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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I think it helps if you don't look at any spoilers/discuss what's going to happen too much
All minds pretty speculate that Cena vs Rock 2 could happen without reading Spoilers though
Also sometimes I think, you like a story even if you know what's gonna happen but you wanna see how...
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

in my mid-twenties..started watching around mid-90s, stopped in 06, started watching again last year. when i was a kid, during the attitude era, a lot of people were watching then, now at my age, im the only one in my circle of friends who watches wrestling.

i dont follow it as obsessively as i used to/lack of time being one major factor plus other interests taking over. sad to say i just cant get into it that much these days, i watch raw every week without fail yes, but the other shows, on and off, even then i skip a lot of things.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

yeah its way to predictable these days especially in wwe, i predicted pretty much every winner of the rumble last night, you pretty much know who's gonna win nearly every match on raw, guys like cena or sheamus, orton will always win, upcoming stars like cesaro and sandow win most of the time,daniel bryan loses most matches, ziggler loses most matches etc. CM Punk's reign after raw 1000 was just way too predictable most people pretty much knew he was going to hold the title until royal rumble to face the rock, i pretty much knew he was gonna win every ppv until royal rumble.

You should definitely give tna more of a chance op its far less predictable than wwe.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

32...don't think I'm too old, just that the product is aimed at kids more nowadays. Which sucks.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I sort of get the kids reactions though. Back in the 70's when I start watching UK wrestling, I always wanted Big Daddy to win against Giant Haystacks.

But the main thing was, you saw Big Daddy far less on TV than the modern roster, he was on, maybe once a month. Their was a depth to the business then, and good guys and bad guys did not need promos. Ring work was enough to identify bad guys. Or an arrogant ring entrance.

Seriously, I think that wrestling fans of my (UK) generation were influenced by spectacle and wrestling skills than abilities on the mike.

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Do I feel too old?


Do I feel too smart?


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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 33 and I feel I'm getting too old for this shit.
See you at Wrestlemania.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

There are moments when I am embarrassed to be watching at this age.

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I don't care about predictability as long as it's good and makes sense. (I'm one of those that don't even care for reading spoilers!) More often than not I think they make stupid illogical swerves. A lot of it has to do with the dirt sheet sites too nowadays, or you're simply seen to much to know where it's going. They probably repeat things because chances are they work.

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 27.

I think I know more about how certain beats of a story work and can predict a logical outcome but it doesn't hurt my enjoyment of certain shows. I do watch with a little less vested interest these days than when I was 13 and the Monday Night Wars were going on. I loved that era, but I understand that it is GONE AND WILL NEVER COME BACK. I've watched TNA and honestly, it's a train wreck.

I know more about business and what sells too (I work within marketing), so a Rock vs. Cena II makes CENTS and SENSE considering that the first match was well wrestled and well received by fans and critics, and it sold very well... WHY NOT DO A PART 2? Yeah its repetitive to the Zack Ryder/Tyson Kidd/Tyler Reks marks but the difference between them and the headliners is selling power.

So with business in my mind, I can appreciate the matches for what they are and not get so strung out on the finishes.


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I'm watching as much as I ever have, but have decided to spend less time in the actual wrestling forums. I've come to realize the IWC is its own self-fulfilling prophecy. All the bitching and complaining about what was on TV was making me hate what was on TV. When I stopped reading what everyone else was crying about, I started enjoying it more again.
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