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Re: Story lines you have come up with

Believe it or not, NEXUS. Not the exact members but in 2008 when I first learned about FCW, I always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of FCW guy invade a WWE show one night. And of course, it would finish with a Team WWE vs Team FCW.

I conceptualized their debut differently though. I came up with the guys (again, believe it or not Slater was one of them. Was a huge Slater mark back in '08, still am) just barging through the crowd kicking some plants out their seats. So, you're like "who the hell are these guys?" And then Cole explains who they are. But yeah that's as far as it went in mind. I just had the idea of FCW guys invading and kicking ass.

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Re: Story lines you have come up with

I feel this is something that could've went on 2011/2012 (It can still go on today considering all the people I will name are still with the roster) and ended with the rise of the Shield to give the rookies the win. The whole feud would've started with the young ones enjoying success with CM Punk as WWE Champion with only HHH to come back, and spoil the party saying that it's time WWE goes back to the old days of true wrestlers and not primadonnas. The old era. The era of Attitude & Ruthless Aggression. People always complain WWE can't build new stars but they wouldn't be able to do that until the old guys beat the new guys which we haven't seen much of.

The Veterans (43 World Championships Between All of Them):

HHH: This man is a 13 time world champion and the heir of the WWE. He presents the pinnacle of success in the business. Would book him as the Leader who feels that the young guys just aren't good, hence the drop in ratings since he was headlining the company. Believes CM Punk mocks the Attitude Era in which he ushered in and is just a scrawny little tatooed kid who needs to recognize his place and where he stands, and should just shut up.

John Cena: The man is the face of the company and the biggest star that has lashed out of the fans, and feels its only because of him that the company is still alive. And that the young guys lack the passion he has. He would be the moral conscience of the group. The Sting to HHH's Angle, eventually causing tension between two.

Chris Jericho: The Mental Mastermind who is just so narcisstic and selfish, that he cares nothing less about the battle between the factions and only gold. Is only siding with the Mafia, because his intellect tells him that a group of legends could never lose to a bunch of green rookies.

Randy Orton: The psychopath and paranoid guy of the group, that feels karma may one day come after him for "killing" all those Legends, and joins the group, cowardly to protect his own hide from a young guy who might take his place.

Mark Henry: The hitman of the group, that feels even at 40 he can still beat out anyone on the roster. After enjoying his new found success as World Heavyweight Champion, he feels the young guys should allow someone like him who's gave their years to the company, to let him enjoy the fruit of his labor. That only when they get 20 years in the business can they then get their World Title shot.

Brock Lesnar: The man who's only in it for money. He doesn't like HHH, and he doesn't like Cena, but he knows if he's on the Mafia's side, he's sure to get alot of paychecks and power.


The Rookies:

CM Punk: The man who has an utter dislike for HHH believing he's a kiss-ass who sucked his way up to the top of the business. The current Voice of the Voiceless who believe it is talent and young guys that should be at the top of the business and not just veterans who for the most part only got to the top because they had muscles.

The Miz: A man who has a grudge against Cena, because while he was busting his ass on ECW, Cena was hogging the main-event. That Cena along with JBL was another one of those guys who just saw him as the kid from Tough Enough. But he's now a man who's ready to be a star, ready to be one of the legends.

Dolph Ziggler: A cocky young guy who like Jericho cares little about the true ethos of this debacle, and only cares about Championships. He believes the old guys are washed up and weak, and that its best to side with the winning side, for they will take over the company. Feels that if he wants to be the best, must beat the best. (May insert Flair as a manager to again show Ziggler's lack of caring for the feud).

Wade Barrett: The man who feels that the Frontline is the second coming of Nexus. Believes that he can once again call upon the winds of change to breeze over the WWE, and feels that its time for an Englishman to get the spotlight.

Sheamus: The man who loves to fight and feels that he didn't come all the way from Ireland to simply come here and be a lower-carder on the roster. Feels that Mark Henry is the guy that can bring out the best fight in him, and that by defeating him, he can prove himself as a brawler.

Daniel Bryan: The man who resents Lesnar. He feels Lesnar is a guy who came out of college with jacked up muscles, saw millions of dollars, won the WWE Championship through kissing ass, then left when things got tough. He believes that he is a purist, someone who truly loves professional wrestling as proven by his 10 years on the independent circuit and refuses to lose his spot and losing his dream of being a WWE Superstar to a man who is a slave to the highest bidder.

