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Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

For the past few years WWE has gone on an epic quest of PR moves (GLAAD, Make A Wish (more than before), Be A Star, etc.). Has it actually paid off? Im not saying that any of these things are bad things to support, especially the Make A Wish Foundation, but WWE brings these things to the front of their programing, expecting to change peoples minds about the industry.

Has it worked? Will it work? Does anyone hear pro wrestling and think "anti-bullying?" Im just curious on your thoughts and if you think WWE will ever stop trying to change the outaide perspective of wrestling and just go back to focusing on the product?


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Re: Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

When they stop being hypocritical, it'll work. You can air all those bullshit "Be A Star" promos all you want but it doesn't mean shit when you've got some of the most popular making fun of the "bad" guys. As for GLAAD, it was bullshit from the start. They only partnered with them after Cena caught heat for all those gay jokes he threw at The Rock. As for Make A Wish, it won't really make them stand out at all. ESPN has segments every year where people get to spend time with an athlete. It's nothing new. Plus, they only really show Cena making all these wishes which I'm willing to bet is only a handshake, maybe a 15 min convo, an autograph, some gear and a pic. I bet they never aired Daniel Bryan spending time backstage with that kid. They could at least have Cena bring a kid to the ring and let him meet all the other wrestlers and maybe even have his own little match or entrance or something similar to what the athletes do on ESPN. In this day and age, taking pic with sick kids and signing a shirt or two ain't shit when you have other athletes and sports franchises having some people become honorary members of the team and shit. I doubt that people will ever think "anti-bullying" when they think WWE. The promos alone ruin it for them. I'm sure Cena dropping shit on Ziggler and AJ didn't help either. It's not bad to acknowledge it but they shouldn't try to shove in a promo every show.

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Re: Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

They need to stop IMO. Yeah, sure, give you money to charity, visit some sick kids in the hospital.... but this is wrestling... to me it's just the wrong channel to be doing these things in.

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Re: Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

Don't forget about when they randomly started caring about giving bed nets to Africa.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

As a Corporate Communications student, WWE needs to keep up with these PR Programs and come up with more creative ones that can have greater effect in society. I suggest they focus on the U.S. Economy, education or anything relevant for audiences to care about.

But if they want to stick it with kayfabe, a "Wrestling is as real as MMA" campaign would be awesome.
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Re: Will WWE's PR quest ever pay off?

I'd be fine with it if it weren't so blatantly hollow and just being used a means to further fucking promote themselves.

They so clearly don't believe in the Be A Star campaign at all. How many tasteless storylines have we been subjected to over the years? I was legitimately pissed off watching them degrade Mickie James just because she doesn't sustain herself with three grains of rice a day like the Bella twins or AJ. To parade her on TV and have heels labeling her 'fat' was nothing short of fucking sickening. Not to mention damaging. Or how about the time Vince mocked JR's facial paralysis and speech? That was classy stuff. Truly great entertainment.

But that's just it. That's when they pull the 'entertainment' card. Everything they do is just fine because it's a TV show. It doesn't matter that their posterboy, John Cena, is often the one hurling insults at Vickie for her weight or looks - because thirty minutes later he shows up at a press conference or high school talking about how he's just playing a character or something equally retarded.

As weird as it sounds, for as tasteless and degrading as I found the Mickie James angle, I'm actually glad that it at least happened before they ushered in all this anti-bullying crap. Because at least then it was just bad television and morals, rather than bad television and morals dressed up with bullshit advertising campaigns.
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