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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

There may be "Thank you Cena" chants. Ok, there will be a few "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks" chants in the beginning, but I'm confident he will bring them around after a few words. He's good at playing off the crowd.
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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

Doubt he'll retire without turning Heel, as if Vince is going to lose his main cash cow, then he's going to try squeeze as much out of Cena as possible.

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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

Originally Posted by WWFECWWCW94 View Post
The 18+ male demographic do not like him where did I mention children in my post?
Because the 18+ are the ONLY ones who watch WWE right?

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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

If he changes his character at least once before he retires and then stays off TV for 5-10 years, he'll get a tremendous ovation and be viewed as one of the GOATs by even smarks on here.

Time has a funny way of doing things like that and whether it's pro wrestlers, Presidents, Musicians, or Hollywood stars, public perception of controversial figures almost always softens and swings in a positive direction cunt the epilogue.

The day President JFK was assassinated, the typical Southern classroom was half in tears and the other half applauding. No joke, when people heard about it, some of them actually clapped. JFK is pretty much universally loved today. And look at President Bush, the media slammed this guy when he was in office but just about six years removed from then and his approval ratings are UP. I could go on and probably even cite examples in Wrestling. But y'all get the point. Just the way of the world.
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Nope. You know all the annoying AE marks? When the PG era kids grow up and take their place Cena will be just as beloved as Stone Cold, Rock, Hogan, etc.

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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

No chance, by the time Cena goes into the Hall of Fame, all the guys who boo him will either have been won over or would have left the wrestling scene and gone on with their lives. Plus by that time Cena would be a proper legend by that point and will be on a Hogan/Austin/Rock/Hart/Michaels level of overness.

Don't forget, Shawn Michaels wasn't liked by the majority of older fans when he was in his younger pomp, it took him retiring and then returning to start being more widely accepted.



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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

I seriously doubt it. When Cena gets inducted into the HOF, kids who grew up watching him as their hero will most likely attend the show and cheer for him like they did for their entire childhood.

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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

Yes he will be booed at his HOF induction regardless if he turns heel or not and rightfully so. It's also going to be hilarious hearing all the marks bitching about the fans booing him just like they did with the "Husky Harris" chants a few weeks ago. IMO Cena will never be a hall of famer and I am sure when he retires WWE is going to make a big deal about it but not one singe fuck will be given be me and many wrestling fans.

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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

I think he'll be boo'd as a joke at first but get the "Thank You Cena" chants and overall applauds, I mean they've applauded guys who were heels all their careers. I was at WM 28 and at the HoF Yokozuna was inducted and he got standing ovations for crissakes lolz. God rest his soul, so I am sure Cena will get his due finally when he retires. Wishing it was sooner rather then later...just saying.
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Re: Will Cena be boo'ed at the HOF?

Hopefully i'm dead when he get's inducted in the HOF.
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