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Re: Best HEEL ever?

I'd say Vince McMahon or Triple H.

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Re: Best HEEL ever?

Muhammad Hassan shouldn't even be listed. He's overrated. Not saying the man didn't have talent but anyone that looked like him and had his same ring attire could've been put in his position and have gotten the same amount of heat, considering the time period he was operating in him.

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Re: Best HEEL ever?

Ric Flair at least deserves a mention in this thread
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Re: Best HEEL ever?

I find it kind of shocking that this many people are looking back to the marky childhoods and suggesting that HHH deserves to be on a pedestal anywhere near Ric Flair, The Iron Sheik, Jake the Snake Roberts or Hot Rod Roddy Piper. Trips leeched of the heat of the Mr McMahon character, and how insanely over his opponents where. Being on the creative team also didn't hurt.

For me the greatest of all time has to be Roddy Piper. That guy was constantly receiving death-threats, he was hated on a level we've never seen since, and not from anything like cheap heat, but just his own god-damn charisma.

While we are weighing in on our own favourite heels who we have personally enjoyed (a different question to the best of all time), the best heel character I've ever seen would be Eddie's 2005 run, during his feud with Rey Mysterio. I've never seen anything like that intensity, or that level of wickedness. Hypnotically good character.

I mark for (right now):

William Regal
Shinsuke Nakamura
Dean Ambrose
Sami Zayn
Enzo Amore & Big Cass
Zack Sabre Junior

Infinite marking and endless love for:

Eddie Guerrero
Larry Sweeney
Macho Man Randy Savage
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Re: Best HEEL ever?

What some people don't understand is you can't compare a heel of 1970's to a heel in 2000 or 2012.So much has changed.

Vince McMahon as a character is the greatest heel.He was THE BOSS which means he could be hated legit.He went up against Stone Cold at his peak.

The greatest heel wrestler has to be HHH,IMO.
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Re: Best HEEL ever?

In RAW History:

Mr. McMahon
Triple H
The Rock

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Re: Best HEEL ever?

No mention of the "Outsiders"?? The original 3 NWO members were awesome.

edith wait. WWE only. Carry on <_<
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Re: Best HEEL ever?

double post.
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Re: Best HEEL ever?

If you're talking about WWE only, there is only three:

1. Vince McMahon (1998 - early 2001)
2. Triple H (late 1999 - mid 2001)
3. Eddie Guerrero (2005)

Vince is the best HEEL WWE ever created because the Mr. McMahon character was what every average person. A greedy, shameless, selfish, arrogant, demeaning, explicit, lying, cheating, conniving boss of a dark soul that everyone wishes to never become.

Triple H did some despicable and violent actions in his original heel run still cannot be topped by anyone to this day. His heel persona just made you generally hate him (for different reasons for everybody).

Had Eddie not have died, he could have been the greatest HEEL all around SINCE Triple H. The feud with Rey Mysterio was VERY dark and demented. As bad as the Dominic storyline was, the one shining light of it was Eddie's psychotic and unpredictable nature he carried around with himself. Go watch the promos of him that built to their Judgment Day match that year. Ho. Ly. Shit.

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Re: Best HEEL ever?

Vince as the boss. HHH as a wrestler...I hate his gut both in and out of kayfabe. His Evolution run made me despise him...His booking was very strong too, which made it worse.

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