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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

Originally Posted by LifeInCattleClass View Post
Funny though - most on this thread would have kids (I don't - wife and I decided against it )

Does that make you guys more in favor of PG? Or do you long for the AE of our youth - happy to let your kids watch that with you as well if wwe changed back.

For me, I never enjoyed AE - as I don't enjoy Jerry Spinger mentality entertainment for the most part - I was a ruthless aggression era guy with Eddie, Benoit, Kurt and Lesnar at the forefront.

Those were the days IMO

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At 32 now, I was an angry rebellious teenager for the biggest part of the Attitude Era. And all the sexism, sleaze, and homophobic gimmicks did was make me flip over to WCW for their excellent midcard and flip back over for whatever main-event storyline was running in WWE. (As much as I was disinterested in the AE, I was equally interested in the NWO.)

By the time Ruthless Aggression hit, and my WCW faves had moved over to the WWE, I had given up wrestling and gotten absorbed into college life. And I'd been watching since I was knee high to a grasshopper - some of my favorite memories are of that Hulkamania/Piper/Macho Man era. WCW Saturday Night is the warm hug from my childhood. But I just couldn't watch any more.

I have to say, PG era suits me much better, except for the terrible women's division and the shoddy booking. I'd like the WWE to explore adult themes that aren't "Rated R" themes. Plotlines written for adults, that are interesting and intriguing, without being gross. I understand that wrestling requires a broad comedy, and too much sophistication won't play among the core audience.

If they don't mess the Shield/Heyman/Punk/Lesnar dance up, we can use that as an example of whodunit plotting I like. And the level of talent in the locker room is astonishingly good -- maybe better than back in the day. The problem seems to be the writers.

. . .I don't know where I'm going with this. But hi. I'm old. I'm old-fashioned. Thank you.

Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

I've been watching going on 24yrs (started when I was 8yrs old). Still watch it out of habit though there was a brief period around 2006-2008 where I didn't follow it that closely. Sadly, I've come to just accept the product as it is though being a lifelong fan, I always hope for the best despite expecting the worst. The biggest difference between before and now is obviously the lack of competition. Not just that but there were multiple smaller organizations throughout the country as well. You had your AWA, USWA, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, GWF, UWF and all of them had their own stars. One of the things I've always loved doing was opening up the latest edition of PWI and going to their Top 10 rankings of all the various promotions. Now it's really just WWE and TNA with ROH and Dragon Gate being the only two minor ones.

The other thing that I miss and it's simply due to technology and that is the graininess back then. With HD, the WWE just looks too polished, too clean. Wrestling is supposed to be down and dirty but all they seem to care about is how good they look on TV. It feels like I'm watching a Broadway show with the bright lights rather than a wrestling show. It also makes the moves feel too choreographed and contrived when I see Wrestler A catch Wrestler B in their finisher position only to see Wrestler A move and turn to the camera before hitting his finisher. In an industry where you're supposed to suspend your belief, this only hurts it.

Originally Posted by LifeInCattleClass View Post
Funny though - most on this thread would have kids (I don't - wife and I decided against it )

Does that make you guys more in favor of PG? Or do you long for the AE of our youth - happy to let your kids watch that with you as well if wwe changed back.

For me, I never enjoyed AE - as I don't enjoy Jerry Spinger mentality entertainment for the most part - I was a ruthless aggression era guy with Eddie, Benoit, Kurt and Lesnar at the forefront.

Those were the days IMO
While I did enjoy the AE, I was a bigger fan of the Ruthless Aggression Era. I'm sold by in-ring action and feuds that are pushed through the ring rather than the sometimes over-the-top storylines that you saw during the AE or the almost non-existent midcard storylines that you see (or don't see) now.

Here's one of my long standing rants about this PG Era. It's not the fact that it's PG, it's the fact that they seem to really dumb it down for the audience. When I watched back in the late 80's, all the wrestlers and commentators talked like adults despite a large portion of the crowd being kids. Nowadays you have guys like Cena talking really simple, explaining everything slowly and clearly as if we're all 3-4yrs old. So why the difference? You had Hogan, a big time hero to the kids back in the 80's yet they storylines, drama, and promos back then still felt grown-up. The PG Era now feels more it's rated G rather than PG.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

The first Wrestlemania I really remember was me and a friend going to the video store and renting the 'betamax' copy of Wreatlemania 3 after it was released and thinking how great it was. We must have watched it 4 times over the weekend before returning it. I am 37 now and I have lightened up over the years and like others I enjoy the product for what it is now, entertainment and don't get as upset about outcomes or matches. I do not think the show being PG is a problem but as I have learned more about how the Wrestling business works I am less impressed with some of the booking of shows both TV and PPV. I know things will not always go the way I the fan want and WWE must have a business reason for what they are doing.
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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

Didn't realise there were so many over 30 year olds here. (31 year old here)

I've been watching since about 87' Hulk Hogan is who got me into wrestling. Had the hulk rules bandana. collected the action figures. Then started to branch out and enjoy other wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior, Piper etc.

