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What Would It Take For New Stars to be Made in Today's WWE?

It's WrestleMania season and up to three matches will have a big name star that is from the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression, or 2005 (pre-PG).

As far as I'm concerned, only ONE new star has been made and its CM Punk for the obvious reasons ("pipe bomb" promo, MITB 2011, 430+ day reign as WWE Champion). Even he has his drawbacks but he's been consistent with adopting several characters (punk kid, twisted prophet/leader, activist/rebel, and now overlooked/disrespected guy).

Now who else is a bonafide, can SELL a main event for several months, realistically can carry the titles, and can carry ANYONE to a great match? Who else is a main event CHARACTER? Why do we as a fan body not CARE about the newer guys? What are they NOT doing? How can they break through the glass ceilings and grab brass rings and shit like that?

The list is hard to think of when I think about the "top" talents of Miz, Rhodes, Sandow, Cesaro, Kingston, and Ryback even...that they all are missing something to get to the top or STAY there (see Miz).



A new, 44th WWE Champion [x]
Daniel Bryan, SummerSlam 2013. Then Orton won it and the WWE was like

SmackDown moves to live Thursdays []
Cena is not in a title match nor a main event at WrestleMania []
Raw returns to two hours, instead of three []

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I'm watching as much as I ever have, but have decided to spend less time in the actual wrestling forums. I've come to realize the IWC is its own self-fulfilling prophecy. All the bitching and complaining about what was on TV was making me hate what was on TV. When I stopped reading what everyone else was crying about, I started enjoying it more again.
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Re: What Would It Take For New Stars to be Made in Today's WWE?

Yup, you're right. You can build someone up naturally, like they're doing with Ziggler, and it'll work out okay. They'll become a part of the furniture; people will appreciate them, but mainly because of the familiarity of seeing someone entertain for however many years.

But in my opinion, to have someone truly break out, there needs to be a spark that sets them off. They need to do something that changes their status in the fans' eyes significantly. The only person that's done that in recent memory is Punk, and it's a little bit concerning considering it seemed to be happening all the time in the early-mid 00s.

Now obviously the WWE of 2013 is vastly different from the WWE of 1999 or even the WWE of 2006, which means Punk is our only real measuring stick for these sort of things. But first of all not all of the people have 'it' in the way that Punk does, and even those that do can't ape his manner of success because as we've seen from the attempts with Punk since, lightning doesn't strike twice like that.

Actually thinking about it, I take that back. In its own way, YESmania was a manifestation of this, but it didn't happen in a manner that made for a true company-carrying, top star contender.

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