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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 20 years old, and I feel that WWE has become too flashy/overly kid friendly for me, latest example was them bleeping out the word "Bitch" on RAW, I heard much much worse in the playground as a child, Kids aren't daft, they know these words exist, I still watch WWE for the few left I like such as Ziggler, but I enjoy TNA alot more because it feels more of a grown up show so to me, Theres a edge to TNA, and It reminds me of the wrestling I fell in love with 10 years ago..

I'm a Lady BTW!

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I have been watching the business for 20 years. I'm 24 years old and have seen a lot of changes to how wrestling is presented now, from when I was a kid growing up. When I was watching wrestling we had ECW, WCW and WWF. All these promotion were different and the thing that they had that wrestling does not have now is enough competition. Wrestling back then was about surprises, you could not predict what was going to happen the next week because they were all competing against each other. ECW was not competing with WCW or WWF, but they always shocked the business bringing in a new style of wrestling unseen on national TV.

Wrestling today has become predictable because wrestling is reported more than ever on the internet. There are a lot of websites that present spoilers, know the latest backstage news before the show even comes on the air. Back then it was word and mouth, if a surprise happened, we would have to watch TV to find out, now you don't even have to watch a show, because the surprise has already been found out before broadcast.

Wrestling has changed, there is not enough stars being created, the market lacking depth of new talent. The business in the 1980's and 1990's always had big talents at different promotions and there was always enough to go round. Now the only big names that have been created in the last 10 years is John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton. Back in the 1990's there were well over 20 legit big name draws in WCW and WWE.

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I am 20 and I feel too old for the current product but in the past I would watch the entire show and enjoy the majority of it. I now just skip to the parts that interest me and go from there. Therefore I probably only watch about 20-30 minutes of each episode of Raw. Therefore I haven't stopped watching completely just yet.

TNA does appeal to me slightly me more than the current WWE product, but they lack something which I cannot put my finger on which turns me away
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by GuessWhat: CenaSux View Post
I'm 28 years old and have watched since I was a kid back in the late 80s. I stopped watching from 2003-2010 so I missed quite a bit, but I remember the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars. Back in the late 90s, WCW kept WWE in check. It ensured that WWE had to be at their best week after week and entertain the hell out of everyone, which they did.

Today's roster is athletically and ability-wise arguably the best crop of talent WWE has ever had, but very few have the charisma that the legends of the 80s and 90s did. I continue watching the product just waiting for something big and unpredictable to happen... but everything is pretty predictable and uninspiring.

However, unpredictability does NOT equal entertainment. Take the current TNA product, for example. The entire Aces and 8s storyline jumped the shark months ago. Sure, some of the unmaskings have been UNPREDICTABLE, but only b/c the choices of unmasked people have been terrible choices that would never have come accross anyone's mind. That form of unpredictability is not entertaining in the least.

I want to be entertained. Even if I may know what's gonna happen, I want to be entertained. Truth of the matter is, it's hard for me to be entertained when I know that Cena is going to overcome the odds. When he beat Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules last year, I took 2 months off from watching WWE. I was so disgusted. WWE painted a great picture: Brock Lesnar, an unstoppable "ass-kicker" beast, but still fed to Cena to avenge his loss to the Rock at WM28.

I'll continue watching WWE b/c I love wrestling. It's something from my childhood I always loved and I have many fond memories of it. However, Vince relying on 40+ year-old Attitude Era stars will temporarily help things for only so much longer.

Eventually, Cena will also get old and not be around. Cena is the only true star WWE has built in the last 8 years. No one is even close to his level. Same cannot be said about WWE pre-2003... Jericho, Hart, Michaels, Taker, HHH, Austin, Rock, Owen, Benoit, etc. All those guys were on similar levels. There was no one that was extraordinarily above the other. Sure, Austin, Rock and Michaels are probably considered to be the 3 greatest performers in WWE history who all existed (and co-existed) during the same time period, but what about today?

WWE had a chance to REALLY make Ryback a star by having him eliminate Cena. Unfortunately, business is business. In general, people will not pay to see Punk/Rock 2 or Punk/Ryback at Wrestlemania - they'll pay to see Rock/Cena 2. It's WWE's fault for not pushing anyone else to the sky like they have Cena. Punk's reign will always be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, but everyone who watches now will always know that he still played second fiddle to John Cena. The only thing above the WWE title is The Streak. Vince has said that there's no one bigger than the WWE, but Cena is proof that Vince is either lying or blind.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by Enforcer122 View Post
There are times where I question why I watch it. I wouldn't usually go out of my way to watch a PG film or show, because I'm a grown man. So the fact that WWE is now PG is a strange one for me. I used to be a very proud wrestling fan and I still am, I'm just much less vocal about it and less of a bigot about it because of the fact that it's PG.

When I was 18 months old my brother put a pair of shades on my and I said 'ooooooo yeah', Macho Man randy savage style, so from the very moment I was born it's been a huge part of my life. Just because it's PG, wont change that fact. I often relate the WWE or wrestling as a whole to a marriage. There's ups and downs, there's times you cant stand it, there's time it invokes emotion out of you. But you'll always stay committed to it and keep going back for more. So short answer is yes, I do feel a tad too old for it at times, but I couldn't imagine my life without it.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

im 21 grew up in the attitude era so that alone makes me feel too old for the product. thats why I watch part time for the stuff im interested in. instead of moaning about a product I don't feel is targeted at me anyway

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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

Originally Posted by Big Wiggle View Post
To me this is just making an excuse for the current predictability of the product. There is no way you can possibly argue the WWE/F was this predictable in the Attitude Era. Or that WCW was as predictable during the height of the nWo.
You are missing my point. It's not an excuse, it is a fact. There will always be periods of predictability around periods of exciting new ideas no matter what kind of TV show you are watching. Look at all the great shows in the history of television that had great runs, but eventually were cancelled. I know it may be difficult, but try to look at WWE programming from outside the eyes of a fan. Let me know how you feel years from now when you get a little older.