Been privy to some great periods but seen some awful ones as well (Yokozunas title reign being a perfect example) Undertakers match against giant gonzales being another.

Each era has brought something different to the table. One thing that seems to be lacking in todays era is intersting gimmicks. There are a few but you have a lot of wrestlers called "cody rhodes" "Daniel bryan" etc. and the gimmicks that are being used are just rehashes of old ones. e.g damien sandow is just the genius all over again. Granted he pulls it off quite well.

But then on the other hand i think the quality of the in ring wrestling has improved. as i said every era brings something different to the table.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

Personally I'm a huge supporter of PPV's returning to the big 4 a year only model.

My first memory of watching a PPV was Summerslam 1990, Sky Television had only just been introduced to the UK a year earlier so we never got WWE in the UK before that time. Back then you never had to pay for PPV's in the UK and for some reason they were never shown on the Sports channels but on the Sky Movies channel.

My neighbours were also big wrestling fans and we'd be excited all week leading up to the PPV's. If there was 12 a year back then I think the novelty would have worn off quickly.

I suppose that's just one tiny facet of what's changed. Back then we had to wait for PPV's to see Superstars actually wrestle each other. I remember watching Wrestling Challenge and Superstars religiously.

Good times.

Edit: Just found this for any UK fans:

"This is a lot better than lugging wrestlers around who farted in my car" - Jim Ross on starting his new podcast.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

Nice to see some other 'older' fans about. I'm 35 myself and started watching in 83.

I still find myself very passionate about the business but I don't take things personally either. Doesn't matter if my guys win or not, I tend to be workrate or character oriented and have an understanding of why things are done certain ways for certain purposes. As others have stated, the constantly shifting landscape has become common place and I've developed an appreciation for the campy nature of the product (sometimes bad booking, botches and blunders provide great entertainment).

It's fucking 'pro-wrestling' and I love it, but it's 'pro-wrestling'.

My children have probably been subjected to more wrestling footage than most people will see in their entire lives, but my daughter isn't interested and my youngest is too young to understand. My seven-year-old son on the other hand has only recently started taking an active interest in watching the product with me.
I have no problem with the modern product as it's geared to everyone, both adults and kids. Have even taken to showing my son some vintage stuff including AE and ECW but I'm also very liberal in that way and take the time to explain things to him as we watch.

Edit: I'd just like to add that sometimes being a contributing member of this forum can be difficult as an actual adult wading through a pool of often petulantly posting pre-teens.

I love professional-wrestling.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

I'm 32 and I skip through most matches these days. The show just really doesn't keep my attention like it used to, maybe because it usually sucks or just because I am getting old. Right now, Punk/Heyman/Bryan/Shield/Sandow is pretty much it for me these days. And I don't really want the Attitude Era back like some, just a better show.

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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

I'm 30 now and starting to get that Danny Glover feel a couple times during the show.. "I'm too old for this shit."
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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

I'm 43 and have been watching since 83 so 30 years. WWF is the first thing I ever watched, then NWA. WWE/TNA today.
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Re: The Over 30 year old WWE fan thread

Originally Posted by starscreamlive View Post
I was big on the AE because I was in High school/college and watched religiously during the time. But I also love the 80s period. PG doesn't bother me much, but I wish they would show blood once in a while. It's been an integral part of wrestling since well before I was born.
PG is fine, but if Raw is on umtil 11pm and usually lasts longer than that, why don't they put on an edgier product during the final hour? Kids shouldn't still be up at that point, so why not get a little bit edgier at the end of the show? My kids are WWE fans, but they're not old enough to stay up and watch the whole show. PG for the first hour and a half, then TV-14 for the second half.
I initially thought that would be the way they go - as it is the most logical. Serves both worlds.

I am actually quite surprised they have not done this to be honest
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