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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week does the lack of Major Angles bother you

yup... Agree with OP. This is getting kinda boring.
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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week does the lack of Major Angles bother you

The fact we predicted a whole month of Del Rio's calender in the funny pics thread during his sin Cara rotation is a sad indictment of a very poor we at the min

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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week does the lack of Major Angles bother you

Of course it does! This has been my #1 complaint for a while now! It's been this way for a bit but it was never this bad until RAW went to 3 hours... at least, maybe it wasn't as noticeable.

There is a severe, severe lack of storylines and angles for non-main eventers in this company. Remember the Attitude Era and all those midcarders? Too Cool got a bigger pop alone than almost everyone else today. Because they were given reasons to be over. The Hardys, Dudleys, Big Boss Man, Test... non of these guys were main eventers but everyone has some memorable storyline or feud or angle or something. Hell even jobbers like Crash Holly and Lance Storm had their feuds.

Now take a look at WWE. Let's look at Kofi Kingston in particular, who sort of represents a lot of these issues. Now how many storylines or feuds can you remember him being in since joining the WWE 7 or so years ago? No, no, we don't count simply fighting the same guy week after week then going on to face him at the PPV, usually to either win or lose the title. Calling that a lazy half-assed feuds is an insult to lazy half-assed feuds. No, I'm guessing we can come up with... maybe 4.

This is the biggest problem with this company and it even hurts the main eventers. Guys like Swagger, Miz, Alberto, Seamus, and soon to be Ziggler and Ryback all get thrown into the main event right away because they lack main eventers and almost all of them fail and fall back down several steps at best. That's because they spend no time in the midcard with their storylines and feuds that in turn give them match time to work on their skills and promos to work on building a character, or storylines to work on getting the audience to give two shits about them. Again, look at Kofi. Possibly the one memorable moment in his career was when he had that feud with Orton and wrecked his car. He had the audience behind him, was given mic time, and an interesting storyline with real heat behind it that attracted the audience's attraction. Except that lasted maybe 3 weeks for who knows why.

WWE has the most talented midcard they've had in several years. GIVE THEM STORYLINES. Give them time to work, develop actual characters, and get the audience invested! We don't need 3x as many commercials as there have been, we don't need random thrown together matches in a half-assed attempt to get anyone even remotely note-worthy on the show (that's another thing, keep most of the Smackdown guys on Smackdown if you can't even book things for your other guys to do), we don't need dance offs or Khali singing whatever it is you want to call what the divas go out there and do, and we don't need recaps upon recaps upon recaps or stupid wastes of time like twitter plugs. The Team Friendship thing is the only storyline non-main eventers (and even that is arguable) have had in months, and that isn't even a feud.

And then guys like JR come out and complain about the wrestlers being unmotivated. Gee, I wonder why? Some of those guys have been there for years and have never been involved in anything remotely interesting.

And yet despite the complete nothing that takes up the majority of RAW, they still finds a way to make it feel rushed. Incredible.
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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week does the lack of Major Angles bother you

The lack of stories being developed from undercard guys is fucking baffling and unbearable. Growing up as a kid, I would be more intrigued by the undercard and the fueds they had over the world title at times because at least in the undercard they would mix up guys more frequently than the main event stars. How they book the show today is fucking atrocious and it's crazy to know they have so much talent and zero development with the exception of the top 10% of their guys.

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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week does the lack of Major Angles bother you

Originally Posted by doinktheclowns View Post
I just hope when HHH finally does take over he realises this and starts booking multiple big feuds at the same time rather than just getting by.
Nope. It's his wife who is the one booking the stories and angles. She's head of creative. The only hope we have is that SHE has to promote herself to bigger business things when they take over and has to resign from that position. Otherwise, Stephanie has that job for as long as she wants that job.

Also the lack of stories and angles for the lower card guys is precisely the reason WWE TV is booked like a House Show. A complete random throwing together of matches that mean nothing, with the face going over 7 or 8 times out of 10.
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The writing is on the wall. I think everyone added what I was about to say pretty nicely.

Ill just leave with:

Wwe; 12 hours of TV every week, spends half the time promoting social networking.

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Its our own damn faults tho. We all hate the stale cena, but we continue to give him a reaction. We hate meaningless matches on RAW, yet most of us stick around to watch hoping that something might happen. We're giving them what they want - money, views, reactions. Its like someone said earlier, its like being in a stale relationship. One side tries, the other doesn't, and what do you do to solve this? Either the side thats not making an effort changes, or both sides split up. If WWE isn't willing to change, then maybe we shouldn't buy merch, or maybe we should change the channel during squash matches. Who gives a fuck if something actually does happen? Its 2013 watch the replay on youtube or something. I'm not saying lets stop watching all together, I'm just saying we can do more to send a message as fans. Yeah you have the children, and the casuals, but the IWC is a big population. We could, if we tried, make a huge difference, but sadly no one will...

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Re: There is about 12 hours of WWE TV a week, does the lack of Major Angles bother yo

Yeah, it's been a glaring problem for ages. They couldn't write an appealing undercard angle to save their lives these days. Just throw out Orton and Barrett for part 800 of their 999 match series! Boring.

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