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Re: Obsession over low ratings and buy-rates?

You beat me to it I have been wanting to do a thread about this for a long time now. I don't get the whole fascination with buyrates/ratings myself but one thing I have noticed is it gives the WWE apologists a way to try and defend the current shitty product. Just look at the ppl that justify Cena's top spot in the company even tho he is the most hated babyface in the company's history "HE SELLS THOSE SHIRTS" "HE DRAWS" "CENA BRINGS IN THE RATINGS JUST LOOK AT THE NUMBER FROM HIS SEGMENT THIS PAST RAW".

The bigger issue I have is it seems this generation a lot of fans have become a pack of sheep that just bow down to whatever crap Vince wants to shove down their throats. Of course they are quick to point out TNA"s flaws but when it comes to the precious WWE everyone continues to use the constant garbage excuse of buyrates/ratings to justify it.

To get back to the point tho for me personally I don't give a shit about the business side of professional wrestling. I am not a share holder. All I care about is what entertains me that's it. Of course from time to time it's fun to get into some debates with people about who "DRAWS" the most but other than that I can careless.

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Re: Obsession over low ratings and buy-rates?

Originally Posted by jimboystar24 View Post
To be fair, your username is "CM Danielson", your avatar picture is CM Punk, we know CM Punk's biggest argument against him is ratings, and you're the one that started the thread. I think being bent out of shape is a fair assumption.
I was just asking why so many cared so much about the ratings, because in the Rock skipping WM 30 topic it seemed like every other post was about buy-rates. It was a honest question with no hidden agenda or defending of Punk or anyone else intended. That is it, I was honestly just asking a question based off what I have observed.

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Re: Obsession over low ratings and buy-rates?

Originally Posted by stonefort View Post
Why do you care so much what other people care about? It makes it seem like you can't enjoy the show unless other fans care about the same things you do.

There's no "proper" way to be a fan of something. Each to his own.

My little brother is a big fan of all the superhero movies. He knows all the details and read the comics. And he even knows the box office #s and which franchise is doing the best and the strategies DC and Marvel are using to advertise, etc, etc, etc. He can talk for hours on it if you let him.

Me? I don't really care. I go to the theater when each new superhero summer blockbuster is released I watch it and ... don't think much about it beyond that.

Why does my brother care about all these details that are totally unrelated to whether Superman/Spider-Man/Iron Man/etc are good movies? I don't know. He just does. He enjoys the behind the scenes details that I don't care about.

It doesn't bother me that he enjoys talking about all these behind the scenes business details that I'm not interested in.

Why does it bother you that some people enjoy learning the business details behind WWE?

Each to his own.
Again, It doesn't bother me. I was just curious, so I asked the question so we could have a discussion about it, which is the whole point of all of us being here, too discuss wrestling.

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Re: Obsession over low ratings and buy-rates?

Well contrary to what seems to be the popular opinion. I take great notice of the ratings and examine it. Not to judge whether I personally like the wrestlers, but rather to see who's getting more over.

The reason Cena is the top face in the company, and probably will be until he retires and quickly becomes a member of the Hall of Fame (Like Edge and Shawn) is because he usually is the most popular to all areas OUTSIDE of WWE. Rock and Cena was pushed as the biggest feud because those two wrestlers are the ones most known by audiences outside of the IWC (Which has their own grading scale for wrestling. It's not a bad scale, but it's not an official grading scale. All that the IWC provides is how much they buy shows PPV Streams Via The Internet)

Ratings are basically markers on who's watching their shows live via Television (Not Free-Stream) and who's DVRing their shows. They feature how popular the product is, and how much money their shows will get to have advertisements on their shows and therefore how much more money The McMahons receive to spend on WWE and WWE Related Products. (WWE Films, Buying Huge Venues so even more fans can go attend PPVs and Wrestlemania events, and of course, paying their high class wrestlers)

Ratings also are important in deciding the fates of shows at points. Take WWE's biggest (And Only) Rivals WCW and TNA.

During the Monday Night Wars, WCW and WWE became increasingly popular on getting people to watch the shows. Ratings were at some of their highest during that period. WCW got tons of ratings for taking the WWE's old audience and twisting the story it used to know and love. Then WWE made an entirely new audience with the Attitude Era. Taking the ratings WCW used to have. (Oh and WCW having Vince Russo making their decisions wasn't helping either.)

The Monday Nights Wars put WCW out of business and had WWE buy it up. Then the next Monday Night Wars almost put TNA out of business. Until they moved back to their current Thursday Night Programming (In Which TNA beat WWE Superstars in the Thursday Night Wars that no one really cared about)

The Better the ratings, the easier it is to pay for risky ventures. That's why I care about the ratings.We
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