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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Money isn't there until Rock leaves. It's as simple as that. He's picked his opponent, built the feud, but until Rock's gone he's 2nd class and he won't accept that nor should he.
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Why should Austin return. So all of you can shit on him after he returns, just like what happened with The Rock?

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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Austin not being around has been good for him IMO. He was coming back so much that it was wearing off QUICK, real talk. Rewatch his Tough Enough in ring segment where he starts beating up whoever interrupted him ( i think it was the miz? i forget right now) There was barely any reaction at all. IF Austin returns to face Punk for Mania 30 what better way than for him to be off TV and then one day in feb/march 2014 you Austin marks hear the glass break. I think i'd even mark out.

It worked for the Rock, everyone on these boards went goo goo ga ga over his Feb 14th promo and he received (easily one of) the Biggest pop(s) of the PG era. Austin would get that reaction as well.
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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Austin has made many appearances over the years for WWE, I don't mind him taking a year or 2 year break from not being there. We saw him many times after he was done being an everyday superstar with WWE from 2004-2011. Hell he's been special guest referee for several WrestleMania's, has been the GM for RAW (2011, etc)

I do agree though that it's been an ultimate shock that he hasn't been at any of the 3 most Historic RAW's over the last couple of months. RAW1000, Old school and RAW20th.
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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Originally Posted by JamesCurtis24 View Post
I mean I get it. Austin isn't a WWE superstar anymore.

Honey boo boo, I believe you answered your own question there.

And, for the same reason people don't like walking under birds: he doesn't want to get crapped on. As I (and others) have stated repeatedly: trust, he would get the The Rock treatment. You could bank on it, even in this economy.
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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

He's neglecting the WWE because he doesn't need them as much as they need him at the moment. When he needs something he'll be there.
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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
For a start, Austin didnt leave completely. He came back once in a while. At least once a year

2nd, he didnt exactly leave by choice. His last major match happened right after a heart attack and soon after, his body had enough, one more match and he could have been crippled. Look at all the surgery he's had done

Rock left from 2004 to 2011 by choice, and in that time cut two promos on WWE TV and one HOF promo. Neither in person

So yeah, not the same situation

That being said, who cares. None of them owe us anything. If they wanna leave, their choice
The Rock didn't even leave by choice. The WWE chose to let his contract run out without notifying him.

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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

You do realise his life does go on right? Just because his wrestling career is over doesnt mean he sits at home doing nothing all the time and it doesnt mean he's always available to make a bunch of throwaway cameos. Raw 1000 yeah he had knee surgery and thats the only one that kind of matters. Btw what is this neglect that you speak of? Remember how much time he put into tough enough? Remember how many appearances he made for the billions of randomly themed shows in 2011? As well as WM27? Just because he's not around all the time doesnt mean he's neglecting WWE he's giving the new talent time to shine as well as helping them whenever and wherever he can.

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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

Let Steve Austin do whatever he wants...I mean if two bad knees, spinal stenosis, a broken neck and nearly having a heart attack won't keep you from living your dreams nothing will and he's accomplished it all. He gave enough, let him be.

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Re: Why is Austin neglecting WWE so much?

He doesnt have 4 ex-wives like Ric Flair so he doesnt need the money. He also doesnt have multiple movies to promote like the Rock. That's my guess.
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