In regards to watching it with your son, I think that speaks volumes. The fact you find it more enjoyable to watch the show with a child, leads me to think the product is a little too immature just for you to watch alone.
That's a low blow, and quite an insulting comment to make. The fact of the matter is, I was watching WWE before he became interested, and I would still be watching it even if he weren't. I suggest that if you ever have kids of your own, to follow your own logic, once they start watching pro wrestling (or any TV show) then you need to stop. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite, now, would we?

Thumbs up for him liking CM Punk though. I think that guy has been one of the very few reasons for over 20's to watch the show over the past couple of years. Unfortunately he'll never be able to reach his full potential under the current product (imo).
Well, I appreciate getting some kind of props, then. You should stop worrying. The product is going to get better. There is a lot of great young talent in the industry. All this stuff is cyclical. You get up periods, and down periods. WWE is obviously facing a rebuilding period, IMO. They lost a lot of their biggest names over the past few years, and they didn't properly prepare for it. Now we the fans are paying for it with the crappy storylines of this transition period. Remember what Billy Joel said: "The 'good old days' weren't always good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems".

I'm amused by guys in their 20's who wonder if they're too old to be watching pro wrestling, or any tv show for that matter. I'm in my 40's and long ago I stopped giving a shit what anyone thinks about what I watch.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

i really cant say the year i became a fan, but i can tell you, i started with magnam t.a, hulk hogan, the road warriors, and ric flair.

from what i remember, when i was a die hard kid, hogan had it. he beat everybody. thats why that streak of cm punk means nothing to me because i know that hogan had the title for more than 14 months. he had it for years. years.

i know we are talking about this era. but, and it goes without saying, the attitude era was far greater than the hogan era. during the hogan era, it was like star wars siths. only 2 at a time. hogan being the force, and then big john stud. paul orndorff. king kong bundy. roddy piper. andre the giant. the undertaker. it was only hogan, and the bad guy.

during attitude, the bad guy thing went out the door. heels were fan favs (check the rock) and bad guys beefed with bad and good guys jobbed with good guys. but there were more than 2 top guys. yeah the intercontinental belt meant more becuase that was the ceiling. maybe u got past it like the mancho man, and maybe u didnt like jake the snake and steamboat.

fast forward, now, everyone is paying dues and everyone can come up and succeed. more stars. more people we care to see. less people who are throw aways. david tutonga is a throwaway. tensai. 3mb. not santino. but everyone else is wwe or world champ material. wade barrett is boring, but he's winning. cersaro is winning. sandow is winning. cody rhodes will be the next ultimate bad guy like orton was.

I think this is a good pace. hell, even kofi is winning. who wasnt looking forward to him topping himself this rumble from last year?

im 37 come this april. i dont think i outgrew wrestling. i do think i outgrew the NBA and thats my first passion. i started watching wrestling when my mother would put it on because she didnt want to watch saturday morning cartoons with us. back in the days where there was only 1 or 2 tv's in the house, and dad was watching the other lol. in my opinion, its better now. better quality.

im still trippin that the wrestlers really interact with the fans more. they hear the fans. they react to the chants. back in the day, that was all ignored. i like this shit. they actually look at people. made me feel a little uneasy sitting on the non tv side at the last live smackdown in cleveland and everyone catching my eye lol. but its a new day.

i like it. no complaints.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

23 years old and my passion for sports entertainment left years ago. I often ask myself after certain segments why I still watch it and honestly, half the time, it's because nothing else is on and I'm bored. Part of the blame goes towards me growing up and not really finding the crap we see today (not saying previous eras were pitch perfect or anything) funny. It's not a hobby, it's not dropping everything just to watch Raw, SmackDown or a PPV, it's whatever.
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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I've been watching for over 20 years and I just like the story lines of it all and seeing new people become great. WWE is a genius business and I applaud them. Internet has ruined their company but they still make millions on us.

as for anybody praising TNA, now that's just straight hypocritical. Piss poor story lines, that are same but worse than WWE. Bringing in Brooke Hogan then having her marrying one of the legends of this business, who's better suited as a bad guy if you ask me. DUMB! Why a wedding angle when WWE JUST HAD ONE? All they do is copy WWE, but worse. And their "new" faction SUCKS. They lose all their matches and every single one of their revealed wrestlers would be jobbers in the WWE. You think bringing back the Rock, HHH, and Undertaker back is said. They have guys like Sting, Hogan, and RVD who are still trying to sadly keep the boots on. Their tag team champions are the worst team I've ever seen. They allowed some WWE start who mad a fun of their product become their CHAMPION.

Dumb dumb dumb.....and this is why WWE is in no hurry to make their product any more exciting. NO competition. Yes, the 90s were great. NO internet..Didn't know everybody's predictions and rumors ever single day. Plus...we were kids...of course that stuffs better to a kid. We liked Hulk Hogan who SUCKS if you really think about it but then some of you sit here and dog out Cena.
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