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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013

It wouldn't be a WWE year without a lot of drastic changes in wrestlers personalities. So, who do you think will be getting switched to the light or dark side this year? This isn't who you want to see turn, otherwise there'd just be a bunch of "John Cena cuz he's so stale" comments. It's who you expect and why. Here's mine:


The big face turn of the year goes to CM Punk who also got the big heel turn last year. I'm expecting this will be done to keep Punk in the higher card with more people work with, one being my prediction for this years big heel turn. As well as that, there might be a big Lesnar/Punk feud for Heyman's affections at some point, and I can't see Lesnar being swung as the good guy against Punk.

Other face turns I'm going to throw out include Mark Henry who's been pretty popular with crowds despite his monsterous heel character. I think they'll make the switch this year and it might be successful. Also, Big E Langston has been doing impressive babyface work over on NXT, and they might replicate it during his time on the main roster, I'm thinking it's countdown until Langston abandons Ziggler. Another NXT faithful Seth Rollins may turn if The Shield collapses, as I can see a big good guy future in him. Cody Rhodes could also have a run on the good side.


The big heel turn of the year goes to Randy Orton who, despite popularity, just doesn't seem at home on the good side. John Cena seems naturally comfortable with being good just like Orton does with being bad. I'm expecting a revitalised run for Orton as a heel.

I reckon we'll see yet another heel turn from Kane possibly feuding with his former tag mate Daniel Bryan. Things haven't been working out especially well for The Miz so we could see him returning to his former ways. For the purposes of Langston's face turn, we could see Ryback making the leap to the dark side.
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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013

Hornswaggles gonna turn into an angry dwarf and....kidding
I hope they turn Orton,Cena,Shameus this yr.
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Playing Backstage Politics
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Randy Orton


Dolph ziggler
Daniel Bryan
Cm punk (unfortunately)

Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
Kane (98-04)
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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013

Heel Turns:

Orton: I think this is pretty much a no brainer and liable to happen at WM or very soon after.

Layla: This one has already been teased and I'm expecting it to happen. The Divas division is a joke atm but Layla is better as a heel so every little bit helps.

Ryback: I don't think he will go heel as quickly as some think but I do expect it to happen before the end of the year. He's not got over as a face to the level WWE wanted and his losses have hurt his face run a lot.

Face Turns:

Cody Rhodes: I'm expecting this whole angle with Kaitlyn to lead to him going face and am hoping a moustache loss is also part of the turn. Possibly a feud with Sandow to follow the turn.

Dolph Ziggler: His ring style has the ability to get face reactions, could see him doing the whole 'face in peril' thing well. I also think his heel run has gone about as far as it can. Ditch AJ and Big E and embrace the fans Ziggles!

CM Punk: This is a hard one for me to type as I love Punk as heel, but I do feel he's going to turn this year. As others have mentioned maybe a feud with Lesnar with Heyman in the middle. As long as his face is a badass tweener, tough in the ring and on the mic, and not some watered down, smiling, clown face I'm ok with him turning.

Finally no heel/face turn debate can be complete without those two icons: Big Show and Kane. So I will simply add that both of them will turn this least 5 times each

RIP: Warrior


Stone Cold Steve Austin
Bret Hart
Daniel Bryan
Chris Jericho
Curt Hennig
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
Trish Stratus
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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013

Heel turns
Randy Orton

Face turns
Dolph Ziggler
Cody Rhodes
Brock Lesnar

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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013

i see the ryback heel coming punk idk about but starting to hear more of it so most likely orton is turning no doubt not to sure about mark henry seth rollins dont really see the sheild breaking up this quickly and cody idk


not removing until:
kelly kelly returns,john cena is world champion again,punk turns babyface,lesnar becomes a full time wrestler,rock goes back to hollywood.
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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013


Randy Orton: To return to the world title picture
Ryback: You can see it coming at some point.


Dolph Ziggler: He'll turn face at some point, his ring style would get him cheered. He just needs a reason to.
Daniel Bryan: To go with his split from Kane.

Marking for: John Morrison, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger.
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Re: Your predicted face & heel turns in 2013


Cody Rhodes - This Kaitlyn thing is going somewhere. He's exhausted his avenues as a midcard heel, so if they aren't going to push him to the main event then face turn it is.

Dolph Ziggler - He sucks as a heel. He's not good at it. THe crowd wants to like him, which is why WWE sticks him with rubbish like Big E and AJ. He's done every thing as a heel except have a World title run and he's feuded with nearly every face there is to feud with. He needs a face turn ASAP.

Daniel Bryan - I think when Hell No ends the two of them will feud and then part ways as face characters. No point in turning Bryan heel, push him to the main event or at least a midcard title and the crowds will love him.

Heel Turn

Randy Orton - It's going to happen. No doubt about it. Just a matter of time now.

Layla - Been hinted at.

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