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Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

There used to be a columnist on a wrestling news website that posted columns for years. He always claimed that wrestlers from WWF/E, WCW, and ECW would email him on a regular basis about his column. Crash Holly and Bradshaw actually went public and vented their anger at him through the internet.

He said that over time he heard many backstage rumors, but while he was writing he wouldn't reveal his many sources. Then at one point he stopped writing for a while, and revealed some of the rumors.

One of the big ones was the backstage promiscuity of Jackie Moore, who first debuted as Marc Mero's valet. Apparently she was a nymph who constantly wanted to have sex. She was the "fuck buddy" of the boys in the locker room. Several wrestlers slept with her and supposedly broke up some marriages. He said Shane McMahon slept with her, as well as Vince McMahon. When she won the cruiserweight title, it was something special from Vince for her sleeping with him. Kurt Angle supposedly had sex with her many times, which lead to his marriage problems around 2005-2006. While she was in WCW, Kevin Sulivan slept with her to make Nancy jealous after she left him for Benoit. I think he mentioned Bradshaw, but I'm not sure on that. There were others, but I think these were the only names mentioned.

When Jackie left WWE, she signed papers and was paid a lot of money not to publicly talk about any of this.

But to be fair, you can't always believe what you read on the internet. Has anyone heard anything regarding these rumors?
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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

I haven't heard anything, but she was good in the ring and did her job well, so I don't see why who she slept with matters. Most wrestling journalists are very much like tabloid journalists and just make stuff up when they can't find a scandal. This just sounds like a lonely, misogynystic guy who couldn't handle the fact that a woman can be a good wrestler and so decides that she must have been a "slut" because obviously, there's no way she could have been a good wrestler all on her own merit, and of course, even if she did sleep with these men, she clearly lured them into bed because she's a nympho.

I wouldn't put too much faith in what he says.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

I've heard that Jackie was promiscuous, but not to the extent that's written in the OP. In the OP she's made out to be a total slut with no regard whatsoever. Breaking up marriages, sleeping with the McMahons, just doesn't seem right.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

This topic is tons less interesting than discussion of Jackie as a wrestler - she was top tier among the WWE women.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

A promiscuous wrestler? Nah, can't be. OP clearly has it all wrong.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

I heard she fucked Jeff Jarrett
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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

I've heard some of these rumours too, though I'd always heard the Angle drama at the time was to do with Dawn Marie.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

The P.M.S team seemed to have played off real life. Hmph.

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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

Angle i believe. Shane McMahon...no way.


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Re: Jackie Moore's Promiscuity

Creepy thread
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