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Re: Story lines you have come up with

Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
Jeff Hardy and Chavo death angle that successfully goes through, and the two are never seen on TV again

(note that I don't actually wish any legitimate harm on Jeff)
I lol'd
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Re: Story lines you have come up with

I wanted Punk to lose the title to Jericho last year at WM, have Jericho feud with Rock over the title ending in Rock winning it from Jericho. Then a Rock vs. Brock feud at Summerslam last year 10 years on from their match at Summerslam '02.

Fav. 5

Dean Ambrose
Chris Jericho
Dolph Ziggler
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan

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Re: Story lines you have come up with

Ric Flair turns against The Miz during a promo or something, by hitting one of his famous low blows from behind.

Flair joins forces with Dolph Ziggler, who is now the World Champion at this point. Gradually, they start aligning themselves with other heels to form a "super group". Antonio Cesaro is the first guy they recruit, and he would be the muscle of the group. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett later agrees to join them. Later on, Dolph Ziggler has a main event match against John Cena on RAW. There is a stipulation that if Cesaro, Flair, or Barrett get involved, Ziggler will lose his title. Team Rhodes Scholars surprisingly run out to help Dolph win the match, and join the group.

It is now Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, and Cody Rhodes. They're led by Ric Flair as their manager.

At some point, Flair finds a way to take over as the new General Manager of RAW. This gives the group a huge advantage, and they slowly pose a threat to the entire locker room. Rhodes Scholars quickly win the tag team titles from Team Hell No, and they possess majority of the titles in the company. They win big matches and this leads to a much anticipated 5 on 5 match at a Survivor Series PPV where the outcome determines something crucial.

That's all I really have for now.

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Re: Story lines you have come up with

At Mania Cena, Brock, and Punk all win there matches thanks to interference from the Shield (they win to). This of course set's up a super heel stable of Punk, Brock, Cena, Heyman, and The Shield. Then at extreame rules there is a massive 12 person tag match at extreme rules between the heel stable and a team of Taker, Kane, HHH, Rock, Orton, and Sheamus. Orton turns heel in the match, causing the faces to lose. The storyline would play out until the Royal Rumble where Stone Cold would return to help the faces and eventually face punk at mania.
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Re: Story lines you have come up with

1)Cena turns heel at WM29 & "People power:P " becomes his manager!!They will disrepect fans like hell,destroys every superstar who were his friends !! Then Punk returns as face & Punk vs Cena at Summerslam..
2)Ziggler turns face, aj becomes gf of Big E !!
3)Big Show & Kane r tag team champions !!
4)Orton turns heel & joins with the Shield !!
Had plenty of others thoughts..these r enough for the time being !!


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Re: Story lines you have come up with

A generic midcard face wins the Money in the Bank for the WWE title. He cashes it in cleanly with advance notice for the champion (also a face), nice and fair. They fight a hard battle, but unfortunately the challenger loses and fails to capture the title. This comes as a huge blow for our guy, he starts brooding and becoming increasingly narcissistic over time, constantly going over the match again and again, believing that he was the better man and should have won. Eventually he will go off the deep end and actually believe he won the match, he's living in his own head so much that he's rewritten that dark chapter in his memories.

He starts coming out with a replica WWE title, and taking offence to the announcers and such when he is not referred to as the reigning champion, he is after all the "champion" and deserves to be shown some respect in this regard. He will mostly be in face vs face bouts, all his face buddies are becoming very concerned for him, he of course takes offence to this, culminating in him wrestling a match against one of them at the next PPV with him voluntarily putting his "WWE Championship" on the line to prove a point. He wins and gloats to the extreme, still a face, but not exactly restraining his demonstration of poor sportsmanship.

He carries that momentum with him into the next night where he decides he needs an in ring celebration. He arrives at the ring in all his splendour, explaining to the crowd what an achievement his reign has been in his life and how important it is. However, he decides that before continuing with the celebration, that something needs to be sorted out. He's been aware of something rather unsettling that has been going on for a while now. The man he cashed his briefcase in on still thinks he's the champion. He goes on to call the real champion delusional, but shows to take pity on the guy for being unwilling to accept his defeat with grace.

