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Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Which songs excluding wrestlers' themes and current songs remind you of wrestling the most?

For me its Limp Bizkit - My Way. It was the theme of Rock Austin at Wrestlemania 17 and I liked the band at the time. IMO it fitted really well, A LOT better than having a two-year old Diddy song for the sake of it.

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?


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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen (Wm 23)
Rev Theory - Hell Yeah (Can't remember which PPV)
Finger Eleven - Living in a Dream - (RR 2011)
Liquido - Narcotic (First heard it in a RR highlight video)
Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop (Was on an Austin stunner compilation)

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Real American.

I accept Hayley Williams rep.

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Elton Johns Saturday nights alright for fighting.

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

3 Doors Down - When i'm gone. I say that because I watched a WWE attitude era tribute video with that song in it, and it reminds me of those days. Stone Cold, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Big Show etc.

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Puddle of Mudd - Blurry

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

My Way by Limp Bizkit most reminds me of wrestling. It was the perfect theme song for WM17. No other song makes me think of wrestling. My favorite Wrestlemania ever. And 2001 was a great year for wresatling for me! Other songs that remind me of wrestling are My Sacrifice by Creed and Clocks by Coldplay. Mostly because of those damn WWE videos. Clocks was used for a Kurt Angle and a HHH promo video when they returned from surgery.

Growing up in the Philadelphia area in the late 90s, I remember watching ECW on local tv stations and they used such great songs for their promos. The intro to Closer by Nine Inch Nails edited together with Thunderkiss 65 by White Zombie was the original theme music for ECW's television broadcast. Those two songs always remind me of wrestling. ECW also used I Don't Know Anything by Mad Season and Miserlou by Dick Dale in their promos. I also remember ECW using a song from Phantom of the Opera for their Sabu vs Terry Funk Born to be Wired VHS promo and they always used November Rain by Guns N Roses for their November 2 Remember promos.

I also did lots of backyard wrestling years ago and me and my friends all had various entrance music. Some songs we copied from other wrestlers like Walk by Pantera and Man in the Box by Alice in Chains. But some songs were original like Vampires by Godsmack, Birth Ritual by Soundgarden, and Living Dead Girl "Subliminal Seduction Mix" by Rob Zombie. I also made highlight music videos for every backyard wrestling event we had. So those songs remind me of wreslting. Duality by Slipknot, How Can I Live by Il Nino and Vapor Trail by Crystal Method.

Oh and Bodies by Drowning Pool ALWAYS makes me think of wrestling. Great Summerslam 2001 theme song!!!

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Fozzy - Enemy

Saw a HBK vs HHH tribute video on youtube with that song, first time I ever heard Fozzy, and it always makes me think of HBK/HHH

And, you know, Chris Jericho sings it.

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Re: Songs That Remind You of Wrestling?

Any song used in the WWE PPVs or the WWE video games.

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