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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Originally Posted by hardysno1fan View Post
That's just it though he doesn't do anything. People criticise back stage politics but sometimes its a good thing cus it stops Vince from doing shit. I look at Kane and I just feel like Glenn Jacobs has no ambition. He could have been the star of the ruthless aggression era. Instead he turned into a generic monster heel like Snitsky. Every Raw feels like deja vu with his move set. If I were Kane I would have said in 05 to Vince 'this non-masked thing aint working, I should go back to being the Big Red Machine'. Instead he just became complacent and happy to job to Mysterio and Khali. There's just no ambition to Jacobs.
Perhaps you're right. I can understand why someone would think he isn't ambitious when it comes to his personal position within the company. But in terms of effort I'd have to disagree with you. As others have said and as much as I'd like to say otherwise: everyone has a '5 moves of doom' set up to their finisher.

So no, he hasn't done much for himself but he's done plenty for other superstars in terms of putting them over/helping them out. His tag-team history speaks for itself imo.

I for one think it's quite refreshing not to have another veteran '97 HBK or Hogan in the back only thinking about himself.

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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Kane's been around for 16 years, and still does that top rope clothesline thing lol... what other big guy does something like that? He's known to be one of the strongest guys backstage, he doesn't politic, he puts people over, he works well in serious feuds but as we see, can do the comedic stuff too. If the guy was booked better he'd pretty much the same status the Undertaker does.
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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Most wrestlers in the WWE have about 5 moves, it's the WWE way because that's all they need to get over.



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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

kane is kane and cena while he has been cena for like 7 years now and he likes children
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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Cena is shit, Kane is not, simple.
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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

He is athletic, puts on good matches, and he puts over people. Nothing bad to say about the guy. Much respect.


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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Originally Posted by Biast View Post
Kane is being fed crap for 8+ years now and the guy takes it like a boss, never complains, so fuck you and your thread!

Cena has never been fed crap, always main evented, and has a shit ton more championships than him. So it's only natural for people to expect more than 5 moves from a fucking 10 time WWE Champ!
Of course he never complains he earns millions every year with no pressure.
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Kane doesn't get a free pass. He's simply earned the respect of the fans by staying relevant and performing at a consistently high level despite often being given the shittest angles to work with.

Kane is a legend.

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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Kanes awesome suck a dick OP

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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Originally Posted by Interceptor88 View Post
Because Kane does it in short or formulaic TV or tag team matches while Cena does it even in 17 minutes PPV matches.
Hit the nail on the head. Give Kane 17 minutes and he does wonders. Fact. Cant wait for Bryan vs Kane 2.

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