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Wrestlemania Plans


Hi guys, bored at work today so when the manager left wrote up some plans for Wrestlemania that I think would be cool....

These are what the main matches look like they are going to be for Mania this year… and these are my predictions as to how they can make them as good/interesting as possible (without being TOO unrealistic).

Alberto Del Rio v Mark Henry for the World Title.
Dolph Ziggler v Chris Jericho
Triple H v Brock Lesnar
CM Punk v Undertaker
Rock v Cena for the WWE Title…

First match of the night has always been for the World Title as of late… So here goes…

Alberto Del Rio v Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Title.

Build up leading to Mania…

Henry wins the Elimination Chamber number one contender match. Bit of the usual heel/face drama on RAW/Smackdown shows leading up to Mania, can't imagine much more from these two. Henry tells the world how much it will mean to him to win the title at Mania after the long road to recovery since he got injured….

The match itself… Now this could be an interesting one… Del Rio locks the armbar on Henry but Henry keeps powering out. Finally gets it locked in properly and Big Show comes down and distracts the referee. Henry takes advantage and gets the win with the Worlds Strongest Slam. Big Show gets in the ring laughing at an unconcious Del Rio, Mark Henry objects to Big Show getting involved in the match and gets into a brawl with the Big Show, Show gets the upper hand and knocks Henry out cold with the knockout punch… You know what's coming...

…ZIGGLER'S MUSIC HITS! He cashes in his contract on the already unconcious Henry and gets the 1 2 3! Henry's dream is over and we have a third World Heavyweight Champion of the night… The Show Off!....Dolph Ziggler! What a way to kick off WrestleMania!

Ziggler shown celebrating backstage with AJ and Big E Langston…. Vickie Guerrero and Booker T come in and spoil the party by saying that because tonight is Wrestlemania, there is no way the champion can fight without the title being on the line and unfortunately for Ziggler, he has a match booked…. Jericho walks in behind Booker and Vickie and waves at Dolph. Your match is next!!!!

Next match is Dolph v Jericho… World Heavyweight title on the line. These two would obviously put on a great show…. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho and is about to win when Big E Langston distracts the referee. AJ passes Ziggler a chair that he hits Jericho with. Jericho barely kicks out and Big E Langston goes to get involved again with Mark Henry runs down to the ring and slams Big E to the ground. AJ trying to stop Henry's assault is accidentally distracting the referee when Henry gets into the ring and hits Ziggler with the slam too! Jericho hits a lionsault for good measure and picks up the win to be the NEW and the 4th World Heavyweight Champion of the night!!!!

HHH v Lesnar…. Not much to say about this match, it's going to be pretty pointless and I can only see HHH winning and proving that he's still got it! Think it's a waste myself and would have rathered seen Brock Lesnar cost Rock the match v Punk at Royal Rumble and have that lead to a Brock v Rock match…. Oh well. HHH to win, probably after hitting Lesnar with a sledgehammer…. Waste of time…. Zzzzzz.

Punk v Undertaker….

Build up…..CM Punk threatens to quit WWE after inevitably being "screwed" again at the Elimination Chamber… HHH offers Punk something he may be interested in to keep him with the company, a shot at ending Taker's streak! Punk accepts the challenge…. Punk turns slightly face in the lead up to Mania, not being at live shows (he deserves a break anyway), just being shown working out etc every week in a series of video blogs on Raw and showing real determination to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Punk says there's only one person that deserves respect more than him in the WWE and that is the Undertaker. Says he is proud that he is getting an oppurtunity to end the streak but all the respect will go out the window once that bell chimes and he plans on doing whatever it takes to get the job done! Taker can do his usual weekly video creepy blogs….. Also saying that Punk deserves respect for the title run, but he won't be getting any from the Undertaker at Mania!!!!

The match itself…. This is a strange one as I feel that Punk deserves something from it after what he has given the company for the past 2 years or so…. but at the same time it's the Undertaker and it's Wrestlemania…. I think a very good respected fight for Punk with him narrowly losing to the Deadman. Then Taker and Punk shaking hands and showing respect to one another etc at the end…. Punk gets his RESPECT from everyone that he has wanted for so long.

Cena v Rock II ….. Surely a Cena win? SURELY!? I hate the fact that this match is going to happen and is main eventing our Wrestlemania again! But I have now accepted it and I really don't see any point in anything happening other than a Cena win. Perfect for me would be a Cena heel turn… But it’s not going to happen so I just predict for Cena to win the match clean and become the new WWE Champion!

I don't think this would be a bad show, definitely think it needs the excitement that I have predicted with the World Title as all of the other matches are very predictable… The only other slightly unpredictable match is HHH v Lesnar but like I said, it doesn't even really matter who wins that match, unless maybe they put Triple H's career on the line in it, but I can't see that myself…

Hope you have enjoyed reading and let me know what you think guys.

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Re: Wrestlemania Plans

Nice read

Jericho is leaving again though straight after Mania so cant he see him winning the title unless he drops it the next night on Raw

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