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Well, It Happened Again

Ever since the Brand Split began in 2002, the Tag Team Division got almost completely ruined and it never quite recovered. When the Hardys got moved away from the tag titles, and The Dudleys & APA got split up, it really left little to no competition within the division.

Since then, the Tag Division has been close to being a nonentity, minus some bright spots here and there (The Smackdown Six, Team Angle, MNM, etc). For whatever reason, they just haven't dedicated themselves to building a strong division and have made countless mistakes with it. For example, whose bright idea was it to have two sets of Tag Titles? Look at Wrestlemania XX. Instead of having one tag division with eight or nine teams, you have two tag divisions of four or five. They basically cut their depth in half.

Once Team Hell No got the tag titles though, it felt like they were actually trying to build up a tag team division around them and actually provide competition, rankings, & depth. I don't think I'd say any of the teams are my all time favorites, but it was a nice foundation to start with. At the start they had Primetime Players, Primo & Epico, The Usos, Mysterio & Sin Cara, Team Rhodes Scholars, and maybe one or two others. It was the most teams they've had in a tag division in ages and they were actually doing stuff to show depth and create the illusion of teams moving up the ranks to get title shots. I thought "Wow, they are actually trying! Real honest to God effort!". And then once The Shield came in, I thought "OK, that can be the crown jewel of the division down the road."

Well, sadly, we're right back to nothing. Team Hell No are still the champs, but Primo & Epico are jobbers. The Usos are never featured, Primetime Players are jobbers, Rhodes Scholars are done, and Ray & Cara got plagued with injuries.

So now all we have is Team Hell No & Tensai/Brodus as the class of the division. That just makes me sad. Maybe The Shield will get introduced into the division, but I'd prefer it if they had a stronger division built around them to do that.

So yeah, WWE duped us again. They made us think they were going all out with a tag team division again and it once again fizzled out and amounted to very little.


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Re: Well, It Happened Again

And you still watch why?
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Re: Well, It Happened Again

OP, you sound like you would rather have your nails removed with a rusty knife than watch WWE. Just sayin'...

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