long Damien Sandow would have lasted against your typical Attitude Era wrestler.

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Vince gives me a comedy gimmick
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Re: What superstars today do you think would have fit in perfectly in the Attitude Er

CM Punk.

Courtesy of a wwe meme search on google
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