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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

I think that the Savage/Stephanie rumor is one of those rumors that gets believed, simply because it's been repeated so much.

The reason I'm not sure I believe it, is because as far as everything I've heard, Randy was one of the few good guys in the industry, who was completely faithful to his wife. Bret has said that as far as he knew, Randy was completely true to Elizabeth, and Warrior alluded to the fact that Randy was a standup husband in this regard.

Now he and Liz separated in the summer of 1992, so that still gives him a time period where he was single while Stephanie was 15 (for a few months). But that's irrelevant, because what I'm saying has nothing to do with me saying that he wouldn't have cheated on Liz with Steph.

I'm mentioning all that stuff about him being a stand up husband, because that suggests something about his character. Usually a guy who is that faithful to his wife, even when he's in a position of being able to have his pick of women...that type of guy is not usually the type of guy who's then gonna go banging 15 year olds when he's 40. You know? Not to mention the unbelievable risk involved, knowing that her dad was his employer.

Of course I'd never put anything past anyone, and I'm as cynical as they come. So though it wouldn't surprise me because of my cynical nature, I still at this point think that it's probably untrue. It's a steamy rumor, so that's probably why it gets spread. I'd love to know the original source. The fact that it's so random does make it more believable to me, but could it have been just a kid having fun at the computer? I wonder how long that rumor has existed.
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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

Eddie Guerrero died when Big Show Chokeslammed him off of a cliff.
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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

I'm not sure why this came to mind, but John Cena having sex with Mickie James......I honestly didn't see that one coming for some reason. I'm not sure if that rumor is true but I was really disappointed in both of them since John was married. I laughed my ass off that the WWE included Johns divorce in the feud with The Rock in the promo...saying it was the loss that caused that, when really from what I read, John was fucking two people.....Mickie and himself
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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

Macho Man fucking Stephanie

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

The John Cena - Kendra Lust (pornstar) rumour was about for a while as well, allegedly Cena's ex wife believes it.

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

The Savage/Stephanie rumour always made me laugh

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

Macho Man screwing Steph.

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

This thread is making me realize how fucked up some wrestlers are.

EDIT: So many rumors of Pedophilia, sexual assault and drug abuse..

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

Originally Posted by Jus10 View Post
ENJOY, my rasslin friends. I've had this bookmarked for quite a while. Always good for a read

damn you got in first, had the link ready

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Re: Craziest rumor you have ever heard.

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