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"Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I was gonna post this at the end of something I wrote in another thread but it ended up a little long so I'm making a thread on it.

So this is based on something my dad said earlier. We were talking about Wrestlemania and he said "So is that the wrestling all wrapped up for the season then?" I said no, they've been doing Raw pretty much weekly since 1993 etc. And he said "Isn't that loads? Haven't they run out of people to fight each other? To have one guy win and then the other guy?" And I said, well you could say the same about football, they've just been playing each other and playing each other again longer than wrestling's been going on. His response was that wrestling is 'staged', so it's not the same thing at all. This led into an argument on the difference between Wrestling being "predetermined" (my word) or "staged" (his word).

So, I thought I'd throw the various topics he raised out on the forum - Should there be an offseason? Do you think they've run out of permutations of having one guy fight another guy and either beat him or lose to him? And does wrestling's predetermination set it apart from other sports in that respect?

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I'd be in favour of an off season. Have a big build up to RAW's return in the autumn and actually have the whole season's feuds and storylines mapped out in advance.
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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I'd be in favour of it and it would definitely benefit the product, but...it would mean a loss of money for the company and we all know Vince wouldn't like that

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I really do think an off season could be good. A good way to make the superstars rest and stay healthier a longer time. Also with an off season we get something to look forward too and can also hold up the interest rather having the same stuff every week in a year. With an off season the writers have time to work on better stories for the new season. Lets say they start a feew weeks before Summerslam and end at Wrestlemania.

Think about this: Cena beats Taker and we have to wait a few months.
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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I think a staggered off-season (a few guys getting a break of a few months at a time) would do wonders for the company. Guys could fully heal up, spend time with their families, take care of home stuff. Guys who we haven't seen pushed very heavily could get some screen time, and then the cycle could repeat. An off-season is not ever going to happen, but some kind of schedule where everyone could get off the road for more than one day a week would be good.

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

Interesting topic. It seems like it would benefit all involved (Gives performers time to rest up, fans a chance to miss the product instead of complaining about it) - well, it benefits everybody apart from Vince McMahon.

Personally, I would be against it though. I've been used to seeing it every week for so many years now, it would be weird for that to change.

I don't like change.

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I'd sacrifice 3 months of Raw per year. Think about how superior the writing would be, if plans could be mapped out and developed with the wrestlers months in advance. Alternative storylines, branching storylines etc could be worked on and they could suitably prepare for injuries.

Furthermore the off-season would allow wrestlers to heal up and recover, which would only benefit the longevity of their careers.

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

Could re-introduce the brand extension, so any time that one brand is off season, the other would still be going.

So both companies get a 3 months off each year, but at different times. So in total 6 months would be normal, but there would be a 3 month period with only Raw, and a 3 month period with only Smackdown.

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

To be honest, I've never really thought about this before. I'd love there to be an off-season, thinking about it. A three month gap after SummerSlam would be great and WWE could use their beloved app to show promos over that period and build up interest again. Plus wrestlers would get proper recovery time.

Of course, this will never happen because of da MONIEZZZZZ.

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Re: "Haven't they run out of permutations?"

I've thought about this for years. Only good things would come of it. Not to mention it would probably result in less wrestling deaths.
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