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chucky101 01-20-2013 11:13 PM

Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
i know its difficult, but if pressed what are your top 3 of each


3-bret hart vs bulldog summerslam 92
knowing the behind the scenes made me like this match more, this is just a gem, bret has said this might be his best match ever

2-hbk vs undertaker wm25
debated having this at number 1, but as much as i love this match it did have a botch, but seeing these two legends still able to "go" at there age in the biggest event was awesome

1-hbk vs undertaker bad blood 1997
flawless match imo, 5 star without question
brutal but also told a story, anyone who watched this match will never forget it, 30 min of carnage, shawn trying everything to keep taker at bay and he keeps coming and coming, topped off by the debut of kane


wm14 summerslam98 rumble 2000 ecw ons05 ecw ons06 wm19 summerslam 2002

3-ecw one night stand 2005
this ppv was just awesome and entertaining, sure it had some flaws but the crowd, the ecw stars, surprises, just a awesome fun show, even the 2006 edition i thought was great but this edges it out

2-wrestlemania 19
im the best mania, 5 main event worthy matches and all delivered, it had stars from all era's in meaningful matches that made sense, and they were all solid

1-summerslam 2002
ironic that the year after attitude ended came a great ppv, this along with wm19 were not seen by alot of fans who left, they missed out if they did, in fact wm19 did a poor buyrate
this show never really had any bad moments, even the worst match wasn't bad, and it had a awesome opener, a epic co main event, and a worthy main event that held its own
i put this ahead of wm19 because 19 had some not so great moments like misusing taker and the miller kat fight girls

777 01-20-2013 11:44 PM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's

3. Funk vs Flair - I Quit - Clash of the Champions 9
2. Sabu vs Taz - Barely Legal 97
1. Razor vs HBK - Ladder Match - WM X


3. Bad Blood 03 (fucking underrated, especially Flair/HBK)
2. Barely Legal 97 (probably the best booked show ever)
1. Wrestlemania III

Off the top of my head. Could change depending on mood.

Guy LeDouche 01-21-2013 12:25 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
Chris Benoit vs Bret Hart Owen Hart tribute match on Nitro
The Rock vs Stone Cold WrestleMania X-Seven
CM Punk vs John Cena Money in the Bank 2011

Royal Rumble 2000
Fully Loaded 2000
Vengeance 2005

V_1_P_3_R 01-21-2013 12:33 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
Rock Vs. Stonecold X-7
Hardy Boyz Vs. E&C Vs. Dudleys X-7
First ever elimination chamber match (HBK wins)

Favorite PPVs
Wrestlemania 17
Wrestlemania 19
Survivor Series 2002

RKO85 01-21-2013 12:37 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
Randy Orton Vs chris benoit - Summer Slam 2004
Rick Rude Vs Dustin Rhodes - Beach Blast 93
Triple H Vs Cactus Jack - No Way Out 2000

Wrestle Mania 22 (2006)
Summer Slam 2011
Slamboree 96

189558 01-21-2013 12:43 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
Cactus Jack vs Triple H - No Way Out 2000
TLC II - WrestleMania X-Seven
Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania XIX

Fully Loaded 2000
SummerSlam 2002
Lockdown 2005

ShowStopper 01-21-2013 01:01 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's

1) HBK/Taker HIAC I

2) HBK/Taker WM25

3) HBK/Triple H SummerSlam '02

* Honestly, HIAC and WM25 switch spots with me from 1 to 2 on an almost daily basis. One day, I like the HIAC match alittle bit more, the next day I like the WM25 match more. They're both great. Can't go wrong with either.

SummerSlam 2002 match I loved. For me personally, it wasn't just the workrate. Part of it was seeing my favorite wrestler finally wrestle again for the first time in 4 and a half years. But perhaps even more than that, watching the match live, I couldn't believe the performance we were getting from a guy who hadn't wrestled in almost 5 years. It was insane. Going into that match, the company and Shawn both made it pretty clear they didn't know what to expect from Shawn in this match, if he still had it or not. So, to see that performance live from a guy who had been gone so freaking long, it was surreal to me. I had goosebumps that entire match. What a great story that wound up being.


1) WM 19 - 6 matches *** and up.

2) WM 17 - 5 matches *** and up.

3) SummerSlam '02 - 6 matches *** and up.

King Trips 01-21-2013 01:46 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
Going strictly WWE here since this IS the WWE section.


1. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell) : In Your House Bad Blood 1997
2. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart : Wrestlemania X
3. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker : Wrestlemania XXV
4. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (Submission) : Wrestlemania XIII
5. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker : Wrestlemania XXVI
6. Triple H vs Mick Foley (Street Fight) : Royal Rumble 2000
7. CM Punk vs John Cena : Money in the Bank 2011
8. Triple H vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels : Wrestlemania XX
9. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena (Extreme Rules) : Extreme Rules 2012
10. Triple H vs Chris Jericho (Last Man Standing) : Fully Loaded 2000


EDIT: Thought I was still in the DVD/Match/Show Discussion thread :lol :lol :lol :lol

Timber Timbre 01-21-2013 03:36 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's
heh, might as well give one of these list threads a shot.

When it comes to WWE, that's a tough one. Keep in mind, these are not what I consider the best matches or PPV's, but they're my favorites from reasons that i'll list.


1: Bret Hart vs Shawn Micheals @ Wrestlemania 12. This might be a cliche choice, I don't even consider it the best Ironman in WWE history, but I was probably more emotionally invested in this match than anything else before and after it. After 1995's horrible year, I pretty much lost my faith in the WWE. It was only when Bret won the title back that I had an ounce of hope. When they started the buildup between Bret and Shawn, it truly felt like two guys at the top of their game ready to collide. I remember begging my parents to order the PPV, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The boyhood dream story, the prideful champion going in. These guys went in there and tore the house down. I wasn't rooting for Shawn, but seing him win the belt had me tear eyed. It was at that point where I gained my love back for WWE, that match was a sign that the guard was changing.

2: Randy Savage vs the Ultimate Warrior @ Wrestlemania 7. This match meant so much to me as a kid, the Ultimate Warrior was my favorite character. Looking back at the match today, i'd have to say that it was one of Savage's finest performances being being to command and carry Warrior to a GREAT performance. It wasn't a technical masterpiece by any stretch, but it told a great story. Easily better than Warrior's match with Hogan.

3: Bret Hart vs the British Bulldog @ Summerslam 1992. The pure emotions going into that match, the implications is something that the WWE never quite replicated after this. This is probably one of the most important matches since it was the first time that the I.C championship main evented a major PPV, and it was Vince testing the waters with the workhorses's ability to perform at a main event level. You were in Davey's hometown, the entire Stadium was going NUTS, Diana Smith at ringside being torn between her husband and her brother made it that much more interesting. On top of all this, the gave an AMAZING performance. Top quality stuff.


1: Survivor Series 1990. The first PPV i've ever watched live, and the one that got me hooked on wrestling. Looking at the PPV now, it was a pretty crappy card, but as a kid it was mindblowing. The amount of classic characters on that card is staggering, and the final showdown that paired Warrior and Hogan together got me all giddy giddy. This also marked the Undertaker's debut which scared the hell out of me. It's my favorite PPV of all time because I can watch this at any time and it'll always make me smile. To me that's what it's all about.

2: Wrestlemania 12. Yeah, this didn't age that well, there's only 2 good matches and one GREAT match, but like I pointed out in my favorite matches list, I was hyped big time. You had the Ironman, and the return of the Ultimate Warrior. I was also intrigued by the Goldust/Piper angle. Hell, I remember thinking that this was the greatest show of all time when I was finished with that show, and never really got that feeling ever again. Can't describe it, it's just a show I talked about with my friends months after it aired. That's how much it meant to me.

3: Wrestlemania 8. Controversial choice since alot of the matches on here weren't that good, and the main event was shit, but I remember being so pumped for this. WWE did an amazing job building up the story arcs going into that card. The roster was stacked, and you had the promise of a great PPV. People consider this to be an average Wrestlemania, I differ on that completely. Savage/Flair had emotion going into it, and it delivered big time. Jake Roberts vs the Undertaker was a fascinating bout for me as a kid since both guys had arguably the most interesting characters on television at that point. Piper vs Bret was awesome. The main event was crap, but it was billed as Hogan's last match which made it seem important. The Ultimate Warrior return at the end made for a satisfying ending. It's too bad that Flair never faced off with Hogan since the thought of that is what got me excited for the months of build up towards the PPV, but it is what it is.

NJ88 01-21-2013 03:39 AM

Re: Your All Time Top 3 Matches & PPV's

1. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: Bad Blood Hell in a Cell

2. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: Wrestlemania 25

3. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: Wrestlemania 26

...:) Yeh I love Undertaker/HBK matches.


1. Survivor Series 2002

2. Wrestlemania 19

3. Wrestlemania 17

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