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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

Long time ago.

Anyone who says otherwise is clueless.
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

Why are people acting like The Rock has never won with the People's Elbow? A few of my friends marked out when Rock hit it. Could he have hit a Rock Bottom before it? Maybe. But the People's Elbow is a finishing move. Just as Hogan's leg drop and Savage's elbow drop. This isn't anything new. He has beaten Austin with it. He's beaten Hogan, he's beaten Triple H. He's beaten Undertaker, Angle, Benoit, Jericho, Foley, on and on and on. It's one of the worst finishers ever since its a basic elbow drop, but god damn it enough. It's a finishing move.
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Re: It's sad that WWE has to rely on superstars from the past

Originally Posted by -Extra- View Post
"We don't want restholds and wrestling flow, but we also hate spot monkeys" - no one wins
there's always middle ground in that diversion you got there

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Vince lost his mind years ago but last night he finally wised up and took the title off that boring indy midget.
and not when Vince decided to put it on the stock exchange or let WCw and ECW die?

and what you consider CMs height to be "midget" level? you may need your eyes or logic tested
Originally Posted by FredForeskinn View Post
The biggest problem is us, the fans imo. We are the nostalgia goers, who can´t stop jerking off to old stars from when we were kids. We only compare new stars with old guys.
no its the higher ups or stock holders who demand that the organic progress and or fixing of their wrestling show be derailed by nothing but profit from those who don't know better or refuse to know better
Originally Posted by hbkdxhhh View Post
Seriously begining to think a huge amount of people on here havn't a clue.
Moan moan moan. If you don't like the programming just stop watching.
and if people are watching it and by extension deeming it acceptable to the price of better stuff that could be in its place and all for the wrong reason sthen there is a big problem here isnt there?

Originally Posted by video646 View Post
The product is far more wrestling-oriented than it was in the attitude era. I don't understand the complaints.
the wrestling being consiting of headlocks and restholds and clubbing blows and slow movement in general not to mention lack of creativity or even realism or restraint

Originally Posted by Masked Legend View Post
Why the fuck would we want to see two midgets hugging each other while rolling in the ring?

You indy marks just want a product for you to watch and you think that your opinion is the only one that matters.
you consider wrestling to be hugging? you need your eyes checked and maybe need to find some other hobby

wrestling fans wanting wrestling to be wrestling per chance?
Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
Only indie marks care about Punk. EVERYONE either love or hate Cena.
whats your point?
Originally Posted by Rick_James View Post
Wrestling always has and probably always will use past stars for draws. .

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
The thing is, WWE is doing GREAT by all standerds, yes its down for it self, but it self was an unstopable monoply, it still easily beats super bowl and other shows many times easily with out breaking a sweat.

Is it bad for it self? yes, for ppv in genreal? its doing great
can i ask you to simplfy this statement a bit?

Originally Posted by HEELKris View Post
Oh and tell me, what would the IWC be without people complaining?
well gauge the name for a momment

Internet Wrestling Community, a group of wrestling fans conversing on the internet, complaining is not mandatory but sometimes its needed, i mean if we didnt have complaining than america wouldn't even exist

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Yeah, Vince devalues his company big time by having two huge stars win the Royal Rumble and the WWE Championship. .
both are not any where near the best in the business which is what comes from holding that belt, at least i a perfect world and their time has past its 2013 for crying out loud
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

Vince is senile. Simple as that. I just hope he fucking dies and HHH takes over and makes RAW as awesome as NXT.
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

whenevr i think vince's has lost the plot he proves me wrong

last night on Raw with the whole paul heyman paying the shield promo and the return of brock lesnar
this sets up an intresting feud for the road to wrestlemania

however i hope the wwe doesnt just stay intresting for wrestlemania and then gets boring again
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

No, he hasn't he still makes a lot money. And that's all that matter!!!
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Re: Vince Disvalues His Company Bigtime.....

Originally Posted by straightedge891 View Post
Heel vs Heel to decide the Undisputed Champion? If it was a tournament for the Cruiserweight title and the opener then fine.

I actually thought Lesnar would come in and cost The Rock. But oh well.

And in 10 years, this is his 4th win. There was Hogan and Austin in 03.
Those 4 wins are worth more then most careers.
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

He's lost his touch a long time ago.
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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

I like how, even though he caters to the kids mostly, he will often throw us older fans a bone every now and then.

That guy wins the Rumble.
Older fans pissed off and disillusioned with the product, some maybe ready to give up watching.
The very next night on RAW- Lesnar returns and the man who ordered for that guy to win the Rumble gets an F5 to keep us happy.

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Re: Has Vince Lost It?

Cena can't sell much more. As a commercial image he's been juiced out now for very long and I'm not sure there's much more left. On the other hand, if you really think CM Punk will be a solution to Cena, you're dead wrong. Punk is only about 1 year and a half younger than Cena. Ryback isn't the future man either, I see him as another "one-hit wonder" who eventually collapses after a while. But, heh, who knows.

A heel to carry the company for a while is a possible solution (remember Triple H back in 2003 to 2005).

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