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Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Which wrestlers (not named John Cena) would benefit for a heel/face switch? It seems to have worked out well for Del Rio since he was not getting over as a heel but has done pretty well as a face.

I'd like to see Randy Orton go heel, he was always a boring face IMO, and he is so boring. I think he would greatly benefit turning heel and it would also give someone for Cena to feud with once he gets the title after Mania.

I also wouldn’t mine seeing Dolph Ziggler turn face. Ziggler has the IT factor, and he is cocky and confident but so was HBK. If you turn Dolph face you could have all kinds of possibilities for feuds.
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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

I think if WWE really can't give Miz a good chance at a proper face run, he'll have to go back to being heel.

I think Zack Ryder needs to go heel and see how he does, or at least change his gimmick. Otherwise he will just be released when his merch stops selling.

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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Randy Orton, John Cena- heel turn

Dolph Ziggler- face turn


Curent Favorites: Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Corey Graves, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe

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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

R-Truth needs to fucking turn heel. The guy was red hot, everything he did was pure gold, and they decide to capitalize on his amazing heel run... By making him a face, even though he never accomplished SHIT in all his years as a face. Fuckin' disgraceful.

I think Truth is the only one that really NEEDS to turn. I guess it'd be interesting to see what Dolph Ziggler could do as a face, and I think a face turn for Seth Rollins later on down the line could be huge for him. On the other side of things, a heel run could help make Orton's stale run a lot fresher. While the Legend Killer gimmick itself is obsolete for him at this point in his career, I think he should bring back that cocky, "I'm pretty much the shit" playboy-on-top attitude he had as the Legend Killer. He's just better at being a smug dickhead than an unhinged loose-cannon. They could even go for the "evil mastermind" angle with him, he's a pretty great methodical heel.

This next one may not be at all possible/plausible, but I think a Hollywood Rock return would be pretty damn great. People dismiss this one on the basis that he'll get cheered regardless of his disposition, which may very well be true. But I think if he goes FULL-ON Hollywood mode, talking about how neither the WWE nor "the People" matter to him anymore, and that he only came back to show that the top stars of this generation are nothing compared to him. Older fans might cheer him, but maybe that can be fixed if he talks shit about the AE or something. I dunno. Again, may not be plausible, but it'd be interesting for him to portray this character, since now he's more prominent in Hollywood than ever.

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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Kane and Orton. Both of them have been great heels in the past and could pull it off again. There are too many faces going around at the moment and the people who are currently 'heels' usually manage to get a bigger pop than the 'face'....

Not taking down until:

- Jericho gets another title run [ ]
- Orton turns heel [X]
- Punk gets the WWE title back [ ]
- Great Khali and Hornswoggle are released [ ]
- Cena loses the WWE title [X]
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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

The shield - face turn
Daniel Bryan- Heel Turn
Big E- Face turn

R-truth Kofi Kingston- Heel turns as tag teams
Prime Time Players- Face turns
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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Heel: Cena, Orton, R-Truth
Face: Ziggler (he's a snoozefest as a heel, maybe being face can help him like it did Del Rio)
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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Heel - Orton
Face - Orton

They're the two most obvious must turns IMO.

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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Why do we even need Face? I say everyone go Heel. Make it a all-out war with people forming stables for their own gain. Like the Nation of Domination vs DX , but with more people or more groups.
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Re: Which wrestlers should go Heel or Face?

Cena (Have him pay the Shield off at WM and beat The Rock)
Yoshi Tatsu

I honestly can't buy Del Rio as a face. They should turn him into Dos Caras and make him like "The Patriot" only Mexican.

Turn Punk into a dickhead face who keeps getting screwed by politics.
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