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Originally Posted by ollieg_94 View Post
Clearly what WWE needs in 2013 is pole matches ending in no contests.
It would never work.

If the WWE were to do that then there wouldn't be anytime left for the Hornswoggle/Khali/Brodus Clay/Tensai/Funkadactyls/Fandango dancing segments.

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If he came back it would be an unpredictable crazy mess of a show. I suppose it could be interesting maybe even exciting but bizarre. I don't think I know because nobody knows just how much he played a part in some of the angles.

Russo's bad was worse than what the WWE is today but Russo's good was better than the WWE is today.

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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

Not Russo, but today’s wrestling needs a young fresh face with new innovative ideas like what Vince Mcmahon did in WWE, Eric Bischoff did in WCW, and what Paul Heyman did in ECW.
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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

It's a shame he left TNA.

There was a quote from somewhere he said something to the effect of, "I'm not going to use my talents in a reduced role." He was very polite about it, but he said something to that end.

The reason I felt bad about that is because I think if he stuck around he would be where he is supposed to be. He would be a pitcher. Not a decision maker, not an executive producer type, but a guy who could think of stuff, and have someone else siff through everything for the gems.

I don't think Russo is supposed to be the head booker.

Maybe none of this would have mattered. Prichard isn't impressing me as a booker. But still, I would like to see Russo back if he wasn't in charge.

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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

Considering that WWE couldn't do any worse, I'd give it a shot. Vince Russo is not the devil the IWC makes him out to be. I like the crash-tv style WWF had especially in 99. His work in WCW and TNA can be questioned however. As long as we stay away from the insert object on a pole match, I'll be good.

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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

At this point I'd have more faith in a team of chimps over the current creative staff,

As far as Russo goes hell why not because the product can't literally get any worse then it already is
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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

I would totally mark if Russo came back just for the fuckery of today's product

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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

He's a cockjuggling dribblechin.

I'd describe his booking as that of a autistic child and he is nowhere near as talented as some idiots on here make out.
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Re: Would anybody want Vince Russo back as booker?

WrestlingObserver: "It has been confirmed Vince Russo has been rehired by the WWE and will replace Eric Pankowski"

DualShock and WashingtonD reactions:

In all seriousness, it would mean little. Russo might say "why don't we have Zack Ryder turn heel, repackage Michael McGillicutty as Joe Hennig, make The Miz into a super arrogant 'movie star', book Tyson Kidd as The Red Rain, and expand the stuff with Kane, Bryan and Shelby. Give The Shield their own gimmick match" Vince McMahon would just give an evil glance and suggest a comedy segment involving Tons of Funk and some minor celebrity.

They could hire David Chase and Joss Whedon but nothing would change. Not while Mrs Levesque is in control of creative. She will not leave that role this side of 2030.
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...wait...but russo is white? How is he gonna be booker, when bookerT is black? He must be a good actor

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