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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Benoit was WAY stronger than Bryan and was in better shape tho.
really how do you know have they faced each other in strengths or in a physical test? You are just as bad as any bryan danielson mark, a hater

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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

OP, just say you don't like Bryan or that you hate that he is more loved than your favorite wrestler.
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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Bryan is miles more overrated on here than ziggler ....
At the beginning of 2012 HELL YEA HE WAS, but now not even close.

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Lemme know when he wins a gold medal in the Olympics. Angle had great matches with Benoit that trump that.
Don't forget with "a broken freakin' neck"

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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

must watch how Bryan Danielson get the fans doing football Chant from england "You're Gonna Get Your Fucking Head Kicked In" @7:25

in WWE nobody can do like what Bryan Danielson what he does...i hope he bring football chant to WWE like that one but PG version... WWE must get that chant in MSG especially Wrestlemania period where it have full of smark crowd.

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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
zigglers best match? You obviously haven't seen ziggler/edge or ziggler/punk at back to back rumbles.
CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler's Royal Rumble 2012 wasn't anything special to place it as Ziggler's best match. You can make a case for their Raw match on 11/21/11 being one of Ziggler's best matches but even then, Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler at Bragging Rights still trumps that.

Edge vs Ziggler at the Royal Rumble 2011 is the only match that gives Ziggler/Bryan at Bragging Rights a run for it's money.

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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Go away.
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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

For anybody out there who doesn't know this ; Edge/Ziggler is pretty damn overrated. Ziggler's best matches have been with Daniel Bryan, and anybody who disputes Bryan's status as a top 3 all around performer in today's WWE is either STUPID, HIGH, A TROLL, OR IGNORANT.

I like DOLPH but yeah, he's pretty damn overrated. Everybody besides Choke2Death (it's his gimmick to hate on Punk ; although we all secretly know that he's team #KneesToFaces ) Who says Punk is overrated is a fucking moron, and should be banned not only from this forum, but also from life. Literally the ONLY WATCHABLE THING on these shitty 3 hour RAWs has been Punk's superior mic and in-ring work to the rest of the roster.

Punk had a great one on one match with RYBACK. SKIP FUCKING SHEFFIELD !

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady
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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
So his best work is contained in organizations not readily available to the main stream audience, so instead we get saddled with the current shit to try and tell us why he's the best. How convenient.

His WWE run has been so uneventful. Its like saying "so and so is a great actor, but you only have to watch certain movies and ignore these other ones." Well gee, that's a little close minded. However great he was in the Indies, he's been sub par in WWE, and that's where he's getting exposure. Too bad we don't get to see those skills in a Raw ring...
That's actually a good point and completely true. Let me rephrase it for you, "Daniel Day Lewis is probably the best actor in the world right now, but his indy movies are by far his best showings because he's allowed more creativity and is not saddled with a shitty big blockbuster script!" This point is 100% relevant when it comes to Bryan. The man is capable of so much but hasn't shown it yet because he rarely ever gets 20-30 minute matches like the Angle's and Michaels' got weekly. Bryan's moveset has also been trimmed by more than 90% since coming to the wwe which changes his wrestling style up quite a bit as well. Put it this way, I can't really buy Daniel Bryan going up against Lesnar, but I CAN buy Bryan Danielson fighting him and believably out wrestling and tapping him out! He was that intense and wrestled that hard of a style in ROH against wrestlers of ALL shapes and sizes (check out his chain match with Takesha Morishima who's Lesnar size at 6'3 390lbs).

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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Danielson pulled a great match out of The Fucking Miz. He deserves a medal for that. End of discussion.
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Re: Daniel Bryan: most overrated wrestler in the IWC

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
Ridiculous. I've heard it all

"Bryan could be face of the company"

"Bryan should face Brock"

"Bryan should be wwe champion"

"bryan is better than Shawn Michaels"

"Bryan is better than Kurt angle"

First off, if this thread gets deleted it'll prove that it doesn't wanna hear anything negative about Bryan and that it's full of Bryan marks... I'm making points here.

I don't hate Bryan. He's probably the best in ring wrestler wwe has, and i think hes a top midcarder/ emergency main eventer. Maybe win another world title..... BUT I can't take him serious as a face of the company/facing Brock lesnar. Bryan still has no mic skills to be a main guy in wwe. He's also getting fat which isn't good he needs to get back in shape. How many 5 star matches has he had?? Only 2 IMO. Extreme rules with sheamus and MITB with punk.

How people are saying he's better than angle and Michaels is absolutely laughable.

Now, you can like Bryan and all, but how can you not sayhe's overrated in the IWC?? Again I DON'T HATE BRYAN.
Agreed. It's one thing to say he's talented, entertaining, and one of the best performers in the company, but it's another thing entirely to say all of the ridiculous claims above. Yet, many of the Bryan marks here say these things, and it really doesn't make them seem too smart. But hey, a marks gonna mark.

I'm neutral on Daniel Bryan. There's no doubt he's a talented technician, but is he really this super ultra, total package performer that his marks claim he is? I have yet to see this. It's just the way his fans put him on such a pedestal as if he was the GOAT is just laughable, annoying, and delusional.

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