The real champion comes out and proceeds to state the truth, that the fake champion is the one who is delusional and needs to accept what has happened. This infuriates the fake champion and he rebuffs the claim. Over the weeks the real champion goes on a mission to convince him of the truth, but the fake champion becomes more and more unstable when trying to be reasoned with. Finally in a segment where he is forced to watch a clip of his crushing defeat, he snaps and goes apeshit on the real champion, he refuses to accept it. With this he is finally established as a heel, before that moment it would be kind of a sympathetic feel, the poor guy worked so hard and got nothing to show for it in the end. Now he's a batshit crazy heel who absolutely cannot be reasoned with. Everybody is scared shitless of the guy.

He goes on to challenge for the WWE title at the upcoming PPV and wins, thus establishing a new legitimate mega heel.
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Re: Story lines you have come up with

WrestleMania 29:
Cm Punk beats Undertaker 20-1!
The Rock beats Cena resulting in a Cena turn! The next night on RAW The Rock talks about his victory only to be beaten down by Brock Lesnar, who breaks jis arm!
Lesnar beats HHH by the way!

The rest of the year: Punk becomes WWE Champion, Lesnar becomes WHC Champion (to give it more prestige)!

Royal Rumble 2014:
Lesnar retains his title against anyone!
Punk retains WWE Title against maybe Daniel Bryan!
Heel Cena wins Royal Rumble and decides to face the WWE Champion at WM to finally become a 11 time WWE Champion!

Elimination Chamber 2014:
Brock is left in the Chamber with Daniel Bryan! The Rock returns and costs Brock the match!
CM Punk loses his WWE Championship to the returning Undertaker, who gets a final run as WWE Champion!

Road to Wrestlemania XXX:
CM Punk wants to make the WWE Title match a Triple Threat but he fails to win an epic match against Cena on RAW after EC!
Going into WM Cena says that there is no appeal for him to face Undertaker because the streak was broken last year therefore Cena wants 'Taker's career to be on the line! Taker accepts but with the stipulation that if Cena loses he will be banned from the WWE title scene until after WM 31!
Brock Lesnar blames Rock for his loss and says he wants to end Rock's career the same way he did with HHH! Rock accepts leading to HHH, who will take over WWE after WM, coming out and telling everyone that he will be the special guest referee in the No Holds Barred match between Rock and Brock!
CM Punk demands Vince McMahon to give him another shot to go to WrestleMania! Vince says that Punk will have a No.1 Contender Match at 'Mania to determine the WWE Champion's opponent at Extreme Rules! Punk wants to know his opponent and Vince announces Jeff Hardy who returns after he lost a career threatning match at TNA Bound for Glory 2013! Hardy and Punk take on there feud and Hardy makes it a Steel Cage match because he wants to beat Punk in the match he lost his career!
Daniel Bryan goes on to WrestleMania XXX as World Heavyweight Champion! He says he could beat everyone in the whole roster at 'Mania! Booker T tells him that he would have to do exactly that because he will have to defend his title in a Championship Scramble match against Heel Orton, Kane, Sheamus and Ziggler!

WrestleMania XXX:
Heel Orton wins the Scramble to finally become the Champion! This leads to a Orton-Bryan feud!
HHH costs Rock the match and his career to finally become the corporate heel and the owner of WWE!
Jeff Hardy beats CM Punk to become the No.1 Contender for the WWE title!
Undertaker, who was inducted to the Hall of Fame the night before, beats Cena to retain the WWE title, extending his broken streak to 21-1 and leading to Cena being banned from the WWE title scene!

Rock says goodbye to the WWE Univers at the beginning of RAW after 'Mania!
The same night Undertaker talks about his victory and tells the world that it is time for him to end his career! He states that he should stop when it is the best! He retires an WWE Champion!
Leading to Extreme Rules CM Punk becomes the 2nd No.1 Contender for the WWE Title leading to a TLC match betwenn Hardy and Punk!

Current Favourites:

1. Jeff Hardy
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Seth Rollins
4. Dean Ambrose
5. Roman Reigns
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Re: Story lines you have come up with

HHH beats Lesnar. In frustration Lesnar helps Cena beat Rock and sets up a feud at Extreme Rules (if thats the next PPV I only casually watch). Lesnar wins to build him

Then Rock and Lesnar have a rematch at Wrestlemania 30.

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