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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by GuessWhat: CenaSux View Post
.... The only thing above the WWE title is The Streak. Vince has said that there's no one bigger than the WWE, but Cena is proof that Vince is either lying or blind.
I'd personally LOVE to see Cena, in realistic turn, talk about how he is bigger than wrestling itself. *Pipe dreams*


A new, 44th WWE Champion [x]
Daniel Bryan, SummerSlam 2013. Then Orton won it and the WWE was like

SmackDown moves to live Thursdays []
Cena is not in a title match nor a main event at WrestleMania []
Raw returns to two hours, instead of three []

Originally Posted by Bearcatter View Post
I'm watching as much as I ever have, but have decided to spend less time in the actual wrestling forums. I've come to realize the IWC is its own self-fulfilling prophecy. All the bitching and complaining about what was on TV was making me hate what was on TV. When I stopped reading what everyone else was crying about, I started enjoying it more again.
Originally Posted by BRITLAND View Post
:StephenA2 :kanye2
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by Jatt Kidd View Post
Do I feel too old?


Do I feel too smart?

I can relate to this.
I started watching pro wrestling as a kid in the early 80's. I was really naive back then, and even when other kids my age told me it was fake, I didn't believe them. Oddly enough, it took me longer to get into "real" sports like MLB, NFL, etc. But even after I realized it was scripted, I continued to be a fan through the first few Wrestlemanias. Eventually going through high school my interests changed and I stopped watching. Some years later, after getting married, I ran into a buddy from HS and he got me to start watching again during the Monday Night Wars. It was a great time to watch, and I was hooked again.

Eventually my friend and I parted ways again, but I continued to watch. Over the years, there have always been good storylines and bad ones. Before the RR yesterday, I found an old VHS tape with the 2001 King of the Ring on it. I watched it with my wife and son that afternoon. The matches were OK, mostly. The standout match was a street fight between Kurt Angle and Shane Mc. I marked out like a fiend while watching that again! My 12 yr old son, though, was shocked at the overall violence and amount of blood. He cringed at the glass fragments stuck to Kurt and Shane as the match continued. Quite a contrast in fan reactions due to generational differences and what we were used to seeing.

Also of note was the match between Austin, Jericho and Benoit. My son loves watching old Stone Cold matches, but hated this one, because Austin was going through the whole "losing his mind" crap storyline. It was surreal watching Austin run away like a little bitch, and complain about Vince not being there to protect him. I guess that I, like a lot of others, forced myself to forget that ever happened. It goes to show that even in the good old days, there was some awful booking and story writing.

We watched the RR, and we both thought the show was pretty good. Lots of great moments that had us marking out and howling like fools. Big Show getting his feet duct taped to the ropes. Y2J at #2. Kofi landing on Alberts back. Daniel Bryan jumping into Kane's arms like AJ when she kissed him, and getting subsequently dropped on his head.

Being on forums like this, reading the dirt sheets and just considering ourselves as smart marks I think we end up taking some of the joy out of watching wrestling by our own selves. We can blame the booking, the storylines or our least favorite guys all we want. It's a lot to expect for a show that televises two new programs every week of the year to satisfy us every time we tune in. Look at all the other TV shows you watch. How many new shows do they have in a season? In a year? And how many of those do you think are great every time you watch?

I love that Raw (and Smackdown, etc) are live shows filmed every week in front of live audiences with only one take. Try that with every other show on TV. Yeah, I wasn't happy that Cena won the RR, nor that Rock won the title. But you can't have everything, and the shows are written for more people than just me.

Getting off the soapbox now...
...And looking forward to watching Raw tonight.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

i dont think im too old for any wrestling product, its lack of quality or monetary worth that irks me

chances those who say that unpredictability is mandatory probably don't really consider wrestling a priority anyway

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).


But that's only because of the age old concept of "get em while they're young." It's the most efficient way to secure the future. Which is why we have to suffer through this insufferable pg era. But at the same time they want to keep their old fans contented so they have their legends and guys like Punk and Ziggler to keep them around.

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 35. My first memory of wrestling is Hogan slamming Andre. Then Savage winning the tournament at WM IV. Followed by the MegaPowers angle. For some reason, I stopped watching between WM V and VIII but was back in the fold when I learned Bret Hart became the WWF World Champion. Then I found out about a small Indy promotion in my neck of the woods, and what do I see when I check it out for the first time? The Franchise throwing down the NWA belt and declaring himself the new ECW Heavyweight Champion of the World. I was there The Night The Line Was Crossed and was in the front row for Slamboree when Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan tore it up with the Nastys. The two greatest wrestling days of my life are Wrestlemania X and XVII. 17 in particular stands out as the peak of my wrestling viewing experience. TLC 2. Rock vs Austin. The gimmick battle royal!

