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Should Undertaker Retire?

the guy is aging, only wrestles once a year, he got to 20-0
unless there is that big epic match out there why should he return

now i know vince wants him to return to spark buyrates, but undertaker seems to be very proud and respectable guy, i don't think he would want to come back for a less than stellar match, he wants a 30 min style match like in recent years, but he needs someone that can maybe carry the match or atleast hold there own and is able to really "go" for 30 min

punk is not a legit threat, i like punk but he is not ending the streak and everybody knows it

hbk/hhh-faced several times at mania

lesnar-this beast would be very dangerous for a aging taker, plus they already faced eachother at other ppvs

rock-both guys are so over i can't really see this match ever happening, plus rock looks big but he gasses easy these days and wouldn't really be able to carry or hold his own in a 30 min match with taker

the only other main event name out there is cena, if cena does turn heel they can just do that with the rock

even if sting comes in which will probably never happen at this point there both to old to really have that 30 min classic match

so why come back, personally for taker what match is out there that would not only be epic but a 25-30 min in ring classic with a legit threat to the streak
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re: Should Undertaker Retire?

Sadly yes he should.
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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

If he can't even work one night a year then its without question that he NEEDS to call it quits!

- Vic

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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

hes about 5 years too late
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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

it would be cool to see him around.

But yeah probably.

21-0 wouldn't be as big as 20, nobody really needs/deserves the biggest rub in history, and the matches would just go downhill from here.

End on a good note
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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

Yes he should, his matches are starting to become literally unbelievable like being hit with like 20 chair shots, 2 pedigrees or whatever it was plus a superkick and still kicking out. I know he's the phenom but c'mon.. I mean cm punk got hit with the people's elbow the other week and lost the title and he's in his prime!! They're making it too unrealistic..
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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

imo the streak peaked at wm25, that was a classic match

the hhh matches were good but i think there a bit overrated, maybe not a 4/10 like bret said but not as good as the hbk matches, plus they relied heavy on chair shots and hbk's story

recent reports suggest he might even be able to go for mania even if he wanted to

so how would you end his career, imo he doesn't need a big ego ric flair sendoff, but how would it end exactly?

an idea that probably wont happen....

fatal fourway
punk/rock/cena/taker for the title

taker wins, when posing with title in the middle of the ring, light go off, ring is then empty with only the title there, the end

that way the other 3 men can help carry the load, it would be a very top heavy epic style match, taker gets his moment

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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

He can officially retire at Wrestlemania 30 after the has defeated John Cena

Dianna Agron

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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

I love the Undertaker and I'd love for the Undertaker to retire.
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Re: Should Undertaker Retire?

As much as it kills me to say it, yes.

But if he doesn't this year or next year, I wouldn't complain. He can retire when he wants to retire.

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