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9/11 conspiracy theorists
A militant feminist

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Originally Posted by Dusty Roids View Post
An atheist messiah
We have Punk
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Convinced Vince to make me a Main-Eventer
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Bob Neckbeard, the IWC Smark. He yells at the fans that wrestling is fake on his way to the ring. He always condones the actions of the heels because they're his favorite workers. Then he'll turn on the heels because they're getting a push and becoming too popular. He constantly talks about how much better the Indies are because they don't have to work a WWE style. He complains that guys like Triple H hold him down because of politicking backstage.

"So Bob, up next you're going to be fighting John Cena for the first time, what are your thoughts about that?"

"This is garbage! Cena is just gonna no sell all of my offense, then switch into Superman mode and hit his 5 moves of doom. Of course it won't actually hurt because wrestling is fake, but I'm gonna have to go out there and lay down for this jerk because he's the golden boy. It makes me sick. When are they going to start creating some new stars? Cena is totally stale, and even the fans boo him because they hate his lame he is. Turn the man heel and give ME a push. Why not have ME go over? Its just not fair!"

His appearance will be this overly bulky, balding guy with glasses who wears sweat pants and a really smarky t-shirt, like SAVE THE INDIES, and his mouth is constantly orange from being smeared with Cheeto residue.

"I am EC3. I am the man. I am handpicked. I am the destiny of this company...I'm the new game."

The Best Wrestling Promo of 2015
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Big Brother - A Political Hack who thinks Wrestling is too violent and more safety attire is needed. He wears a full body pad into the ring so he wont get hurt and petitions to get 90% of offense band
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Originally Posted by That's irrelevant View Post
Heard a rumor a while ago that they were going to do this with Melina. Don't know if it's true though.
Would go back to watching the E if true

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Heidenreich: a nazi experiment to become a super soldier who was frozen when the nazi's began to lose, recently thawed and unaware that WW2 ended. This was an actual gimmick suggestion by a writer (who was fired shortly after lol).
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An evil Poacher/Taxidermist who wears all animal products and flaunts them EX: furs, snakeskins etc. They can show vignettes of him creeping in yards and stealing pets. He can steal a wrestlers pet or mascot and have them stuffed.

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Yes I'm a part of The IWC. No we don't all share the same opinions you idiot!!
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I see this going to a horrible place...
I've read a little, but I've read enough. I think one of the reasons why wrestling has been consistently seen as "low-brow" is because of the controversial gimmicks they try to get over.

Personally, I found R-Truth, if not controversial, embarrassing because it seemed Vince was determined to put on a one-man minstrel show with Truth as the star.

Originally Posted by MANTI TEO View Post
Special Ed - a retarded Wrestler.
Makes me think of...

Funny to think he's a trainer in OVW now.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Originally Posted by Jeff Hardy Hater View Post
A heel who pretends to be a babyface. No, hear me out, it could work. He beats everybody that the fans like more than him, constantly gets title shots, and beats everybody. Wins 12 World Titles in 10 years or so, nobody over 13 likes him, and he constantly gets negative reactions. Over the time where he dominates the business, ratings and buyrates go on a downhill skyrocket due to his domination, everybody begs for his character to be changed, but it doesn't happen because he thinks it will affect his Make-A-Wish work with disabled children. He only has a few moves that he does, and whenever he tries something else, he botches it badly. Regardless of the negative reactions he constantly receives, he is still pushed and made out to be the strongest wrestler in the world, and even when a dominant MMA champion comes to the WWE, this super face gets to beat him and make him leave.

I think it could work.
Hahahaha this is brilliant. Well done
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They should have like a Super Villain gimmick. Something like Bane from Batman. Instead of at a football like from Dark Knight Rises, have a strange buff wrestler in the ring holding the arena in hostage. Have him say like he will blow up the place. It would never work but you asked for a controversial gimmick and i think that would work for sure.
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