For me, Benoit is easily the greatest ever in the ring, followed by some combination of Malenko and Guerrero. Michaels and Savage are the greatest all around talents ever. Rock and Jake The Snake are the best ever on the mic. Bryan is the current best in the world in the ring. Can't stand Ryback (at all) but I was actually rooting for him when it came down to him and Cena in the Rumble. That's how much Cena annoys me.

Look, I appreciate Cena. I work with elementary kids and have for years now. They all love Cena and it is through them that I "never forget" how kids view the product. My problem with Cena is that they don't use him right. He's a heel in the eyes of the older folks. Anyone who literally dumps a facsimile of human feces onto his opponent is a heel to me and it befuddles me that the audience is supposed to root for this character. But it's not just Cena. There are so many better combinations that can be thrown at us. Here's an example for WM 29 - Cena-Cesaro, Brock-Punk, HHH-Sandow, Rock-Bryan, Jericho-Ziggler, Ryback-Orton, and Shaemus/PTP-Shield. Just mix it up, please! I'm tired of Dolph-Kofi 2,456 and the idea of Rock-Cena II makes me want to vomit.

I'm not sure what keeps me watching, but I enjoy Cesaro, Bryan and Sandow. I also have a great feeling about Ambrose. I can say without any doubt whatsoever that I enjoy reading/talking about the various aspects of the business far more than I do watching the current product, that's for sure.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I don't feel that I am too old for it, but just that I am growing tired of predictability.

Call me a mark, but to be edgy or interesting in today's product you basically have to break the fourth wall, something Punk is very good at doing without damaging kayfabe too much.

Because the product is rather bland, its all too easy to point fingers and really start to hate individuals like Cena/Orton as figures of doom for the wrestling business, but the problem is deeper ingrained than one or two guys perceived as "boring" or "predictable".

The problem is that the fans are not being listened to. Vince would rather shove down throats in order to line his pockets his way, rather than listen to the fans and still line his pockets, but without his poster boys doing the work for him. Vince, or whoever the hell makes these decisions, cannot see that there are huge bucks to be made from Bryan, if they just cut him loose, but there is a refusal to do so.

This problem has always been here. The WWF/WWE was always afraid of cutting Jericho loose from the constraints of tight-control, and this has resulted in a Y2J psuedo-legend - the fans see him as a legend, but is he? Did he ever really get given the ball to run with it? Sure he was the undisputed champion but it was ever so awfully booked, and taken away from him so soon.

The moment things get too interesting or quirky, or into tweener territory, Vince runs scared, too afraid to go with a guy who isn't the tried and tested muscle man. Problem is that fans are crying out for a super tweener, or someone with some edge to them. To an extent we've had this with Punk, but the WWE hasn't put enough stock in guys like this. I can only hope this Ziggler thing doesn't go wrong, because there is so much potential to give the fans what they want with Ziggler.

"I was saying Boo-lieve that"
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by Iron Head View Post
I'd personally LOVE to see Cena, in realistic turn, talk about how he is bigger than wrestling itself. *Pipe dreams*
Same. Just let him go loose. Let him be "I'm bigger than the WWE itself, I'm the reason this company is alive, I'm the man, your girlfriend wants to date, the father your kid wish they had, and the man that you want to be. I got the looks, the smile, the muscle, the style, You people tune into hate me, you people tune into love me. I'm the biggest star since the Attitude Era, and anyone who doesn't believe that is just plain dumb."

Black Is Beautiful

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Very often I feel too old for the product.
One of the main reasons I watch still is because of CM Punk as he is one of the little things anyone 17 and upwards can cling onto the the sea of shite out there. I never quite get why people who are older than 17 dislike CM Punk because he is almost the only reason we older fans have to watch.

Im a big fan of The Rock but when I watch him I feel like im 9 when I watch CM Punk I feel like my adult age.

I often think about not watching again for a long time because there is so much crap to wade through but Punk usually does something that point that keeps me interested.

Thank god for

Sandow, Punk, Ziggler, Barrett, Heyman,

And Bryan when he gets his singles push again

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 30, I watched from like 1996 to about 2002, then started watching again almost 2 years ago, but not as often. Only time I really felt embarrased to watch the WWE was during their santa claus stuff last month. You do get to a point where the show is incredibly predictable though, even the promo's are easy to predict. I enjoy what I do watch, but then again I do fast forward through A LOT of the show and will pretty much watch Smackdown while I'm cooking and doing chores lol. The stuff I usually do watch is:

- The Shield
- Cesaro
- The Rock
- CM Punk
- Sometimes Daniel Bryan
- 3MB
- Khali (cuz I know the match won't be long lol)

I don't fast forward past everything else all of the time, there is some other good stuff on the show here and there, but those ones are the reason why I still watch.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I am actually 15, but in all honesty, I feel more like I'd be judged and looked down upon for watching WWE than I would if I was 25. That's probably just how high school kids are though.

I think wrestling has lost its "cool", and it's really not about PG.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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