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Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

After talking with my brother tonight, I think there's a fairly simple way of mixing up the current storylines.
I believe that most characters on the roster are due for a turn one way or the other right now. For the past 3 years
we've mostly gotten the same characters from every superstar.

Cena- No discussion needed.
Punk- Has done a great job of going both ways actually.
Orton- Really just needs to be a heel.
Ziggler- Mainly a heel for a while now. He could benefit a change of direction.
Show- Turns so often, it doesn't matter anymore.
Kofi- Heel turn for sure.
Rhodes- I'd love to see a prolonged face run for him.

For certain stars, they might've had a short feud as a certain good guy or bad guy role. But for the most part, you hear a guys name and you instantly think of their more defining role as villain or hero.

Instead of Cena just turning, I think the rest of the roster is more important right now. See: Del Rio.
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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

Heel Turn:
R-Truth: He was gold as a heel in 2011.
Orton: Stale as fuck as a face.
Christian: He's just bland as a face.

Face Turn:
Ziggler: I think he would make a great face.

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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

The problem is, it is all anchored against Cena. Heel turns are just to see new matches against Cena (or classics if Orton), face turn to avoid Cena.

Truth is, the product revolves around him, and it bad for long term business.

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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

What's the point in turning Ziggler face aleady.. he's only just beginning to bare fruit as a heel. Up until the last 2 months or so, he's been a mid-carder waiting to break out, and now he is finally doing so, with some decent mic work and semi-main event feuds.

Big E. Langston face turn on Ziggler would be cool though, he looks like someone people want to be cheering for. His promos are too ffunny for him to be a solid heel.
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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

Yea id like to see a big e langston face turn . But Orton needs a fresh heel push maybe against adr .. Could you actually believe Kofi as a heel though .. ? Was what Brock did a heel move or bc if Stone Cold came out on monday and gave him a stunner the fans would erupt so .. Maybe now te shield can be more of a neutral faction

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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

Ziggler will fail as a face today. It will be worst than the miz. Just my opinion.
Big show and Del Rio turns have been great so far.
In 2011 Sheamus turn was great (Around the summerslam match with Henry) but the booking was horrendous after that, so for me it's a failure.

Between Orton and Cena... I think cena's will work 100 % sure. People are red hot ready to boo the fuck out of this man. Orton... not so sure,the guy is over and no one knows why.

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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

The worst thing we've seen lately, with the likes of Sheamus/Miz/DelRio, is that when they turn face they are instantly the smiley-happy love all fans kind which is grating to watch after what they have already done as a heel. We've had 3 bad guys who completely ripped on the fans all of a sudden becoming their biggest role models. It's worked in Del Rio and Sheamus's cases, but I think it does need a tweak because it gets tiresome.

I think face turns I would like to see wouldn't be 100%, I would just love to see someone become a legitimate 'Tweener (hate that word but fits,) who doesn't care who he pleases but does things in a way the crowd can get behind him. I think Brock Lesnar could be perfect for that role.

Think Orton is crying out for a heel turn. He just looks a bit bored.
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Re: Face/Heel Turns (Outside of Cena)

Orton as a heel is main priority in my eyes, he has nothing going for him at the moment. The only worry is that he is too over to have that heel turn.
Although it just don't seem it will happen, I am crying out for Cena to turn heel.

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